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<br />qr" <br />!, <br />I "Hiscellanoous Clains frum t he General County Fund:" <br />, <br /> <br />,...... ..--~ - .._._..,..~._~.".. <br /> <br />I Mrs. Helen BeL. Romain e <br />ì Mechanic s &, Herchants <br />1 <br /> <br />i Ettrick Gulf Service <br />! McCoy Motor Company <br />I State B'orester of Va. <br />! <br /> <br />Southe rn Stamp & :Jti,ti m ery Co. <br />Peterdburg ¡,lotor Co., Inc. <br />County of Henrico <br /> <br />H. Markowitz, M.D. <br />Fred ~'!al1 s, Jr., 1:I.D. <br />Burroughs ¡L:d.~ng !vIa.chine Co. <br />G. T. i'lémd, ¡.I.D. <br />County of Chestel'1'ield <br />County of Cht;stt;rfid d <br />County of ChestèrfiE:.ld <br />Coùnty of Ch<:::.;Lèrfield <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />Ric"liIond Newspapers, Iuc. <br />lî.a:ilJey's Esso Scr'vicen tel' <br />Goodal.l Bræ. <br />r~s Auto Jervice <br /> <br />C&B Auto Parts Co., Inc. <br />Copley's At,to Service <br />Ham!.1' s Service Stat Lon <br />Hall's 3ervi ~e SttJ.t ion <br />Robert Irby, M.D. <br />Herbert C. Hoover, L.D. <br />30uthr rn Sta:¡p & Stat iun (;.0 Cü. <br />H. B. GilliaH1, Atty. <br /> <br />i <br />:Puritan Che,Jical Co. <br />IThe Arnolci Cor.1pany <br />¡Ri ch;nond Lumber Co. <br />ì <br />I <br /> <br />!Kamo ¡Ifg. Co. <br />iPl:tersburg Office :>d i'lent Co. <br />:JoÌlnson &. Co. <br />¡Snyder PrintingCo. <br />¡Everett '¡laddey Co. <br />!SverettoJaddey Co. <br />¡'virginia Llectric &: ì'U:JeI' Co. <br /> <br />Yirginia Llectric ~ Powl-r Co. <br />rlirginia E..Lect:ci c w 1-'ovl8r Co. <br />IThe C&P '1'el. Co. <br />'The G&P Tel. Co. <br />rrhe C& F Tel. Co. <br />rilaltCl1 II. Perdue, ClErk <br /> <br />µ·'ranl{ A. lacedo, J:t., <br />þi ty of TUchman d <br />j <br /> <br />Hl'S. Helen ¡·lcl. l{o::raine <br />W. B. Speck, Fi81J Sec'y., <br />~(ap;ue of Va. Counties <br />l1i.chmund N 8vlSpaper.;;, Inc. <br />pat ional Seal 1;JOI'ks <br />iPetel'sburg do tor Co., Inc. <br />kcdical Colle~e of Virginia <br />fetersburg Hasp Hal, Inc. <br />I.. L. D, 'lis <br />Leo Hyers <br />}'l'ed R. Shepherd <br />!r. D. 'Jatkins <br />J.evlis Vaden <br />f\ddressogra pb-¡Jul t i ',;rap1i Corp. <br />Lvnch Auto Service <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />~outhside Auto Supply <br />pouthside Auto Supply <br /> <br />¡'.jal'tin Chevrvlet 3ale:.¡ Corp. <br />pm Air Salus &. Servi ce <br />f. A. Wilson <br />,lorton ¡·larks <br />fUc;¡¡nond Offi ce Supply Co., Inc. <br />[ <br /> <br />~.IcCoy Motor Co. <br />l1awkins Texaco Service <br />rJirginia Electric & PO\1er Co. <br />)1.W.Burnctt, Exec. Seely. <br />~veret t "ivaddey Co. <br />~verett 'Jaddey Co. <br /> <br />the C&P Tel. Co. <br /> <br />¡I¡cals 1'o.c prisoners -Mar.l5-30,1951 <br />vli thholding tax from salaries of County <br />enployees for Neh. 1951 <br />(}aso line - Et tri ck Fire Dept. <br />Itepairs to Polic e cars <br />Forest fire control service-Dec. lS-Feb. <br />28,1')51 <br />1 roll Scotch tape <br />:lork on police c;:¡rs <br />Loc,Ü and State priSQ.lers days - Jept.,(¡ct., <br />Nov., Dec. 1950 Jan. 1951 L.JO .19 <br />Coroner's service-Harold A.DilrlilPton 10.00 <br />C , . H '" <br />oroner ;3 serV~CfJ- cnry Porter Rawle:"son 10.00 <br /> <br />Une durl'ouc;hs ri,)bon .69 <br />Corone 1" S service-Joe An:! ~Vilmoth 10.00 <br />LXp8!1SeS- Fi,~(: Dept. - Gas and oil 13.00 <br />Lxµenses-Police Dept. Gas and Uil 699.27 <br />Ex!, en..¡es-T-"ush Truck - Gas and viI 6$.72 <br />~xpenses-BldG' Ids]ß ctor-Gas and oil 21. 