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Present: <br /> <br />j.G.Hening, Chairman <br />H .T. Goyne <br />~%obt. O. Gill <br />~.C.lV~esson <br />Irvin G. Horne~' <br />James W.Gordon, Jr. <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At a special meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Cheste~- <br /> field County, held at the <br /> Courthouse on ivey 31, 1950, ati <br /> 8:00 p.m. called by two member~ <br /> of the Board according to law.i <br /> <br />This day the fact of the recent construction of a bridge over the Atlantic ~oast <br />Line RR. at Chester on Primary Route #10 and the re-location of Route ~10 at that <br />point and the consequent abandonment for use <br />was called to the attention of this Board, and <br />Whereas, it appears to this Boar,d,.~tha,t t. her,e .is nnO public use to which said <br />abandoned portion of said R_oute ~_zo, ly.~ng o.eswee Truby's corner and the westerly <br />line of the Atlantic Coast Line ~. ca-De pu~. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ~'lr.H.T.Govne. it is resolved that thi~ <br />Board abandon and relinquish all its rights, title and interest in said portion <br />of Route #10 abandoned for use as a roadway, between Truby"~ corner and the <br />western line of the Atlantic Coast Line <br /> <br />This day the matter of the width of a road, lead_no westwardly from Cherry Lane <br /> to Hu%~ Street, came before the Board, and <br /> Whereas, it appears that the width as recorded on maps show only ZG feet, and <br /> Whereas, the Virginia Department of Highways requires a width of not less than <br /> 30 feet before it can take same into the State System of Highways, it is resolved <br /> on motion of Mr.J.C.McKessen, that the same be continued until July meeting of <br /> this Board. <br /> <br /> V~ereas~ heretofore this Board has authorized the City of Colonial Hei~s to exte[d <br /> its public sewer into Chesterfield County along Piedmont Avenue Exteuded at the <br /> expense of citizens living on said Piedmont Avenue, and <br /> Whereas, request has_been made by Dr. A. G. Macklyn on behalf of himself and other: <br /> in the subdi~rision oi~ "West Chesterfield Heights" lying south of Piedmont Avenue <br /> Extended, that a like permi~ be granted the City of Colonial H eights to extend <br /> its public sewer into that subdivision. <br /> Upon consideration whereof, and on motion, it is resolved that the City of Colonial <br /> Heights be and it hero, by is granted permission to construct its sewer for the <br /> citizens of Chesterfield County living in the subdivision known as "West Chesterfield <br /> Heights" at the expense of said citizens. <br /> <br />On motion, it is resolved that Mr.C.F.Kellam, ~{es:~ent i~gineer, Virginia Dept. ~ <br />Highways, be and he hereby is requested to widen Rt. 16~O in Manchester District. <br /> <br />on motion, it is resolved that Mr. L.E..Earvie b e invited to attend the Board <br />meeting on June 13, 1950, to discuss streets in "Cloverdale~ subdivisior~, in <br />Mancheste~ Di strict. ~ <br /> <br />On motion, it is resolved that the Virginia Department of Highways be and it her~bi' <br />is requested to improve ~son Avenue in the subdivision of "Grove Place" i~ <br />Bermuda District, expending a sum not to exceed ~400.OO, charging same to the <br />3~ Road Fund. <br /> <br />The undersigned County Road Engineer, having been directed at a previous mee?ing <br />of the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County to examine Mason Avenue ~n the <br />subdivision of "Grove Place" in Bermuda District, and report to this Board the <br />expediency of establishing said road as a public road, reported as follows: <br />That he went upon the said road and examined the same and is of the opinion that <br />there is a necessity for the establishment of same as a public road,and further: <br />(1) The said road will be of great public convenience; (2) That it will not be of <br />mere private convenience; (3) No yard garden or orchard will be taken; (4) The <br />said road is a road in a subdivision ~f land dedicated to the Cor~onwealth of <br />Virginia and therefore land owners along said road will not receive csmpensation, <br />(5) No land owner requires compensation, (6) There will be no compensation. <br /> <br /> <br />