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At an adjourned me,it, lng of the <br />Foard of Sup=rvisors of <br />fJa!d Co~ty, helda~ the <br />house on ~,~y 13, 19~0, at ~:00 ~.m. <br /> <br />Un motion, it, is resolved tk~t Al~x Bro~a'~ S: Sons, be, -3n'J they here, by are, r~- <br />quested to have a proposed resolution presented to thfs Board on thc l~th~iay of <br />I~9~y, 1950, at 8:00 p.m., in term;3 setLing~,up an ~'¢&hority a~ authorize~ <br />Chapttr 577 of th~ Acts of the den.~ral ~ssembly of Vi~ginia of 1950, so tho~ thi~ <br />Boar~ ~ay consider the same for fassaSe and adoption; the expanse of the prepa;-atiOn <br />%h~reof shall not be borne hy the Ccranty of Chesterfield. <br /> <br />on motion, i¥ ' - esolvcd that N.o.uooa,~yn ' ~' be pa.~'m~t~:u +o plae: = sidewaikl <br />£c~" (4) feet. wide along land of the County of Chesberficld adjoinins the store <br />buJ Iding at ~i~.,~.~.~.~u Courthousc. <br /> <br />T?,i:~.J .;y t l,.~ E×ecutiw; $~.,cr~t&ry r,,~ad a l¢ttet from Mrs. C.L.kigb~, concerning <br />roadg in Dory;eot ~' ~ ' <br /> uaraen~, and on motion~ thc letter io r~ceiv(d anJ~ filed, and <br />information pertinent to the question be ~ld it hereby Js passed on to the Vi~gini <br />Department of ![i~hway$. <br /> <br />On motion, it is r~.:~olv~zd that Yhi~ .,o~ employ ]',k'. ?rank Landr~, aa accomntant <br />~n t.h~ U~.ty, to o~vu ~.~ toe i~leasure of thi~l?oard~ and Lis rate of <br />pay b=~ng fixed at ~2800.00 per annum for thc first: .six months~ and if his service~ <br />arc satisfactory tha~t th~: rate of pay bu raised to ~)OOo.OO k? ann~. <br /> <br />un motion of Jam~o if.Gordon, Jr., it is resolved t.~,t Lhc Virginia Advisory <br />Legislative Co~cil be ~d it hereby i~ r~quczted to advi~;~ thio Board when a <br />meeting ' ' ~' tr,e ' ' <br /> ;vi~ be held to h~a~ ..... Board of ouper'v~sors of this County on th~ <br />question of withd~'awal of thi~ Curry from the Secondary System ~f Highways. <br /> <br />On motlon, it is resolved ' ' th~ Virginia Department o,f liigh~'aya k e and <br />h~rfby 2s raquest~d tc ,u,,e into the Stat~, oe.ondary System of }{igh%~ays the <br />following roads: <br /> <br />D~pont f,/venue - i~att, erson Ya~'k <br />ChesterfJ+.:id ava. - " " <br /> <br />.~y mi, <br />.I.~ " .40 <br /> <br />DAle <br /> <br />~ ck~sb er <br /> <br />,~terf.~.~-d B~ptJst ~ _ . Drive <br />Johnson Road <br /> <br />Orinaa!l Creek <br />Derwent Garden s <br />W~ st.c:vur Park <br />Green Acres <br />Cherry Garden~ <br />~ahnko Baptist Church .toad <br /> <br />e~ <br /> <br />.65 <br /> <br />2.82. <br /> <br />M&toaca A.C.L. Road .5~ <br /> <br />Midlothian Spring koaa ,35 <br /> Wagstaff Circle ,F;~" <br /> <br />5.3 <br /> <br />un motion, it is resolved that the V-r~mnia Department of Highways be and it beret <br />is r ~quested to take :into the ~econdary i'toad ~ystem, thc following roads in additi <br />to the 5.38 mi~s heretofore requested for the reason the use of said roads, is <br />imperative for travel of ~rsons liv%ng on said roads: <br /> Chesterwood .~2 lvii. <br /> McOuire %~illage .36 " <br /> Chestervale .~0 " 1.18 Mi. <br /> <br /> <br />