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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of th <br /> ~oard of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on February 2 <br /> 194~, at 8:00 o'clock p.m. <br /> <br />Pre se n~: <br /> <br />H. T. Goyn~, Chairman P~.o T~m <br />T. D. '~atkin$ <br />J, G1 . ~ z~i ~ <br />0~. ~. P, orner <br /> <br />~bser~t: <br /> <br />H. L. Cl'm lkley <br />P. W. Covington <br /> <br />in the abeyance ct~ l~r. ~. L C~mikley,0hairman, ~r. H. T. Goyne was appointed <br />Acting. Chairman. <br /> <br />The Chmirman stated tLat t~ds meetin[~ w~s called for the purpose of considering <br />an application of Mr. Samuel B. Snow fcr~ permit to operate an airfield adjacen <br />tc At. ~60 near the Belt Line of the Atlantic Coast Line, and requested that <br />anyone in favor of gz~nting such permit to ~,akeany statement they saw fit. <br /> <br />Whereupon, 5~r. Snow presented a plan of the proposed airfield, showing location <br />of landing strips, indicating the distance of each strip from the edge of the <br />property and from the Hifhway, and stated that this airfield would be used <br />for training and while it would be capable of larger ships being handled, it <br />was very doubtful thatsuch ships would use it in any quantity. <br /> <br />~-r. Snow introduced Col. Westbrook, who represented Col. Duggins of the McGuire <br />General Hospital, who stated he wanted to clear the Hospital on two points: <br />First, that there ~s no connection between the Hospital and this airfield and <br />that the Hospital was not sponsoring the project in any way. <br />~econdly, that he believed it had been clearly indicated by ~Ir. Snow that the <br />airfield would not have any ill effects upon the patients at the Hospital, <br />therefore the Hospital did not object to the establishment of such an airport. <br />Mr. Snow then introduced Col. Alan Perkinson, Director of the State C.A.A. ,who <br />stated that he had called on Col. Duggins of the Hospital and was sure that he <br />cooperatcd fully with statements ~mde by Col. Westbrook. tie also stated that <br />the airport was greatly needed and that it had been demonstrated there was <br />very little danger of accidents to surrounding property from airports of this <br />kind, that all e~uipment was subject to very rigid inspectior, and that all <br />Pilots were compelled to take examinations before operating an airplane and that <br />the licenses granted would be revoked for any infringement on the regulations. <br />Therefore, there woul~ be little danger of Pilots deliberately disobeying the <br />orders posted on the airfield. <br /> <br />~ol. Perkinson stated there were at the present time only sixty-four (64) such <br />airfields in the State of Virginia and there was need for at least two hundred (~ <br />and these airfields would be built by the cities and State with Federal aid if <br />they were not built by private capital, and that when the cities and State <br />decided to build an airport the objections of the citizens in that area would be <br />little considered. <br /> <br />Mr. Richard Hughes, who resides adjacent to the site of the proposed airfield <br />stated he objected very seriously to having an airport at this location and <br />presented a petition with more than 100 names of residents of that area who <br />were protesting the establishment of an airport et this location. <br /> <br />5:r. R. C. i-,[attox, a property owner on ~arwick Road, stated that he and his <br />neighbors objected to the establishment of an airport and that should it be <br />established they would be compelled to dispose of their property at any price <br />end move to some other location. <br />4~r. ~. Rennie who resides on the Belt Boulevard stated that the majority of <br />citisens in t~e Woodstock Subdivision who he had heard express their opinion <br />were opposed to the establishment of this airport. <br /> <br />~,hereupon, Z{r. Onow stated that he h~d no desire to operate an airport in a <br />community that the citizens objected so strenuously ~:aa they did in this instanc <br />and felt that under the existing conditions it wms best that he withdraw his <br />application for the establishment of an airport at this location, stating furthe <br />that he intended to investigate further and endeavor to locate a piece of proper <br />on which he could build a training airfield with the support of the citizens <br />thereabout. <br />Mr. W. A. Homer, Supervisor of Nanchester District, stated he felt that }Ar. <br />Snow had substantiated his belief that he was fair in all of his dealings and <br />he wished to commend his action in withdrawing the application and promised <br />his support and cooperation towards the locating of suitable property for the <br />establishment of this project. <br /> <br />T~is day Mr. J. T. ~oore, reel estate developer from Manchester District, state~ <br />he had purchased considerable property in Dale, Bermuda and Manchester District. <br />and expected to start building as soon as the release of materials made it <br />possible and stated he hoped the Board would cooperate with him in the construcl <br />of roads, the establishment of water systems and in furnishing li~hts for <br />these developments. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of T. D. <br /> <br />ty <br /> <br />.ion <br /> <br /> <br />