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"Routine Standard Claims Paid by the Exec. Secty. from the General County Fired:" <br /> <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Company <br /> <br />Tomahawk Filling Station <br /> <br />Dr. Jas. B. Darden <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />B.CoFurman <br />R~s. Helen M.Romaine <br /> <br />T.B.Pope, M.D. <br />P.L.HiI1, M.D. <br />P.L.Hill, M.D. <br /> <br />The Arnold Co~pany <br /> <br />Mechanics & Merchants Bank <br /> <br />Geor~ E. Mancos <br /> <br />City o f Petersb'urg Jail <br />L.C.Lush, M.D. <br />Jobm F. Williams, M.D. <br />Shoosmithts Garage <br /> <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />W.P.Morrissette, M.D. <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. <br />Wm~ F. Grigg, Jr. <br /> <br />F .L .Brovm, M.D. <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />Telephone-F~uchester Fire Dept.#2 <br /> " -Forest Fire Warden <br />Electric service-Clerk's ~ffice,C.H. <br />Welfare Dept. and Camp Baker <br />Gaooline and oil-Manchester Fire Dept. <br /> <br />$9.65 <br />11.95 <br /> <br />66.08 <br />9~.75 <br /> <br />(April, May and June, 1948) <br />Lunacy commission-Myrtle Robinson <br />Street lighting for August, 1948 <br />Lunacy commissiOn- Ernie Jack Brown <br />ll2 meals served prisoners in Chester- <br />field lock-up (Au~.l-Aug.2~,1948) <br />Coroner's Services-Viola V. Johnson <br />Coroner ~s Services-Leroy Moore <br />Ccr one r ~ s Servic es-Glenn Schrumm and <br /> <br /> 5.00 <br />390.84 <br /> 3.00 <br /> <br />56.00 <br />10.OO <br />10.OO <br /> <br />John B. Zimmerman 20.00 <br />Radio maint chance for July,19~8 (Police)131.25 <br />(Experimental work on radio antenna <br />not covered by maintenance, agre~ement) <br />For rent of safety deposit Oox for <br />period commencing AuEust 6, 1948 and <br />ending August 6, 1940 3.60 <br />Water furnished-Msnchester Fire Dept. <br />(R'~rch, April, R~y, June, July & Aug.) 9.O0 <br />32 prisoner days for July,19$8 14-40 ~ <br />Luna cy c ommission-Ruth Alberta Reems 5.O0 <br />Lunacy commission-Ruth ~eams 5.O0! <br />Installing siren and oil-Bensley Fire <br /> Depsr tment 6.30 <br />413 Chesterfield Cotmty State Prisomr <br /> days f~r Ju!yj 19.48 247.8£: <br />Lure cy c ommission-,.orene Brooks White 5.0~ <br />Service agreement on Burroughs Machines 123.8q <br />Coroner's services-Floyd W. Mann and <br /> Lee Bailey 20.OQ <br />L~n~ cy c ommlssion-Myrtle Robinson 5.0Q <br /> .#1 5.2 <br />Telephone-~hesterfm-ld Fire Dept <br /> "-Local and toll charges C.H. ~'$1~84.31- <br /> <br />"C!ai~ns Paid b ¥ the Exem~. Sec')'. and ~AuthorizeA~ by him from the General Co.Fund:'t .. <br /> <br />The Penitentiary Industrial Dept. <br />Virginia Printing Company <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. <br />Tr~iasurer of U.S. <br />S~ncer Printing Company <br /> <br />~emington Rand Company, Inc. <br />Buildings ~quipment & Supply Corp. <br />Cable's S~moco Service <br />Thy .qich!e Co,,np~,y <br /> <br /> Treasurer of Virginia <br /> <br />Southern Hdw~. & Building Supply Co. ~e night latch (Camp Baker) <br /> The Penitentiary Ind~trial Dept. Two cou~t ers (Tre~s. ~d Con~. of <br /> [~evenuc ) <br /> The Haloid Company 2epairs to Rectigraph machine <br /> Cent~ 1 Printing Company Imprinting 250 letterheads <br /> <br />4 office chairs, 1 swivel chair $45.90 <br />1,000 Application for Ballot s 24.75 <br />Six Pronto Files 22.50 <br />Fire trucks-One Che;rolet & b~e Ford 650.00 <br />2,000 Circuit Court Letterheads and <br />500 9" paper plates 22.25 <br />One O.G. File Without lock 54.25 <br />Drinking cups and toilet tissues 92.00 <br />Tire Repair and ~asoline-Cou~ty car 7.33 <br /> 19.~ Cumulative ~upplement to Virginia <br /> Code of !942 12.OO <br />~o~t ~ge cha~' ~ . <br /> ~ae~ onT J.-5 Forms <br /> 5.00 <br /> 2.65 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims t'aid by the Executive Secretary from the General County Funi <br /> <br />Truby Motor Company <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Company <br />J.T.Willard, Sgt, <br /> <br />Richmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />Mechanics & Merchants Bank <br /> <br />Gasoline, oil and repairs-Co, trash <br /> Truck <br /> Tax Tickets <br /> For service of additional notices of <br /> Cof~issioner~s hearing in case of <br /> Co. of Chesterf~ id Vs. Heirs of <br /> Eldridge Cypress <br /> Advertising budget for 1948-'49 <br /> Withholding tax from salaries of <br /> Co. employees for August, 1948 <br /> <br />~53.26 <br />'22.80 <br />932.10, <br /> <br />2.25 <br />157.50 <br /> <br />!9S.~O <br /> <br />[:. <br /> <br />$1366.41 <br /> <br /> <br />