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This day the matter of the insufficiency of the ~as rationing for essential driving <br />and the effect thereof on the working people in e~sential industries, came to ~ <br />the attention of this Board, and it appearing that the Rationing Board of Chester- <br />field County is without authority to increase the allotment of gas to such workers <br />and that it will cause the loss of from one to fifteen days of work during the <br />rationing period, and that it will seriously affect the production in essential <br />war manufacture, as well as the living standard of the worker, thero being no <br />adequate public transportation in the County. Upon consideration whereof, <br />end on motion of W. a. Homer, duly seconded, it is resolveG that the Hon. Prentiss <br />R. Brown, O.P.A. Administrator, Washington, D.C., be and he hereby is respectfully <br />requested to correct theft fallacy in reducing the amount o~ gas allocation for <br />essential driving and that he Permit the Local Rationing Board to increase the <br />allotment of gas so that the workers in essential industries may regularly and <br />fully work in such industries. <br />~nd be it further resolved theft a copy of t~i~ res,~.lution be telegraphed to <br />the s~d Hon. ~Ir. Bro',m, to Hon. Harry F. Byrd, Hon. Dave E. Satterfield, and <br />Ceneral J. Fulmer Bright. <br /> <br />Ordered th.~t the meeti~'? be now ~djourned until 10:00 a.m. July 13, 1943. <br /> <br />- 'EieCutiv~ Secr6tary <br /> <br />' - Ch-airhan ~- ' <br /> <br /> <br />