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as follows: <br /> <br />Accessories for Policemen <br />Patrol Wagon <br />Gas Equipment <br />Increase in salary- 10% <br />Mileage (As approved by Board) <br />~ additional men, equipment & salary <br /> <br />$1150.00 <br />3OOO.OO <br />50.O0 <br />3000.O0 <br />6500.00 <br />14000.00 <br /> <br />$28,700.00 <br /> <br />The $28.700.00 would b~e~,~an annual increase for the Police budget withthe exception~ <br />of $3000.00 for a ~wagon which would not be an annual reoccurence and $1150.OI <br />for accessories to uniforms. While this amount appears to be very large it <br />was the feeling of the Committee that serious consideration should be given to such <br />portions of the recommendations as would be within the ability of the County to do.~ <br /> <br />This report was thoroughly discussed by the Board. Upon consideration whereof, <br />and on motion of H.T.Goyne, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he <br />hereby is instructed to provide for the Police Department, complete uniforms, <br />including accessories a s listed, and to purchase such tear gas materials as necessa~ <br /> <br />.y. <br /> <br />Regarding the request for additional salary for the Police officers and dispatchers <br />it was decided that since hhere had been a decision to purchase cars by the County <br />~or the Police Department the matter of salary should be held over until that time, <br />but that the Dispatchers should be considered immediately. Upon consideration <br />whereof, and on motion of Irvin G.Horner. it is resolved that the Dispatchers' <br />salary as of October l, 194~, should be $165.00 per month amd that the dispatcher <br />serving as Clerk to the Police Department should receive an additional $10.00 per <br />non th. <br /> <br />Regarding additional men for the Police Department it was decided that it was~ <br />essential that the Police Department have additional personnel. Upon ¢on~ideratign <br />whereof, and on motion of James W.~ordon, Jr. it is resolved that the Chief of / <br />Police be and he hereby is instruCCed to recommend to the Judge of Circuit <br />Court, with the consen~ of the Board, two additional police officers and that one <br />of the present officers should be advanced to the g fade of an investigator. <br /> <br />This day came Chas. A.Ryburn, Jr., Chief of Police, of the County of Chesterf~ ld, <br />and requested that this Board consider the establishment of rank of personnel <br />in the Police Department of sai~ County, and to fix the compens~tion within said <br />personnel accordingly, and <br /> <br />Whereas, it appearing that by authority of Chapter 21 of the Acts of Assembly of <br />19~4, this Board of Supervisors is authorized to establish rank of personnel of <br />the Police Department and fix compensation according to rank, ~pon consideratio~ <br />whereof, and on motion of H.T.Goyne, it is resolved that the following ranks of <br />personnel in the Police Department of Chesterfield County be, and the same hereby <br />are established, to-wit: The Chief of Police, shall have the rank of Major; an <br />Assistant Ch~ f who shall have the rank of Captain; and one police officer with the <br />rank of Lieutenant; and <br />Be it further resolved, that the Chief of Police is ~reby authorized and empowered <br />to select from the personnel of said Department a man tobe designated as assistant <br />chief and to prescribe his duties; and to select fromthe personnel of said department <br />a man tobe lieutenant and to prescribe his duties, and <br /> <br />Be it further resolved that this resolution shall be effective as of October 1,1948. <br /> <br />This day Mr.J.G.Hening stated that he had investigated the cost of %he operation <br />of police cars in Henrico County and found the cost of operation to be approximatel~ <br />one-half of that paid for mileage and operation of police cars in Chesterfield <br />County and felt that immediate steps sho~ be taken to purchase cars by the CountE <br />for the Police Department. Upon consideri&ion whereof, and on motion of H.T. ~ <br />Goyne, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is instructed <br />to secure prices on c ars suitable for the Police Depertment of Chesterfield County <br />and report his findings to the BoaDd at a later date. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Chas. Ryburn, Jr., Chief of Police, reported to the Board that he <br />felt that some speed restrictions ehould be placed on some of the roads within <br />the County and submitted the following recommendations: <br /> <br />1. Road #1107, the River, Brickyard or DuPuy Road, from railroad at Ettrick <br /> to Colonial Heights - 25 miles per hour. <br /> <br />2. Route #36, Chesterfield Avenue, Ettrick from Railroad to Petersburg City <br /> Limits at Campbell's Br~ge. ----25 miles per hour. <br /> <br /> <br />