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<br /> <br />CHESTERFIELD COUNTY <br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />AGENDA <br /> <br />Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />Meeting Date: November 22, 2005 <br /> <br />Item Number: 2.A. <br /> <br />Subject: County Administrator's Comments <br /> <br />County Administrator's Comments: <br /> <br />County Administrator: <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />Board Action ReQuested: <br /> <br />The Chesterfield Senior Volunteer Hall of Fame Committee has requested to <br />recognize the 2005 induction of Mrs. Viola H. Clark, Mrs. Jeanne M. Harrison, <br />and Mr. John C. Phillips as members of the Chesterfield Senior Volunteer Hall <br />of Fame. <br /> <br />Summarvof Information: <br /> <br />The Chesterfield Senior Volunteer Hall of Fame was established in 1982 to <br />recognize the volunteer contributions of senior citizens to the community. <br />For each of the past 23 years the committee has accepted nomination for <br />induction into the Hall of Fame. This year the committee received 10 <br />outstanding nominations. <br /> <br />On October 27, 2005 Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Harrison, and Mr. Phillips were inducted <br />into the Senior Volunteer Hall of Fame in recognition of their extraordinary <br />volunteer service to the community after the age of 65. <br /> <br />Mrs. Viola Clark was nominated by Mrs. Marolyn Quarles on behalf of Delta <br />Sigma Theta Sorority. Mrs. Clark provides numerous volunteer services in the <br />community. Her most significant contribution is reported to be the <br />organization and staffing of a reading enrichment program for students in <br />grades one through four. <br /> <br />Preparer: <br /> <br />Gail Sutler <br /> <br />Title: <br /> <br />Committee Chair <br /> <br />Attachments: <br /> <br />. Yes <br /> <br />DNa <br /> <br />ouuOOi <br />