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VIRGINIA: At a meeting of the Board of <br /> Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held a t the Courthouse on <br /> April 21, 19~8, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />J. G. Hening, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne <br />James W. Gordon, Jr. <br />Irvin G.Horn er <br />J.C.McKesson <br /> <br />Absent: P. W. Covington <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary stated that the adjourned meeting had b eencalled for the <br />purpose of deciding upon an application made by Mr. N. W. Royall for a Use Permit <br />to conduct and operate midget auto races and other commercial recreational enter- <br />rpises~ on property now owed by Mr.H.W. Hancock on Rt.60~. approximately one and <br />one-half miles n(rth of the intersection of Rt.604 and Rt.360, and s tared that Mr. <br />Royall had furnished to the Executive Secretary a list cf the property owners <br />within a reasonable distance of this property and that letters had been wr~$ten to <br />all of these property owners stating that this application had been made and would <br />be heard at this time. <br />Whereupon ~.~r. Royall desc~-ibed his pla~us for the construction of a midget auto <br />race track and s tared that it would be so arranged within the ~ack that an athletic <br />field could b e laid off which could b e used by High Schools or other organizations <br />of Chesterfield County at no cost to t hem. Whereupon the Chairman asked if there <br />were any people appearing in opposition to the issuance of this permit, and a dele- <br />gation from Spring Creek Colored Church appeared and stated that although the <br />Church was over a mile from the area they felt that the noise and the traffic would <br />be very detrimental to activities of the Church. The Chairman then called on <br />Sgt. Waddill of the State Police Force who stated he woul~ be glad to furnish <br />such officers as necessary to handle any traffic which might arise from this <br />establishment, because he felt it was one of the duties of the State Police <br />Department to handle all traffic on State roads. 'ifnereupon Nr. James W.Gordon, Jr., <br />made a motion that Mr. Royall be g ranted a Use Permit to establish a midget auto <br />race track and other recreational enterprizes on theproperty now owned by ~ir. <br />H.N.Hancock on Rt.604, approximately one and a half miles north of the intersection <br />of Rt.664 and Rt.360, which motion waz seconded by ~r. J.C.McKesson. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of James ~. Cordon, Jr., the Executive <br />Secretary is instructed to issue a Use Permit for this pnrpose. On this motion <br />Mr. H.T.Goyne voted "No" and asked that his vote be so recorded. <br /> <br />This day a delegation appeared before the Board aijain requesting that some pro- <br />visions be made for an office for t he Colored Farm Ag~ and the Colored Home Dem. <br />Agent at Chesterfield Courthouse. After due consideration, and on motion of Irvin <br />G.Horner, it isresolved that nocd~an~e be made in the decision made by the Board ~ <br /> <br />of Supervisors to accept the cooperation of the School Board to provide office <br />space for the Colored Farm Agant and the Colored Home Demonstration Agent in the new <br />$Olored high school on Rt. 10, near Chester. <br /> <br />~J~ereas, M. A. Cogbill, Co~m~onwealth's Attorney, has reported to this Bc~rd, that <br />difficulty has arisen as to the constitut~onality of the Amendatory Act of Chapter <br />175 of the Acts of Assembly of 1946, being the Acts of Assembly whereby this Bc~rd <br />was ~uthorized and empowered to issue "Revenue Bonds" for the purpose of the <br />construction, operation, acquisition, e~c. of a water system or ssy~stems in the County <br />of Chesterfield by this Board, and <br /> <br />Whereas, referendum has been had directing this Board t o proceed to sell "Revenue <br />Bonds" to raise the funds to acquire, etc. the said water system or system, and <br />this Board in pursuance of such direction has male sale of said bonds to Scott, <br />Homer a nd Mason, Inc., and, <br /> <br />Whereas, Attorneys for Scott, Horner and Mason, Inc., have raised the question of the <br />constitutionality of the AmendatorM Act of the Assembly of 1948, ~mending Chapter <br />175 of the Acts of Assembly of 1946, and have thereby created an actual hostile <br />controversy between this Board as sellers and issuers of said "Revenue Bonds" and <br />Scott, Homer and Macon, Inc.~to he, purchasers of said bonds. <br /> <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of James W. Gordon, Jr., it is resolved that <br />N.A.Cogbill, Commonwealth's Attorney, be, and he hereby is, directed to institute <br />such proceedings in will bring about the consummation of the s ale of s aid <br />"Revenue Bonds, by this Board and the delivery o f the purchase price of said bonds <br />by Scott. Homer and Mason, Inc., as agreed,to this Board. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary stated that~ecause of the f act that money had not <br />been received from the s ale of rev~ ue bonds and considerable amount of money had <br />been spent on water systems, it was necessary ahat a dditional funds be provided <br />at once if the installation of water systems would continue. Upon consideration <br />whereof! and on motion of J.C.McKesson, it is resolved that the Treasurer be and he <br />hereby ~s instructed t o make temporary loan, under the b est terms, of $50.000.00 to <br />carry over operations of Chesterfield County until additional money had been <br />received. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary stat$~ that in accordance with authority of t his <br /> <br /> <br />