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V~{GINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chester-~ <br /> field County, held at thc <br /> Cou~'thouse on May 18, 1950, at <br /> 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />J.C.Hening, Chairman <br /> . ~ .do)ne <br />i~obt. O. Gill <br />J.C .McKesson <br />Irvin G. Homer <br />James %,r.!3ordon;. Jr. <br /> <br />This; day the Supt. of Schools, Mr.E.S.H.Greene, presented to the Board a request <br />for' ~ appropriation from this Board to theSchool Board to supplement the b, udget <br />requSred by unexpected expenditures by the School Board. - <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion, it is resolved that the sum of <br />~$55~OOO.00 be and it hereby is appropriated from the unexpended balance of the <br />General Fund and loaned to theSehool Board to be paid b ack t o the General Fund <br />Ly theSchool Boa~'d not ~ than December 15, 1950. <br /> <br />And be it further :re~olved ~hat the Treasurer be and he hereby is directed to so <br />record this on his ledgers. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read to the Board a letter siLned by lv~.Stuart <br />Sckmidt, requesting the County to put in certain water pipes in the area of <br />Stratford Hills, and agreeing in writin~ to pay the cost of such pipe ~fter it had <br />been ~nsta!]~d. Upon consideration %d~ereof, and on motion, ~t is resolved that <br />the ~ecutive Secretary be and he hereby is authorized to install the pipe in <br />accordance with tker quest of Mr. Scl~:idu~ upon the condition that M~.ScbJnid~ <br />si6n a contract in term~ similar to that entered into with the Franklin Corporation!. <br /> <br /> !~]~¢reas, this B~rd has for sometime considered thc aivisability of crea'uing under <br /> .~au, j a water authority~ ~d <br /> <br />.ae.~=~) Alexander Bro~ ~; Sons of Baltimore, has mad~ a ~roposal to this Board to <br />fin~ce the furt~er construction of the present water systemic, including ~ adequate <br />source of supply and the ass~ption of the present debt upon the present water <br />system, as wcll as engineers' repiners ~d proposals made by Wiley an~ ?~lson, <br />Consulting Engineers, and <br /> <br />~Aereas~ it is d eem~d advisable that this Board consider furthest the creation of <br />said water authority ~d the proposals of Alexander Bro~ a~ Sons, and ~;iley <br />& Wi~on~ Consulting ~gineers, ~d <br /> <br />V~reas~ it is the desire of this Board that the people of the Cowry, especially <br />those ~rsons who are water takers from the water systtm, be, he~d at a public <br />meet~g to be cal~d for this~rpose before this Board takes ~y final or binding <br />action on the creation of the proposed water authority, ~d the proposals of <br />alexander Bro%~n and Sons, and Wiley & Wilson, Consulting Engineers. <br /> <br />Now, Th~ra~fore~ upon consideration whereof, it is re~solued that the citizens of tke~ <br />Co~ty of Chesterfield be notified that ~ informal public meet~g w~ll be held at <br />Chesterfield Co~thouse on the 6th day of J~e, 19~O~ at ~:OO p.m., and t~t such <br />other t~mes and places as this B~rdmaydecide for the lurpose of affo~ing the <br />citizens the opportunity to express their views in favor of the creation of a <br />water authority and the proposals therewith, or in opposition thereto, ~d to make <br />such inquirya s to them ~y ap~ar necessary. <br /> <br />(_)n motion of Mr.J.C.McKessca, it is resolved that a news item be released to the <br />Press notifying the public that an informal meeting will be held at the Courthouse <br />on June 6, 1956, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Ordered that the meeting b e now adjourned until June 6, 1950 at 8:OOp.m. <br /> <br />/ E~ed6tive S~cretagy - - <br /> <br /> <br />