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"Salaries, ~l.lo~;'an.c_es. etc. Paid b.v the Executive oec~'etary from the General Co. <br /> <br />R. M. Eike <br /> <br />R. N. Winfree <br />Caroline C. Wilson <br /> <br />Ethel S. Wheatley <br /> <br />0. B. Gates <br />B. J. Banks <br /> <br />George Baskerville <br /> <br />Willie Smith <br /> <br />R. F. Jones <br /> <br />Work on map and ~ssessing Board <br /> Withholdi~ Tax <br />As se s sot <br />Work on Land Use <br /> Withholding Tax <br />V,'ork on Land Use Map <br /> Withholding Tax <br />She ri fi' <br /> Jar, l tor <br /> ?~ithholding Tax <br /> Truck driver's helper <br /> ~,ithholding Tax <br /> Truck driver <br /> With~oldi~ Tax <br /> Co. ~ri. Agent (Col.) <br /> Wi th~olding Tax <br /> <br />$202.00 <br /> 23.90 <br /> <br />100.O0 <br />19.90 <br /> <br /> 16.50 <br /> <br />82.50 <br />1.CO <br />80.00 <br />1.00 <br />85.o~" <br /> ~.~0 <br />65.00 <br /> .50 <br /> <br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid by_..~he Exec. Sec':,'. from the General C9. Fund:" <br /> <br />Mrs. Theo T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />Dr. J. B.Fisher <br />The CAP Tel. Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />S. W. Ellison <br />Dr. J. E. Loving <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Travis & Bro. <br />Carwile's Sunoco S~a~ion <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & PSwer Co. <br /> <br />R.B.Augustine Ins. ~gency, Inc. <br />P. L. Travis <br />Dr. P. L. Hill <br />Dr. C. W.~Lynn <br />D.~. Hawkins,J.P. <br />R. Bryant, <br /> <br />VirginiaElectric & Power Co. <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized b~ the Executi <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. <br />Southern Railway Supply Co. <br />Virginia Key and Lock Co. <br />Richmond 0ffi ce Supply Go.Inc. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Gordon Metal Company <br />N.B.Goodwyn & Sons <br />Buildin4E. s Equipment & Supply Corp. <br /> <br />Stanps for Treas. Office <br />Lunacy commission over -oodrow Clark <br />Local and toll service Feb.l-Feb.~8 <br />Streot lighting in County-Jan.1940 <br />Ice for December & January <br />Lunacy commlssion-Thcmes A. Mayberry <br />Oas, oil and r.~psirs-Co. ~ruck <br />Oas. oil and repair~-Co, car <br />#l Fuel oil-Conserv'~tion Office <br />Gasoline -County car <br />Current u~ed C.H.,Welfare, health <br />Dept. and Conservation Office <br />Current used Bellewood ~4anor water <br /> syst em <br />~nsurance on 1940 Chevrolet truck <br />~£ Fuel oil-Camp Baker-800 gallons <br />Lunacy co.,~tssion--alter L. Meredith <br /> <br />$15.03 <br />5.00 <br />210.6~ <br />390.84 <br />11.25 <br />5.00 <br />20.95 <br />14.16- <br />15.45 <br />15.9~' <br /> <br />82.0~ <br /> <br /> 4.72~ <br />66.92" <br />72.00' <br /> 5.00' <br /> <br /> 3.00~ <br /> <br />Coroner services-E. G.ttuggins,Mr~. Helena <br /> Elinor Sargent 10'00~ <br />Street lighting for ~'eb~.usry, 1945 390.84~I1 <br /> <br />ve Secre~ar.¥ from the General Count.v F?~nd-" <br /> SuPplies for Electoral Board '.~18.00. <br /> County Forms D-65 ~-~ 3.14 <br /> <br />Two emery wheels-Fire truck 5.40 <br />Two .570 Yale door stops repacked 5.50 <br />Garnishmeht forums and Cash Book sheets 93.50 <br />Mime ograph pap er ~0.00 <br />5 sheets steel and galv. angle 16.63' <br />Gasoline for County truck 6.45' <br />Drinking cups, paper towels, etc. 90.25~ <br /> <br />nd:" <br /> <br />178.10-~ <br />45.00 <br /> <br /> 80.10 <br /> <br />108.50' <br />204.39 <br /> <br /> 81.50' <br /> 79.00 <br /> 83.90 <br /> 64.50 <br /> $6~i65.~5 <br /> <br />,443.84 <br /> <br />.. $276.87 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous C. laims Paid by the Executive Secretary from the Ge,neral Co. Fiend:" / <br /> Co.' of Ches{'erfield ~.s. °uit of <br />H.~.Gilltam,Atty. Joseph T. Marsh et al $38.14~ <br /> ' 12.80[ <br />State Forester of Va. Forest firs control services 4.00I <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. Current used W~odstockwater system 68..7~ <br />Richmond Rubber Co.Inc. Firs extinguishers 7.~q' <br />Broaddus & Lucas, 1 vibrator <br />John T. ¥,illard, Sst. Co. of Chesterfield Vs.Wm. Giies, et als 3.00 <br /> <br />H.B. Gilltam, Atty. <br /> <br />H.A.Hawkins & Co. <br /> <br />R. D. Moore <br />A. L. Smith <br />John T~ Willard, SSt. <br /> <br />H.B.Gilliam,A%tY. <br /> <br />A. M. Toler & Company <br />Mamte Jackson <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. <br /> <br />Co. of Chesterfield Vs.Egbert A. Bryant, <br /> et als 31.41 <br />To putting new gasket in heating, lines, <br />pecking valves and work on grates at C.H. 27.7-~ <br />Coal for Courthouse 135.8( <br />Work on fire truck by James Porter 22.~.~ <br />Co. of Chesterfield Vs. Receiver of ~he <br />Tax Title Company of Richmond 1.5( <br />Comm. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield Vs. <br /> Heirs of Lucy J.Rudd and suit of Roberta <br /> L. Colliers' Heirs 53.8, <br /> Audit of Chesterfield County 750.0. <br /> Cleaning at Courthouse 3.0, <br /> S~rvice contract on adding machines 28.8~ <br /> <br /> <br />