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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned m~eting of thel <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chester~ <br /> field County, held at the Courti- <br /> house on ~arch 24, 1950, at <br /> 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />J. G.Hen ing, Chairman <br />H. T. Go .~ne <br />J .C. ~c~es son <br />Dr. Robt. O. Gill <br />James W.Gordon, Jr. <br />Irvin ~. Homer <br /> <br />This day Dr. James.Parkinsom, by counsel, appeared before the Board and reque~ced <br />the Board to permit him to erect a building on the northerly side of Rt. l0 in <br />the Village of Chester, adjoinin~ the property of the Chesterfield County B~k <br />at the s~tback line occupied by said Chesterfield County Bank. <br />And it appearing to this Board that it is not feasible to locate the proposed <br />building at any other distance from said highway than that occupied by the said <br />Che~erfield County Bank, it is on motion of Mr.H.T.Goyne, resolved th~ Or. <br />James Parkinson be and he hereby is permitted to locate his building on the <br />setback line by t~e position of the Chesterfield County Bank Building. <br /> <br />This day the matter of rental for the Fair Grounds to the J&B Shows, managed by <br />R~r. Hayes, came before the Board, and upon consideration whereof, it is resolved <br />that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is directed to collect the sum of <br />$150.00 plus $50.00 for electric current and water for the past year's rental. <br />And be it further resolved t~t beginning next year ~r. Hayes or no other person <br />controlling mr operating concessions or shows be permitted to place any ~ehicle <br />or equipment on said Fair Grounds until same shall have been agreed upon in writin ~, <br />and the terms set out in said writing. <br /> <br />This day in accordance with the Board's advertisement and after having r~ceived <br />approximately 50 applications for the ~job as Building Inspector forthe County of <br />Chesterfield,the Board interviewed ten of the persons making application, after <br />a selection of such ten by the Board. <br />Upon consideration ~hereof, and on motion, it is resolved that this Boa~ employ <br />Mr.Bernard Davis as the Building Inspector of Chesterfield County at a salary of <br />$3,000.00 per annum, plus 5~ per mile for travel necessary in such service. <br />And be it further resolved that Nr. Davts be requested t o begin his work as <br />inspector on April 10, 1950, and making such preparations for filing, listing plan~, <br />specifications ~nd applications, etc. as necessary. <br /> <br />Whereas, this Board advertis ed the Building Code for adoption or re jection on the <br />llth day of April, 1950, and <br />%~hereas, it appears necessary and advisable that this Board put some limitation <br />upon the granting of present building permits between this d~M and the llth day <br />of April, upon consideration whereof, and on motion, it is resolved that all <br />building permits issued between this time and the llth day of April, 1950, when th9 <br />Building Code shall become effective shall have the following phraseology included' <br />on each of such building permits: <br /> "This permit is void unless the work of construction is b e~ within <br /> 90 days from this date, being the da~e of the Building Permit." <br /> <br />Whereas, heretofore this Board by rRsolution determined to pay t~e janitc~ of the <br />~unicipal Building in the Ettrick Sanitary District the sum of $25.00 p~ month, <br />but due to inadvertance the resolution w as not put on record as of January 10, <br />1950, and <br />~rnereas, itsppearing propertto do so to have resolution of record and upon <br />consideration whereof, it is on motion resolved that the janitor at the Municipal <br />Building of Ettrick Sanitary District be paid the sum of $25.00 per month <br />retroactive to J~nuary 10, 1950. <br /> <br />Executive Secretary <br /> <br /> ordered that the meeting be now adjourned until April ll, 1950 at <br />10: O0 a.m. :"~ .,.~ <br /> <br /> <br />