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C~therine Phillips Clerica 1 a ssi~tant ~38.33 <br />Mrs. Lucy B . Groth ,ork in office cf <br />R. F. Jones Co. ~q?i..,gent 45.00 <br />0. B. G~tes I.[aintenance of office 1~4.12 <br /> <br />_ ~au_t~__~,_e bif__t_L_~ ~zec. Sec'y. from the Gener: 1 Cou~t_~_ z'" <br /> <br />Ir~vlo d~ Bro. <br />The C&P es. Company <br />Town of Colonial Heights <br /> <br />l,r~. Theo Co[~bill, P.L'. <br /> <br />City Collector <br /> <br />St~t~ Forester of Va. <br />Truby t:otor Company <br />Truby L'otor Cczlpany <br />~r. J. B, ~'isher <br />I. H. Cosby, Const~ble <br />~'m~ie L. Vincent <br />t.h's. Theo Oogbill, P.M. <br /> <br />Fuel oil-lbO ~:als. Conserw:~tion Office <br />~.ocal :n;a toll scrvice-J~,n.l-3l, 1943 <br />i'ire protection :~s per contract for <br />October, I[ov. :~nd Lece~lber, <br />One coil 3ct. stamps and 100 ~7 envelopes <br /> (Trial Justice Office) <br />Cost of rosponain~' to fire on Belt <br />Blvd. ond Z[idlothian t~ike <br />Services of ~'ire Larden- 5 days ~. ~4.00 <br />Gas, oil aha rep~irs (Exec. Sec'y.) <br />Gas, oil and rep~irs ( Co. truck) <br />Co~ission,, ~.f lun~:cy-Lula,, ,, ~i~m~s,, <br /> <br />S~ps (Exec. Sec'y. <br /> <br />ti. ~:. aicharuson, M.D. Lunacy cor, mission-Lula <br />R. B. ~ufmsiine Ins. ,~,ency, Inc. Bond of Treas.-J. ~,m. ~ance <br />Travis & Brother 150 g~ls. ~,2 fuel oil -(Conservation 0ff.) <br /> <br />Tro2s .... C. L. }LR. ~c~pany <br />R. ~. la'core <br />Tr~vis ~c Brother <br />~ .... ~llison <br />Ya. Electric & Po~er Co. <br /> <br />Lease of ~epot sp~ce ~,_t Centr:~lia, Va. <br />One ton :stove co~l <br />700 g~ls. u'2 z'uel oil-Health Dept. <br />Ice for ~.L. for Dece~bcr, 194f~ <br />Current used, Health ~ept. ~I~d <br /> ',elf~re Dept. <br />One c:~r co~l <br /> <br />~lS.bO <br />218.46 <br /> <br />75.00 <br /> <br /> 75.00 <br /> 20.00 <br /> 24.40 <br /> <br />5.00 <br />3.00 <br />Z.00 <br />15.0~ <br />5.00 <br />775.00 <br />13.50 <br />b.00 <br />9o~4 <br />63.00 <br />~.00 <br /> <br />~48.91 <br /> <br />"Cl~ims ~Quthorizca b.y_ Exec. Sec'Id. and Paid froL, the Gener~_~__qaunty Fund:" <br />Virginia Jt~t"i"o'n~-r~T~ C-o-~-- One model dater ' $4.58 <br />T. S.Bec~Jith & Co. One binder, t'-o single hinge shoot <br /> holders (Corms. of hovenue) 9.74 <br />S. B..~dkins & Co. Lepairing one ~-;prin~,~ binder 2.50 <br />Builmings hcuipm~nt & Supl~ly Corp. One doz. Fluorescent tubes a~nd <br /> starter,,~ (Clerk's Office) <br /> <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Tu'o rubbe.r stamps md ~:00 sheets carbon <br /> paper (Treas. Office) 13.45 <br />Ettrick ,~uto Oervice Spark plug for County ~rash truck <br />Va. St~tionery Compamy Three d,'_~ters, one pencil sharpner <br /> (Clerk's Office) 3.80 <br />.~n. E. Lure, Jr. Inc. Overhauling ?~nd new parts for Under'~'ood <br /> Type'..,rit er (Exe c. Se c ' y. Off ice ) 12.50 <br /> Wax, solvent ~nd thinner, applim~torz 38.35 <br /> 25 sheets T.J.-1 and postage 1..10 <br /> <br />The ~. B. Dolge Company <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br /> <br />Va. Electric & Power Company <br />Broadaus & ~ucas, Inc. <br />~,ir keauction Oales <br /> <br />"liiscellaneous Olains P~ia ~!~ the ,',xec. Sec'v. from the Oener~l 9__o_._._ ~__~n.d:" <br />Ric~m~ond Rubber' 'Co'. ..... 2-6 f'{[-l~;-0~-e-t-. ~-ose (F-ire ~ruck) ' ~8.49 <br />The Progress-Index 10b copies of Progress-Index <br /> ~elinquent lane sales ~.50 <br /> ~urrent used '[oodstock" pump E.24 <br /> Repairing~ Police radio ~.d5 <br /> ~emurrage on cylinders for month of <br /> ~ecember, 1942 for fire truck 1.42 <br />Rict~ond Rubber Company T~?o tires and two tubes for Co. truck 48.51 <br />~,~. Electric & Po~,~er Co. Street lighting in Co. auring January, <br /> 1943 ' 390.~4 <br /> <br /> '~ laims Paid from tLe CountX i(oad ~_u~n_d:'__~' <br />Department of Hi~':hways .,tlantic Coast Line ~,, %~illiams ~t., <br /> Charles ot., '~ckett St. m'~ Daurel <br /> Hill in ......... ~ District <br />OePartment of High~ays iiappy ~]ill Road in ~rmuda Dist. <br /> <br />1,532.17 <br /> 312.46 <br /> <br />.,57C.56 <br /> <br />~1,7£6.74 <br /> <br />98.58 <br /> <br />~462.65 <br /> <br />;1,844.6Z <br /> <br /> <br />