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it .u :nec',~.~:ne,'- of t,],e 3oard o£ <br /> <br /> h cid a ' the Courthouse <br />Co~mty~ ~ <br />on October ~7,~ ~O'~ ~ at 9:00 a.m <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />I{. L. Chalkley <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter from the Co~non~'m'alth Development <br />Corporation requesting tibet tl.e streets in "Green Acres" be taken into the <br />Secondary Highway System. Upon consldaration '.:hereof~ and on motion of <br />florae:', zt is resolved that the County .~.o,~d Engineer take ..... k steps as necessary <br />to have the streets in "Green Acres" taken into the ~ocondary H~jhw~y System. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secr,-,t~ry read a 13'~cr f;'o!:: th(: developer:: of rlcGuire <br />Ho~o~ rc. ques':Lng a partial ref'~d of the deposit fo: <br />system in McGuire Homes. Upon eonsi~cr~:tion wh¢,rcof, and on motion of J.G. <br />iiening, i~ is resolve! that the Executive Secretary be and ho is instruct, cd <br />to refund this money in accordance with th~ s::hedui~ of thc asreemen%. <br /> <br />~k_~- _~ the Ez~ecutive '2e'c - ' ' ' ~'':"'~: <br />rdsident~ of the Osborn<~ Road~ 2t.616, b~tween Rt. !0 and 2t. 1 for the loan of <br />scm= copper tubing ovmcd by t:hc Co~ty, to be used in connection ~ith their <br />privat~ water systc~until such time as thc Cowry micht he able to install a <br /> <br />a s. ufficicnt n~bers of ust. r~ to w'a~ rant the h;sta~,at~on O[ this zlnC but because ~ <br /> <br />U~:on consideration ,.¢he~','~of, au,:t upon the adenine of ~h::, ~ommon',:~:,alt]~s ,,ttorney, <br />it is re~olved on motion of T.D,'.fatkins, that the Executive Secret~n'y he and <br />' e ~ ~'o- ~rivat, projects ~v~y of t}e nr,~-,~.r~ <br /> is instructed not to .~o::n, ~ u:.;: on o , <br />be!onginZ to t}''~ Utilitim: b=i.,:'.:rtm,~'.t of ]he:";crfleld Co~ty. <br /> <br />This d:G~ L~:'.i.M.To!er, ']er~fied Pul'lie ~ccount:.nt, :h:o h ad b eon l:reviously <br />ap/.eared before the 3oar2 .~xplaining ',:hat tlk: re:cz'da saow~d from thc l,~sinnin~ <br /> <br />.... : recom~aendations th~~ ~ d~finite dep"rt,~r~ I c sci up i'nc'~udi~; bookkeeping <br />materials control, etc. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of <br />ilo~ner, seconded b7 T.D.~;atkins, it is rcsolved that ~ Sonmittee composed of <br />the Commonwealth's Attorney ~d the Executive Secretary bu authorized to work with <br />r~.A.M.To~r, and to bring up to date ~I matters pertaining to the Utilities <br />Department and set up a gystc~,~ of kookpe~ng and r~tcrials cent. tel for th= same. <br /> <br />Ordered .... <br /> t;,a., the meeting be now stjourned until i0:00 a.m. November, I1, <br /> <br />~,~6 u ~-~ Ye Secretary <br /> <br /> <br />