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This day Mr. Irvin G. Horner, Supervisor of Clover Hill District, stated he <br />felt that Board of Supervisors should be thoroughly advised by the School Board <br />concerning the intentions of building or rebuilding school facilities, including <br />a survey to show the necessity of the same, before the architects had been requestSd <br />to make final plans for such improvements in order that the Board might assist <br />the School Board in planning for such improvement. Upon consideration whereof <br />and on motion of Irvin G. Hornet, it is resolved that the School Board of <br />Chesterfield County be requested to consult with the Board of Supervisors prior <br />to the development or lett&n~ of bids for any school project within the County. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Irvin G. Hornet, s t~ed that he had observed that the State Highway <br />Department was preparing a number of roads for black topping and that seweral <br />of these were planned to have a blsck top of a width of 12 feet which he felt <br />was too narrow for service in Chesterfield County. Upon consideration whereof <br />and on motion of Irvin G. Homer, it is resolved that the Virginia Department of <br />Highways be and it hereby is requested to hereafter plan to install a black top <br />service on roads in Chesterfield County of not less than sixteen feet. <br /> <br />Whereas, at the meeting o£ April 21, 1948, this Board of Supervisors passed a <br />resolution authorizing the borrowing of $50,000.00 as a temporary loan, and <br />~q~ereas, said resolution is not inclusive of the facts in its ver~age and should <br />therefore be rescinded. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of J.C. <br />McKesson, it is resolved that the r ezolution of this Board of April 21. 1948, <br />directing the Treasurer to make a temporary loan for the sum of $50,000.00, be, <br />and the same is hereby rescinded. <br /> <br />This day the matter of a casual deficit which will occur in the General County <br />Fund of this County during the month of June, 1948, came before this Board, and <br /> <br />Whereas, it appears to this Board that a casual deficit will occur in the General <br />Fund of this County and that such being the case it is necessarya nd proper as <br />authorized by Statute that this Board authorize the Treasurer of the County of <br />Chesterfield to make a temporary loan for the purpose of supplementing the County <br />Fund due to said casual deficit. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of J.C.McKesson, it is resolved that t he <br />Treasurer of Chesterfield County be and he hereby is empowered and directed, on <br />behalf of this Board, to make temporary loan in the amount of $50,0OO.00 with <br />some banking institution to supplement the General County Fund to meet said casual <br />deficit, such loan to bear an interest rate not to exceed 6% per annum and to <br />extend for a period of not more than six months. <br /> <br />Ordered that the meeting be now adjourned until June 8,19~8, at 10:O0 a.m. <br /> <br /> <br />