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Board at a former meeting, he had requested four companies to submit bids on 1,O00 <br />water meters and that representatives were present to demonstrate their product <br />to the Board. Upon consideratic~ whereof, representatives from the Pittsburgh <br />Eeter Company, Neptune Neter Company and Badger M~ter Mfg. Company demonstrated <br />their meters before the Board. A letter was read f rom the Hersey ~4eter Company <br />stating it would be impossible for t heir representative to be present. Upon <br />consideration whereof, and on motion of James W. Gordon, Jr., it is resolved that <br />the Executive Secretary be and he hereby i s instructed to purchase from the <br />Badger ~4eter Mfg. Company 1,OO0 5/8" water meters including couplings, for the <br />price of $]~ .70 each. ' <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary called attention of the Bcard to the monthly <br />report submitte~ by him as a sample for the month of M~a. rch, inquiring if same was <br />satisfactory. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of W.A.Horner, it is <br />resolved that the form of this report be approved and the Executive Secretary <br />be instructed to discontinue the former report and adopt this report as the form <br />of monthly report to the Board of Supervisors. <br /> <br />This day the Commonwealth's Attorney ~resented to the Board a repcrt of the <br />investigation of the Police Department together with a letter from Judge J. Garland <br />Jefferson stating he would be glad to confer with the Board if after a study of <br />the report they deemed it wise to meet with him. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of H.T.Goyne, it is resolved that this <br />report be accepted by the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County and that the <br />entire Board be appointed as a Committee to make a study of the same. <br />And be it?further resolved that the Commonwealth's Attorney shall furnish to each <br />member of the Board a copy of the report for theLr study. <br /> <br />Ordered that the meeting be nowadjourned until 2:00 p.m. April 29, 1948. <br /> <br />~ecutive Secre~4y <br /> <br />,-' : Chairm~n ~ <br /> <br /> <br />