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"Routine Standard Claims Paid b~~ the Exe(~. Sec'y. from l. Le General County Fund -(~ont'd): <br />Dr. Thos G. Pretlow To vie;-,'ing and exam. bodies of <br /> <br />Dr. Thos O. Pretlow <br /> <br />Broad,us & Lucas <br />Va. ~:lectric & Power Co. <br /> <br />Travis ~c Brother <br />Va. Electric & Power 'Co. <br /> <br />deceased per.~ons-June, July <br />and August, 1942 <br />For professional services rendered <br />prisoners in County jail 6.00 <br />installi~ radio-Police car 9.70 <br />Currant used C.N., Camp Baker and <br />.elfare Dept. 58.72 <br />Installi~ radio-Police car ~.70 <br />C~rrent used 'RJoodstock'~otunp 1.40 <br /> <br />~20.00 <br /> <br />"Glainm ~uthorized by th~.,,Exec. ~,ec'y. fr, o.m ,,the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />~rt Display Service <br />Cole, Harding & James, Inc. <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. <br />Central Printing Com0any <br />The Colum~bfa Carbon <br />Va. Stationery Co. <br />S. B. ~dklns & <br />Cole, Harding and Janes, Inc. <br /> <br />?lummer Printing Co. <br />Remir~--ton Rand, Inc. <br />HaJ oca Corp. <br /> <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br /> <br />150 ~rm Bands for ~ir Raid Wardens $7.50 <br />Files - (Land ~ssessors) 6.00 <br />Typewri tm r ri bbons 3.6 0 <br />Tax statements 19.75 <br />Type~rite r carbon paper 11.00 <br />One dozen sets guides (Land Asse~sors) 33,00 <br />Binding t~o Property Books 7.50 <br />One set #l -2-53 wheels (Com. of <br />I,evenue ' s Office ) 1.90 <br />Taxpayers Notice Cards 8.50 <br />Carbon paper and type~':riter ribbons 42.05 <br />Floor flanges, tees, pipe for <br />fire tz~ck 14.01 <br />Reports for Police Dept. and Exec. <br />~ec'y. 26.00 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid by the Exec. Seg'y. from the General C~mnty Fund:" <br /> <br />The Ric~z~ond Times Dispatch <br /> <br />~ept. of Highways <br />Che~ming & W'ilmer <br /> <br />Mrs. E. LI. ~,very <br /> 0. B. Gates, sheriff <br /> <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Son <br /> <br />~ir Reduction Sales Co. <br />Chas. Leonard Hdwe. Co. <br />Thad Lewis <br /> <br /> Ramsey ,,ppliance Co. <br /> Frank Grant <br /> <br />'Spencer Printing Co. <br /> <br /> ~ir Reduction Sales Co. <br /> Clyde L. Bo~an <br /> <br /> Richmond Office Supply <br /> <br />Notice of hearing on adoption of <br /> ordinances <br />iW~elve maps of Chesterfield County <br />~lterations and additions to wiring <br /> at C.H. <br />~,ssisting in 0.C.D.,Jork <br />Books posted at 17 Precincts in Co. <br /> for election <br />Janitor's supplies - Lbr. in making <br />alterations in building at C.H. <br />Oxygen & ~,cetylene (Fire truck) <br />Paint for fire truck <br />Helping on trash truck in collections <br /> for County <br />Heater for office of County ~ent <br />Haulin~ and spreadin~ 6 loads gravel- <br /> ~,oodstock <br />Printing forms for Tr. Justice, Clerk's <br /> Office and Electoral Board <br />Oxygen & ~cetylene and brazing flux <br />Wiring for motor and li~hts-Woodstock <br />Water Pump <br />l~,iscellaneous Office Supplies <br /> <br />51~. 51 <br /> <br />$180.8I <br /> <br />~25.50 <br /> 1.20 <br /> <br /> 77.15 <br /> 7.74 <br /> <br /> 4.80 <br /> <br /> 24.79 <br /> 3.39 <br /> 5.31 <br /> <br /> ll.OO <br />147.45 <br /> <br /> 15.00 <br /> <br /> 137.00 8.80 <br /> <br /> 137.22 <br /> 51.95,~668.30 <br /> <br />"~, Punty Road ~nd" <br />Dept. of lli~gways <br /> <br />Work on Crostic and Marks Rds.- <br /> Nidlothi an Dist. <br /> <br />$272.84 <br /> <br />"Claims Paid From the Do[~ Tax Fund:" <br />E.J.Gorman Salary and milea~"e - Game ~arde~ <br /> <br />$55.0£ <br /> <br /> <br />