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VIRGIICiA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chest, <br /> field County, held at the <br /> Courthouse on October 25, 194 <br /> at 10:60 A.~,~. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L.Chalkley, Chairman <br />J. G. ttening <br />H. T.Goyne <br />W.~. Morner <br />P. W.Oovington <br />T. O. "atkins <br /> <br />This day Mr. J.Gordon Bohannon, appeared before the Board amd jointly ~,,ith Mr. <br />J. 5.%Turner, requested the closing of a section of Rt. 617, in Bermuda District, <br />and it appearing to the Board from the r~turn of the sheriff of this County that <br />J.M. Turner has posted notices in accordance with the provisions of Section 20Z9(9) <br />of the Code of Virginia of his intention to apply to this Board on the 25th day <br />of October, 1945, .to have discontinued a certain road in the secondary system of <br />stats hiahways known as Osborne Road or State Hi~hway No. 617, in Bermuda District <br />of this Ucunty, leading from the property of George Vaughan, at the intersection <br />of the said rosa with Old Stage Road, in a-~northeasterly direction to the property <br />of the ¥irginia Electric & Power Company, and adjoining the lands of the said <br />J.M.Turner and tienry Martin, Jr., and theft h~ ~ould request that viewers be <br />appointed in accoraance with the provisio~s of the said statute; and the said <br />O.M.Turner havin~ this day applied to have th~ said road discontinued, and it <br />appearing that such notice has been published for n~ore than twenty days, the Board <br />appoints Mr. Frank Bellwood, Mr. Joe T.Moore, Mr. Finley R. Albright, Mr.L.L.. <br />Johnson, and Nr.".H.Apperson, viewers, who shall view such roan and report, ~n <br />~rttir~, to a meetin~ of this Board which will be held on the lSth day of November, <br />1945, at 10;G0 A.M. whether, in their opinion, any, and, if any, what, inconvenien( <br />will result from discontinuim~g the said road. ~nd the Clerk of this Board is <br />directed to notify the land proprietors alon~? the sai~ road proposed to be <br />discontinued of the said application and of the time and place of the meeting of <br />this Board for the purpose of considering the report of the viewers and other <br />evidence ~nd of taking action on the ,s,,aid application. ~nd he is further directed <br />to give like notice to the ~tate Hi~h~ay Commissioner of Virginia and to make him <br />a party to this proceedings. <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary read a letter from ¥~.M.B.Cilliam, Atty., concerning a <br />piece of property presumably owne~ by the heirs of Benj. Gregory and Thcs. E. <br />Branch, which had been erroneously surveyed a~d advertised for sale of delinquent <br />taxes, stating that certain costs had been incurred in this action and asked <br />the County to make settlement of the bills. <br />Upon consider'etlon whereof and on motion of ~.A.Horner, it is resolved that the bi <br />presented by H.B. Gilliam,Attv. in theoSmOunt of $75.29 with the exception of <br />$1.50 to the ~heriff of Coun~ty of Cheoterfield, be paid. <br /> <br />This c~ay the matter of purchasing the right-of-way on the 01d Tidewater and ~,ester~ <br />Mr. between. C Winterpock and Coalboro was brought, to the attention of the Board by <br />~'[r. I~.L. halkley, who stated he had a conferencewith Mr. O.A. Stretton, representin <br />the owners of this right-of-way, who had aEreed to accept the sum of ~475.00 <br />for the ri~ht-of-way, eighty-feet wide, bet~.~een ,interpock and Coalboro. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ii.L.Chalkley, it is resolved that <br />the sum of $475.00 be paid to Mr.J.A.Stratton, representin~i the owners of this <br />rlght-of-v:ey for a clear title to all the right-of-way supposed to be 80 feet wide <br />between ~,~interpock and Coalboro. <br /> <br />~nd be it further resolved that the sum of 9475.00 be and i% hereby is appropriate <br />from the ur,eppropriate~ sdrplus of the Ceneral Fund to the Purchaoe of R~ hts-0f- <br />~,Jay. <br /> <br />This day,.A.,Ho~.n?.r s.tat~d t.h~t: Whereas, it appears that the General nssembly <br />of Virginia creaze~ amncnester magisterial District of Chesterfield County, a <br />sanitary district, and <br />',,herees, it appears that it has become necessary, due to rapid construction of hom~ <br />in said sanitary district, that this Board proceed to determine the cost of the <br />construction of a public water system in sa~d sanitary district. <br />Now, Therefore, on motion of W.A.Morr~er, it is resolved that the Executive Jecreta <br />of this Board, be, and he hereby is, directed to proceed to determine the cost of <br />construction of a public water system in Manchester Sanitary District in the areas <br />there of requiring a pub. lie water system, and report to this Board. <br /> <br />This day the matter of the establishm~ent of v;ater systems in Chesterfield County <br />by the Board of SuperVisors was a~iain discussed and it being felt that a resolutlo~ <br />concerning the establishment of water systems for subdividers in Chesterfield <br />County passed at a previous ~etin[~ was not clear enou~hto state the policy of <br />the Board, it -~s resolved on motion of PJ,~.Covingto$, that the Board consider <br />as a Committee to study over the policy of the establishing of water systems and <br />that a further discussion ~'ould continue at the regular meeting of the Board on <br />November 13, 1945. <br /> <br />.ls <br /> <br /> <br />