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Routine Standard Claims Paid bY the Executive Secretary from the Gen. Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Nd. <br /> <br />Truby Motor Company <br /> <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br />Anderson &Woodfin <br />Anders on & Woodfim <br />The Arnold Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />S. W. Ellison <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br />Wm. F.Grigg, Jr.M.D. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Claude E. N eale, M.D. <br />Mrs. Helen M.Romaine <br /> <br />Dr. Wm.E.Grigg, Jr. <br /> <br />$273.1 <br /> <br />Local service and long distance calls <br /> 286 Chesterfield County State Prienner <br /> days for April, 1948 <br />Premium on bond of Police Officer-W.E. <br /> Martin 5.0~ <br />Gas and oil- County ~uck $63.44 <br />" " "-County car 2~.5~ 89-Oi <br />15 prisoner days for April 6.71 <br />Telephone service-Chester FireDept. 10.5( <br /> 4.5~ <br />Gas and oil-Mauchester Fire Dept. <br />., " "-Forest Fire Warden's truck 4.7: <br />Radio maintenance-Apri%, 1948 lO0., <br />Electric service-Clerk's uffice, Camp <br />Baker, Courthouse and Welfare Dept. 241. <br />Ice for April ll. <br />Telephone service-Manchester Fire Dept. 97. <br />Coroner's services 60. <br />Street lighting for May, 1948 390.i <br />Lunacy commission-Mrs. Georgia Harville 5.~ <br />Meals served Chesterfield prisors~s 43. <br /> (~ay,1 thru Nay 17, 1948) <br />Coroner s services ~ <br /> <br />171.61 <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized b~ the Executive Secretary from the General County.. Fund:" <br />Virgini~ Stationery o. 200 folders $5~30 <br />Petersburg ~fice Equipment Co. I quire stencils (mimeograph) 3.75 <br /> <br />Spencer Printing Company <br />Carwile's Sunoco Service <br />Mrs. Theo T.Cogbill,P.M. <br />Remington Rand Co.Znc. <br /> <br />Remington Rand Go.Inc. <br />Petersburg Office Equipment Co. <br /> <br />Dailey Report Forms (Police Dept.) <br />Battery, tire repair and gasoline <br />2500 post cards ~Treas. Uffic~ <br />lO-24RBS Interior Equipment #$5 <br /> (Comm. c~ Revenue) <br />Two Olive Green - 3 dr. letter files <br /> !'~quire stencil. <br /> <br />11.50 <br />17.80 <br />25 .OO <br /> <br />73 .OO <br />102.44 <br /> <br />Petersburg Hospital, Imc. <br /> <br />"Miscel!a-eous Claims Paid from the General Cou~.ty Fund by the Exec.Sec'y.:" <br />St. Phillips' HOspital ........ HOspitalization S ervices-Indig~nt <br /> per.sons in Chesterfield CoUnty $301.2~ <br /> Hospx~alization services-Baby Pual R. <br /> <br />~Medical College Hospital <br />Curtis Marine Go.Inc. <br /> <br />C&B Aut~ Parts Compamy, Inc. <br />Miller ~Afg. Compamy <br />E. C. Past orfield <br /> <br />Holt <br />Hospitalizatiom service~-Lillian Joyner <br />To recharging 15-lb. CO Fire Extinguishers <br /> (A~nchester Fire. Dept.) <br />Oil s eals-Fire Warden's truck <br />Millwork for Administration Bldg. <br />Work in Clerk's ~ffice-New door stops, <br />stain and varnish, patching, plaster and <br /> <br />30.OG <br /> 1.5~ <br /> <br /> 3.25 <br /> 7.35 <br />90.0~ <br /> <br />C.A.Wils~ <br />Forester of Virginia <br /> <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br />Richmond Rubber Co. <br /> <br />Alexander & ~arrin <br /> <br />Printcraf~ <br /> <br />Phillips & Bird~ Inc. <br />H.B.Gilliam,Atty. <br />Orkin "The Rat, Man", Inc. <br /> <br />L.W.Bulifant, Ins. Center <br />Mechanics & Merchants Bank <br /> <br />[8 <br />;5 <br />~5 <br />)0 <br /> <br />)O <br />-~1,544.30 <br /> <br />$ 242.54 <br /> <br />painting porches 42.~Q <br />Cleaning supplies for janitor 15.6~ <br />Forest Fire control service-JamlO-Apri123, <br /> 1948 465.~3 <br />100 books-voting lists (Town of Col. Hghts) 49.?5 <br />Recharging fire extinguishers and two fire <br />axes (Bon Air Fire Dept.) 18.~3 <br />Bulldozer for cleaning up Hickory Hill <br /> 60.0( <br /> dump <br />4500 circulars and 2 5 posters (Rat Contro~ <br />Campaigu) 34.5( <br />Plastic case with A&B Rolls, R. Hydrion 2.1! <br />TO5% commissionm And preliminary title feell.7~ <br />For poisoning dump (Near Hickory Hill <br />School) <br />Insurance on fire warden's trWck 90.6~ <br />Withholding tax from salaries of Co. <br />employees for Nay, 1948 16~O! <br /> - $1,432.60 <br /> <br /> <br />