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_ , ,- 0 <br />"Routine ~%andard .Claim~ Paid from the ~ene.ral Co. Fund by the Exec. Sec'y.? "C n <br /> <br />James 0. }~rk, J. P. <br />City Sergeant <br />Dr. 0. B. Darden <br />Dr. Rex Blankenship <br />Va. Electric & power Go. <br /> <br />0. B. Gates, 3heriff <br /> <br />Travis & Brother <br />The C&P. Tel. Company <br /> <br />Luna cy cormuission-011ie Lafoon ~2.00 <br /> " " " " 1.20 <br /> " " " " 5. O0 <br /> " " " " 5 · 00 <br />Current used C.ti., ~elfare, Conservation, <br /> and Health Dept. 76.00 <br />Board and committal fees -June, ~gust, <br />Sept. and Oct, 1942 72.~5 <br />100 Gals. ~S Fuel oil 8.70 <br />Local service and toll charges- <br /> November, 194~ 226.85. <br /> <br />"Claims ~%;thorized by the ExeS. Sec'.v. from the General Cpun~y Fund:" <br /> <br />Buildings Eguipment & Supply Corp. <br />Ratcliffe-Goolsby Paint Co. <br />Va. Key and Lock Co. <br />Hiller Efg. Company <br /> <br />Buildings Eeuipnent & Supply CorP. <br />Rice, end Rubber Company <br />5atcliffe-Goolsby Paint Co. <br /> <br />Air Eeduction Sales Co. <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br /> <br />Soap and electric ~i~ht bulbs <br />Paint for fir~ truck E.~2 <br />Repairing ~ door closer ~.75 <br />Lumber for construction of fire <br />truck 2.~2 <br />~-gals. ~a~ador Insecticide 6.25 <br />Gasoline hose couplings 2.91 <br />One qt. ~uco Chinese Red Paint for <br /> fire truck 1.48 <br />£44' Airco Oxygen 2.44 <br />Forms T.J.-6 and 7 2.14 <br /> <br />"L'iscellaneous Claims Paid bi/. the Exec. Sec'y...f.rom the General Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />Va. Stationery ~Co. <br />The C.B.Harper Hdwe. Co. <br /> <br />Richmond Office Sup,~ly Ce. Inc. <br />P. Rixey Jones, Co. ~gt. <br /> <br />Goodrich Silvertown Stores <br /> <br />Richmond Office Supply CO. <br />kavee Norris <br /> <br />Robert -atts <br />J. B. Wonble, Atty. <br /> <br />Harry L. Snead, ~tty. <br /> <br />Robert .~att s <br />~. E. .oodstock <br /> <br />Va. Electric & Po~:er Co. <br />State Dept. of Health <br /> <br />Chewning and ~ilmer <br /> <br />Hempshire & Decker, Inc. <br /> <br />S..B. ~kins & ~o. <br />Va. Printing Co. <br />RiShmond Office ~pply Go. <br />Va. Stationery ~oo <br />Rice, end 0f~i ce ~pply Co. <br />Walter N. Perdue, Clerk <br /> <br />Record books for Clerk's Office ~635.45 <br />Bolts, hinges, paint, couplings, <br />nails, otc.for fire truck 8.72 <br />~iscellaneous office supplies 17.12 <br />Serum, needles purchased from ~tate <br />Dept. of ~grlculture 88.94 <br />One 600x16 recap tire for car - <br />Exec. Sec'y. 6.45 <br />Pipe line, easements Clerk's Office 22.73 <br />Expenses incurred in Zoning Co~. <br />meetings 21.00 <br />~ue on work for stoker at C.H. 22.5] <br />To fee and commission in delinquent <br />tax suit 46.4~ <br />Preliminary survey and order removing <br />certain parcels of land from Land <br />Books 95'.6] <br />Balance due for work on stoker 60.70 <br />Labor on fire truck-~ept.3 to i~ov. <br />9, 1942 76.65 <br />Curt nt used ;,oo~stock ~mter Pump 1.64 <br />~pprop. for support of Health Dept. <br /> for six months ending DeC. 31, 1942 3,750.0~ <br /> kepairing li~ht in office of Exec. <br /> ~ec'y. 4.5. <br /> For furnishing and installing accoustic- <br /> Celotex in Boara Room at C.ti. 145. <br /> bindin~ one land ~d one property book <br /> 5,000 ~eneral Election Ballots 27. <br /> ~isc. office supplies 55 <br /> Guiaes, s~encils and mimeograph paper 23 <br /> 100 Ft~ Fo~s 15 <br /> For recordation cost on deed -W. G. <br /> Ltpscomb and v~ife to Co. of Chesterfield___~_4 <br /> <br />"Election Cl.a..i.~s Paim from the General County Fund by the Ex. ec. Se.c,.y?. <br /> <br />J. Royall Robertson <br />S. S. l~gent <br />J. Wesley Crowder <br />Ers. ,~esley T. ~lann <br />~[rs. Lloyd L. Bowman <br />G. V. Clarke <br />W. N. Enroughty <br />W. ~.Russell <br />R. P. ~%uarles <br />J. W. Jefferies <br />k. B..Walden <br />Geo. ;,. Jinkins <br />V. I. Burgess <br />~,~s. V. I. Burgess <br /> <br />Judge, and returning ballots $9.40 <br />- 5.00 <br />,, 5.00 <br />Clerk 5. O0 <br />" 5.00 <br />Judge b.00 <br />,, 5.00 <br />,, 5.00 <br />Clerk 5.00 <br />"and returning ballots 10.50 <br />J~dge 5.00 <br /> 5.00 <br /> "and roturning ballots 9.20 <br /> Clerk 5.00 <br /> <br />'d." <br /> <br />~ ,152.03 <br /> <br />~39.46 <br /> <br />DO <br />DO <br />3O <br />~5 <br />28 <br />14 <br /> <br />~5,137.5i <br /> <br /> <br />