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VIRGINIA: ,~t an adjourned meetir~ of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on October 16, <br /> 1942, at 2:30 p.m. <br /> <br /> Present: H. L Chalkley, Chairman <br /> H. T: Goyne <br /> %;. ~. t!orner ,,bsent: T. D.~Jatkins <br /> P. 'J. Covington J.G. Hening <br /> <br />iThis day a Committee appointed at a previous meetin~~ of the board to investigate <br />the request of the Atl~tic Coast Li~e R~'. Cor..~pany that the Cou~'~ty of Chesterfield <br />iproceed ~ith a condermation suit to secure a strip of l~nd from theproperty of <br />!~,:r. ii. ~. Hawkins, adjacent to the right of way of the ~{tlantic Coast Line Ry., <br />betv:een the Woodpecker and i(iver R~.ds, opposite the newly erected passenger <br />station of tile Atlantic Coast Line Ry., at I?orth i:'etcrsbur~ , near Lttrick, Virginia, <br /> reported it has ~mde a thorough investigation of the situation and felt that the <br /> Board should take no action until such time as the Atl~,ntic Coast Line Ry. Company <br /> should have accuired a certain strip of land which they contemplate acquiring from <br /> the property a~jacent to the present right of way of the ~tlantic Cea, st Line Ry. <br /> Upon consideration whereof and after a lengthy discussion, ama on motion of P. W. <br /> Covint%on, it is resolved that the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County <br /> take no action until the .question of acquiring additional land by the ~tlantic <br /> Coast Line Ry. Corapany be settled with Lit. t{. A. Hawkins. <br /> <br />This day the h~.ecutive Secretary read to the Board a Court Order authorizing the <br />purchase of t~o (2) Codes of Virginia, 1942 edition for use of the Circuit Court, <br />Trial Justice Court, Clerk's Office and the Oo~-.on~'oalth's Attorney. Upon <br />consideration '~;hereof and on notion of I[. T.Goyne, the Executive Secretary is <br />authorized to purchase the aboYe mentioned Codes. <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary culled the Bo~.rd's attention to the fact that the Electoral <br />Beard needed to have some of the Registrar's books re-written and has requested <br />authorization of this Bo~rd so to do. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion <br />of P. W. Covington, the Executive Secretary is instructed to inform the Electoral <br />Board to proceed with this u'ork. <br /> <br />This day l~r. E.S.H.Greene, Supt. of ~chocls of Chesterfield 0ounty, came before <br />the Board and in~uired ~'~hy the Department of Hi~hways had not improved the <br />driveways to the Manchest~.r and Chester High Schools. Upon consideration v:hereof <br />and on motion of H. T. Goyne, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary ~e and he <br />hereby is instructed to co~:~unicate with the ~tate Department of high~'mys and <br />urine these improvements be made at an early date in accordance v~'ith a resolution <br />previously adopted by this Board. <br /> <br />Ordered theft the meeting be now adjourned until 10:00 a.m.I!ovember 10, 1942. <br /> <br />~x6cfitive Secretary <br /> <br /> <br />