98 <br />III Fuel oil-Bon ALl' fL'e Dept. 1).02 <br />AdvE;rtisiw" rüzoning hu.rin¡;r 10.40 <br />Police Dt!pt. - ¿erone and uÚ .3.05 <br />Fuel oil- Ettrick ,.Iunicipal Bld¡3. 1.4.41 <br />?i ('e °Jurden I s truck-Brakes adju~,t cd and <br />fluid, instalL,tiol! of li,,};t, seat valve <br />1<'ol'est Fire ,Jarden-U-Bolts for truck <br />Fire Dept. #3 Bens18 y- iìepairs <br />Expenses Fire Dept. #2 <br />I}as imd oil - Polic e ¡)ept. <br />Lun·,cy Co:;¡Ü:.,sion- Irc:ne Andrews <br /> " " <br /> <br />30x files, ::¡:c.:1d sh (11.: ts, 3cotch;ape <br />Com:,¡. of 'fa. and Co. of C!lt,stt;rfield vs. <br />Heir;:> of (~rac ie Lipsco;;b <br />Un e case Li.f1uid 13()\.,¡1 cleaner <br />lìadio ¡iIainte';¡ ance - Jan. & Feb., '951 <br />Tw() adjustable fÜ'e hydnti1t ',vcenches, :2 <br />spanl¡er wrenches ¿:u1 d one double adapter- <br />Bon Air Fir' e :Jept. <br />Floor wux and cleaner <br />!{cpail's to ,"Ìeminr:ton iypewritcI'(CO,.l.;¡.of ;kvJ <br />F'ud /11 oil - Che ste 'Íi~e Dept. <br />.) ,000 cards (Trt'a:..;urer) <br />Bond and onion 51-: in J..H pur <br />5045 ruled and pri ¡¡tcd tax r8CO l'd sheets <br />Ll~ctl'i~ ::¡(:rvic e-Fail' Gounds, Cu",rthvu;;;i e .:£ <br />ÍJ 3. ;¡¡P .Jak e l' <br />Electric service - Vol. ~:~re D8pt. 1/6 <br />" II _ Enon l'~n" Dept. <br />Loc··,l and long distance calls - C.H. <br />Telephune - Bon Air ire lJept. <br />'1'elephone - Chester FiI'e Dept. <br />Clnrk's fUGs-suit Com"l. of Va. add Co. of <br />Cht)sterfield vs. Heirs of 1,Ie¡'l'itt DrwHi;oole 10.00 <br />3tTVice of sunnons in sui: of Com 1. of Va. <br />and Co.of ChGsturfield vs. Heirs of <br />l-Ierri tt Drurn¡'-oole <br />.,i\dls for prisicnf,'s - Feb.2:3-i.¡ch.13,1951 <br />For :'18: 1bel'sÌ:ip d liC s-1951 <br /> <br />,. u~.... h.....,_ ~,.~ <br /> <br />Advertising for rezoning <br />One stamp,19 strips 3ake1itro(Com:;.ür ¡{ev.) <br /> battery - Police Dept. <br />Hospitalization services <br />" II -Hi'S. T.L.Fuller <br />JUl'V Co':"Ü¿;sicmcr <br />,,' " <br /> <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />T <br />I <br />¡ <br /> <br />.,¡; 76.70 <br /> <br />569.60 <br />10.71 <br />112 .2l <br /> <br />332.00 <br />.97 <br />5.50 <br /> <br />8.51 <br />1.50 <br />17 . 50 <br />·~5.·¿3 <br />1-5.5C¡ <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />11.. '+3 <br /> <br />2/+_ 20 <br />10.00 <br />200.00 <br /> <br />25.00 <br />:.18.00 <br />6.00 <br />'¿5.93 <br />32 .)() <br />1 S'. ~J <br />230.00 <br /> <br />309.68 <br />1.76 <br />3.08 <br />371.60 <br />77.54 <br />6.25 <br /> <br />.75 <br />56.55 <br />3 JO . CO <br /> <br />15.60 <br />11 . 50 <br />9.20 <br />6~;5 .00 <br />77 .00 <br />5.00 <br />5. .,0 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.15 <br />45 . 35 <br />2.93 <br />78.97 <br /> <br />üne plate "Receipt"3" and thre<':~ strip-ins <br />'.lark on Police cars <br />'}as and oil - Pelice cars <br />Tires for Fire Chief's truck <br />lVlanchester FirE; Dept.I?2-1 tube and tire <br />set'vice <br />lteµa ir s polic e ca.:·s <br />,:;as &. vii - Bon Ail'-30ütLampt on ¡'"ire JJept. <br />Janitor IS suppJ.Ìt's <br />One Office 3tool <br />Gne pen l'efili, i1Ú, ouo stamp pad, (-G record <br />book 15.38 <br />Repairs to Police cars 240.90 <br />Gas and Oil - Ettrick fi~e Dept. 25.03 <br />St., Ch0stèr and nCttoaca 172.00 <br />dihage- 1311 ;:ÜÜ,s @ 5¢ 6).55 <br />ForulS and r8cord books - Clerk's lJfJice 178.86 <br />Supplies for BuilJ~ng Inspector- 3"x5" cards <br />card case, and desk data OUGfit 28.60 <br />ielephone - Fire station #3 12.80 <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />6.101 <br />4.94 <br />2,to 74 <br />14..39 <br />15.00 <br />