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,,t an adjourned meeting of <br />the Bo~rd of ~pervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held <br />~.~t the Courthouse on <br />~'ebru~-~ry 24, 1943, at 10:C0 <br />o' clock f,.~[. <br /> <br />~re sent: <br /> <br />h. L. Chalkley, Chairm~n <br />~ G Hening <br />ii. T. Goyne <br />,,'.~,. liorner <br />T. ~. ;.atkins <br /> <br />~,bsent: P. ,,. Covi~gton <br /> <br />This day a~i~in the report recently submitted by the ~oning Coz~ission to the <br />Board of ~upervisors ~'as considered, and on ~otion of T. D. ',,atkins, it is <br />resolve~ theft the re~port be received as submitted by tho Zoni~g Cor.~lission and <br />that the date of ~,oril £~, 1943, at 10:0O o'clock ~.I,,'. be set as the date for <br />a ~ublic he~ring, ~t uhich time such recoim~lendations for changes in the Loning <br />Or~ina~.,cc ;:ill be consimere~ by the Board of ~upervisors before-adoption. <br />,,nd be it further resolved th: t the ~xecutive Secretary be and he hereby is <br />requested ai~d instructed to have at least one hundred copies of tl~e Loni]g~ <br />Ordinance prepared for distribution to interested citiz.~ns of Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />This day a~'~in the ~,tter of the physical condition cf Dispatcher S. B. Lirshberg, <br />was brought to the a~ttention of the Board and on r:otion of T. D. b'atkins, it is <br />resolved thst I~r. iiirshberg be md he her<~by is pl~:~ced on the inactive list, <br />subject to emergency calls, ~t a salary of $50,00 per month, to be effective <br />,s soon as ~,rr~mger.,ents are rmde to repl~ce hi~.~. <br />~-,nd l,e it further resolve(i that Chief C. ~,. Szlith ~nd the ~ecutive Secretary be <br />~a they are hereby authorized and directed to ~mke an appointment of s Disp~tcher <br />to replace Mr. S. B. Hirshberg at the same salary paid to the former ~ispatcher. <br /> <br />This ~y a request ~'as z~aae th~ t the State ilighway Departlaent be instructed to <br />ir~prove a section of the 01d Goode's Road, southward from its intersection with <br />Rt. 350, approximately one mile east of the intersection of t~t. 005 and ~360, <br />::~ ~ist~nce of approximately .5 of a mile. Upon consideration whereof and <br />on :~otion of ~,..,. Homer, it is resolved theft the Virginia Department of Highways <br />be a~d it heroby is request~:d to ~prove the 01d Goode's Bridge Road from its <br />intersection with Rt. ~60, approximately one mile e~,st of the intersection of <br />Rt. 360 ann 605, for ~ distance of approximately .5 of :~ mile, and to expend not <br />::,ore than ~2b0.00 on same, u'hioh will be charged to the 3ct. road levy. <br /> <br />This day the Executive ~ecret~,ry reported to the Boara that because of a physical <br />disability,~.,'r. R. I~. ;:imf roe, ~e~;~ber of the Permanent ~,ssessing Board had reque~te~ <br />that he be relieved of active duty until such time as his health ~.~ight permit <br />him to acain take up his duties. Upon consider:.:tion whereof ~,nd on motion of <br />~. ~. Lerner, it is resolved ttmt Idr. R. L'. ,,infree be ] erz~itted to become an <br />inactive member on the Permanent Land _.sseasin~, Board until such tir.:e as his <br />health permits him to take up his duties. <br />~nd be it further re~;c, lved that ~Jr .... L. Davis, bo and he hereby is appointed on <br />the Permanent Land ~ssessing Board for active service, to be compensated at the <br />r~te of ~8.00 per d~y as long as his services ~ill be needed but not longer than <br />June 30, 1943. <br /> <br />Order~d that th~:~ zi~etin~; bo now adjourned until i,lmrch 9, 1943, <br /> <br />at 10:00 o'clock ~ll~. <br /> <br />Ch~ir~n <br /> <br /> <br />