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"ala~ies, ~llowa$ces, etc. Paid bY the Exec Sec'y. from theGeneral Go. Fund;~ <br /> <br />R.E.Feeback Salary-Police Officer 148.50 <br /> ~ithholding Tax <br /> i~5.60 <br /> Mileage and Tel. Allow. <br />U. B. Puckett Police Officer 75'00 <br /> ,,ithholding Tax .70 ?4.30 <br />E.T.Smith Salary-Dispatcher i00.00 <br /> Withholding Tax 1.70 98.30 <br />C. R. Jackson Salary-Dispatcher 100.00 <br /> 'Withholding Tax 11,~,, 88.40 <br /> 125.00 <br />J. G. ~ggers " - Dispa$cber <br /> ~ithholdtng Tax 15.60. 109.4C <br />W. H. Flynn Police Officer (Inactive) 62.50 <br /> ~githholding Tax .40 62.10 <br />S. B. Hirshberg Dispatcher (Inactive) 50.00 <br /> <br />"Routine, Standard Cla~m~,Paid by the Exee.,Sec'y,. from the General,Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Town of Colonial Heights <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power 0o. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co, <br /> <br />Dr. J. G. Loving <br />Dr. L. H. Apperson <br />The C&P. Tel. Co. <br />Treas. A.C.L. RR. Company <br /> <br />Broaddus & Lucas <br />Virginia Electric & Power <br />S. W. Ellison <br />A. L, Lindsey's Service Sra. <br />Broaddus & Lucas, Inc. <br />Broaddus & Lucas, Inc. <br />StateDept. of Health <br /> <br />W. C. Trueheart, Agt. <br />Dr. Thcs G. Pretlow <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Treas. A.C.L. RR. Company <br /> <br />Gas, oil and repairs 0o. truck $74.73 <br /> - . ,, " Co. car 38.07 <br />Fire protection as pe~ contract for <br />~April, May and June, 1943 75.00 <br />Current used Bellewood Manor Water pump ~.20 <br />Current used C.H., Camp Baker, <br />~onservation Office & Welfare Dept. 34.~2 <br />Commission of lunacy over Lizette Nelson 5.?5 <br />Commission of lunacy " " " 5.75 <br />Local and toll service-Aug. 31, 1943 216.48 <br />For lease of depot space at Centralia, <br /> Virginia for month of Aug. 1943 <br />Repairs on radio-Police car 14.85 <br />Current used Woodstock ~ater pump 3.00 <br /> 10.00 <br />Ice for July, 1943 <br />0-gals gasoline for fire truck 1.09 <br />Repairs, on. Police, Radio-Car, , $7475 16.6018.45 <br /> Payment dae three months ending Sept. <br /> 30, 1~43 for support of Health Dept. 1875.00 <br /> .Premium on ins. policy -$11,500-3 yrs. 178.18 <br /> Viewing and exam. of bodies of <br /> deceased (June, July & Aug. 1943) 60.00 <br /> Street lighting in Co. for August, 1943 390.84 <br /> For lease of depot space at Centralia, <br /> Va. for month of July, 194~ 5.00 <br /> <br />"Claims A~thoriz,ed by,,,,the Oxecutive Secretary and P$id from the General Eo. Fund: <br /> <br />Willie Robertson <br /> <br />Fred Bryant <br />Eugene 0. Perdue <br /> <br />Remington Rand, Inc. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Inc. <br />H. A. Hawkins & Co. <br />H. A. Hawkins & 0o. <br /> <br />H. A. Kersey <br /> <br />Labor in construction of Observation <br />Post At Matoaca, Va. $46.80 <br />Painting Observation Post at Matcaca~ 10.00 <br />Supplies purchased from Ohas, Leonard <br />Hdwe. 0o. for Observation Post-Matoaca 2.69 <br />One box carbon paper 12x17" 6,73 <br />One ~2 Band Numberer 1.08 <br /> Repairing sewer in main bldg. Oamp Baker 49.70 <br /> Repairing water line in ground for <br /> Jail bldg. 9.?5 <br /> Servicing water coolers at Courthouse 4.00 <br /> <br />-Miscellaneous ,O~aims Paid by the Exec, Sec'y. from the General Co. Eund:" ..... <br /> <br />Morton Marks <br /> <br />City Collector <br /> <br />Air Redu$ion Sales <br />The Goodyear Tire & Rubber 0o. <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Company <br />Denson A~to Service <br /> <br />Carwlle's Sar. Station <br />Chester Supply 0o. <br />The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. <br />Harry L. Snead, Atty. <br /> <br />Filing cabinets, chairs and desk <br />lamp for Police Office $88.95 <br />Cost of ~17 Wagon responding to fire at <br />745 Ruthers Rd. 75.00 <br />Demurrage on cylinders for fire truck 1.40 <br />~our truck tires and two tubes for Co. <br />truck g9.16 <br />Tax tickets 572.50 <br />Transmission fork and labor for Co. <br /> trask truck 5.00 <br />One spark plug-County truck .70 <br />Five bucketzfor fire truck 3.75 <br />Four tires for County car 44.96 <br /> Transmission line forms for Deed Books <br /> Fee for collection of delinquent taxes 114.1~ <br /> <br />~,702.24 <br /> <br />~3,031.31 <br /> <br />~30.75 <br /> <br /> <br />