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"Routine Standard Claims Paid by the Exec. Sec'y. from the General Co. Fund:" <br />Dr. Claiborne Jones Lunacy c ommission $10.~0' <br />Dr. Dorothy D. Moore Lunacy commissions-Grace Winfree and <br /> Chas. W. Magee <br /> N~als~,~e~¥ed -3-31-48 to 4-13-48 <br /> <br />Mrs. Helen M.Romaine <br />Anderson & Woodfin <br />J.T.O'Neal, M.D. <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />M.W.Foster, Jr.M.D. <br />Sidney Isenberg, M.D. <br />Mrs. Helen M.Romaine <br /> <br />State Forester of Virginia <br /> <br />Vir~nia Electric & Power Co. <br />Dr. Lucy S. Hill <br />James O.Kirk, J.P. <br />Mrs. Theo T. Cogbill,P.M. <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />T.B.Pope, M.D. <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />A.M.Toler & Company <br /> <br />Shoosmith's Garage <br /> <br />Carwi~'s Sunoco Service <br />State Dept. of Health <br /> <br />John W. Chalk!ey, J.P. <br /> <br />Gas and oil-Forest Fire Warden's truck <br />Coroner's services-William Banks <br />Service ~greement as per contract <br />Adjustment of 1947 charges for keeping <br />Chesterfield prisoners in Henrico Jail <br />as provided by contract <br />Lunacy c ommission-Joseph Elliott <br /> <br />Meals served prisone~rs in lock-up <br />4-16-48 thru 4-28-48 <br />Forest fire co~rol services-Jan.lO <br />thru Mch. 26, 1948 <br />Street lighting for April, 1948 <br />Lunacy oommission-Georgia Harville <br /> It tt -- tt It <br /> <br />Two c oils 3ct. stamps <br />Telephone service and long distance <br /> tolls <br />Coroner's services-John Thomas Denny <br />23 prisoner days for Mch.@45¢ <br />282 Chesterfield Co. prisoner days <br />for March, 1948 <br />Report on audit of County for year <br />ended June 30, 19~7 <br />Fan belt, making battery box and <br />installing same, gasoline-Benst~y <br />Fire Dept. <br />Gas, oil and tire repair-County car <br />Balance dueHon appropriation for <br />support of ealth Dept. ending June30, <br />1948 <br />Lunacy c ommission-Joseph Elliott <br /> <br />$10.OO i <br /> 51 .ooi <br /> 7.o51 <br /> lO. oo ! <br /> 30.93! <br /> <br />1282.24 <br /> 5.0Oi <br /> 5. OOi <br /> <br /> 31 <br /> <br /> 114.28 <br /> 390.84 <br /> 5 .O0 <br /> 2 .OO <br /> 45.09 <br /> <br /> 276.551 <br /> 10.OO <br /> 10.3 5 <br /> <br /> 84.60~ <br /> 85O .O01 <br /> <br />2235.00 <br /> 2.00 <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized bY the Exec. 3cc')",., and Paid from the General 3ounty Fund:" <br /> <br />Treasurer of V~ginia <br />Diwisio~ of Purchase & Printing <br />Richmond Office Supply Co.Inc. <br /> <br />RicYm~ond Office Supply Co. Inc. <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Spencer Printing Company <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Inc. <br /> <br />F~rms T.J.-6 (Trial Justice) $3.14 <br /> <br />Carbon paper', rubber bands, ink, <br />onion skin paper 27.1.5 <br />~ing book sheet~, clasp envelopes, <br />#2~ pencils & type cleaner 35.77 <br />i Bates List finder, mimeograph paper <br />two file units '16.80 <br />i s tamp ..81 <br />1 case cups (For jail) 15~39 <br />21 Deed Books, I Release Deed Book,, <br />i Chancery Order Book, i Common Law <br />Order Book, 100 Forms 147R ~22.90.. <br /> <br />$5,493.~4 <br /> <br />"Mis¢laims Authorized ,by the Exec. Secretary and Paid from the Gen. County Fund:" <br /> <br />H 'B. Gilliam, Atty. <br />Truby Motor Company <br /> <br />Johnson & Company <br /> <br />Wm.H.Branch & Company <br /> <br />Petersburg Office Equipment Co. <br /> <br />Clyde L. Bowman <br /> <br />Sgt. City of Petersburg <br /> <br />J.T.Willard, Sg~. <br /> <br />J.T.Willard, Sgt. <br /> <br />Commissions and preliminary title fee <br />Gas, oil and repairs-County trash tr. <br /> " " " " -County car <br /> - - - It - Chester Fire <br /> truck <br />(Welding cracks in block; battery; <br />wrecker service, cylinder head, <br />repairing generator, exhaust <br />manifold, etc. and labor) <br />~2 Fuel oil-Camp Baker $5~.82 <br /> Fuel oil-Conservation <br /> Office ~ <br />Premium on volunteer firemen? <br />Bensley Fire Dept. <br />Cleaning, boiling out dru, and new pad <br />for mimeograph machine-two lbs. ink <br />Installing flourescent fixtures in <br />Treasurer's and Comm. of Revenue's <br />offices <br />For services of commissioner's notices <br />in suit of Marie Smithers Rowlette <br />Service of Commissioner's notices in <br />suit of Seth Thomas Nunnally's Heirs <br />For services in suit of ~rtha J. Nunnal~y <br /> Heirs <br /> <br />$18.~9 <br /> 64.84 <br /> 22.20 <br /> <br />449.20 <br /> <br />97.91 <br />32.04 <br />27.50 <br /> <br />ll3.O0 <br /> <br /> .75 <br /> <br /> 1.50 <br /> 1.5 0 <br /> <br /> <br />