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VIRGINIA: ~t an adjourned meeting of the <br /> of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse <br /> on July 25, 1950, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Prewent: <br /> <br /> J. G. Hening~ Chairman <br /> Robt. o. Gill <br /> J.C.McKesson <br /> £~vin G. Hornet <br /> <br />Absent: N.T.Goyne <br /> James W.Gordon, Jr. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented a letter from Gen. James A. Andersc~, <br />State Highway Co~missioner, in reference to additions to the Secondary System of <br />Highways in Chesterfield County and the approval thereof, effective July l, 1950: <br /> <br />Blandy Avenue - In Westover Park subdivision - Beginning at a point on Rt.686, <br />0.25 Mi. S.E'.' of intersection of Rt. 6~4, running in a southerly direction 0.21 ~i.~ <br />to the intersection of Wainwright Drive. ~ength 0.21 Mile. <br /> <br />WainwriMht Drive in Westover Park - Beginning at a point on Blandy Ava~ue, 0.06 <br />'~." of Int. R~'~ 65§, run~'~g in a westerly,~outherly and easterly direction 0.38 Mi.~ <br />to Rt. 19~. Length O.3~ Miles. <br /> <br />Blount St. in Westover Park Subdivision - ~eginning at a point on Wainwvight <br />Drive, 0.12 Mi. S.W. of i~ersection of"'Blandy Avenue, running west O.06 Mi. to <br />dead end. Length 0.06 mile. <br /> <br />Worth Street in Westover Park Subdivision - Beginning at a point on Rt. 19lO, <br />~.'l~]~i' S.E. Rt.686, ~unning 'in a Southerly direction 0.07 Mi. then®e in a westerl~ <br />dir=ction 0.07 Mi. to the intersection with Blandy Avenue. Length O.14 Mile. <br /> <br />oard <br /> <br />This day came Er. C.F.Kellam, Resident Engineer, Virginia Department of Highways, <br />and presented to this Board the tentative budget for secondary system of highways <br />in the County of Chesterfield, and <br /> <br />Whereas, this Board has viewed and discussed the matter at length, it is on motion <br />resolved, that the same be approved. <br /> <br />~n motion of J.C.McKes~n, it is resolved that the s ~m not to exceed $50.O0 be <br />expended from the 35 Road Fund on the Sowers Road, sometimes called the Carter Roadi, <br />in Mauchester District of Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />~n motion, it is resolved that the Chairman of this Bo6rd appoint as a Committee, <br />~. Jmmes W. Gordon, Jr.. i~.H.T.Goyne, and Nr. J.C.Mcaesson, to work with the <br />Executive Secretary and £he Commonwealth's Attorney on-a proposed r~solutiom tote <br />prewented ~e this Bom'd at a later date concerning the Water Authority. <br /> <br />This day there appeared representatives from the Ettrick Sanitary District Committee! <br />concerning the claim of the County against the Sanitary District heretofore submittiea. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion, the same is continued until the next <br />meeting for consideration. <br /> <br />Whereas, the Village of Bensley, at Stop ~0, Richmond-Petersburg Pike, has in <br />the past few years rapidly built up, and the~e a re many houses contiguous to each <br />other in this Village, and <br /> <br />Whereas, it is the opinion of this Board that the~area~nown~a~.t~he!'~illage of <br />Bensley should be classed as a town of the fourth class, and <br /> <br />Whereas, further that the Board of Supervisors does maintain a fire station and <br />equipment in the central portion ~f said Village and that the fire equipment from <br />Manchester Fire Station, Chester Fire Station, and 2rom the Quartermaster Depot <br />at Bellwood are available for service in case of conflagration. <br /> <br /> <br />