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This Gay the ,':xecutive Secretary presented to the Board a contract agreement from <br />~.:r. Thcs. Bell, together with a check for -6,000.00 for the installation of a <br />water system in Dul~ont Square, Stop 17. Upon consideration whereof, and on <br />motion of:W. A. hornet, it is resolved that this contract agreement b~ received <br />and that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors be authorized to execute the same <br /> <br />And be it further resolved that. the check for ~6,000.00 from Mr. Bell be received <br />ann credited to the General County Fund. <br /> <br />And be it further resolved that the sum of~$6,000.00 be and it hereby is appropriat <br />from the unappropriated surplus of the General Fund for the installation of this <br />water system. <br />~nd be it further resolved that the Ezecutive Secret~ry be and he hereby is <br />instructed to proceed forthwith the installation of this water system. <br /> <br />This day I~r.T.D.Watkins, Supervisor, of Eidlothian ~istrict, stated that he, Mr. <br />l~.orner and the Executive Secretary had met with some of the citizens of Bon ~ir <br />who had stated they ~ould guarantee at least 100 connections to a water system in <br />Bon ~ir if the same should be installed, and at this time presented to the Board <br />e petition signed by nearly every resident of Bon air statir~ they would connect <br />to a water system if one was tn~talled. Upon consideration whereof, and on <br />motion of T.D. ~;atkins, and in accordance with the policy established by this <br />Board of ~upervisors, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby <br />is instructed to proceed with the installation of a ~.'ater system to serve <br />Bon ~ir. <br />And be it further resolve,~ that the sum of ~16,000.00 be and it hereby is <br />appropriated from the unappropriated surplus of the General F~nd of the County for <br />the installation of a water system in Bom Air. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Oecretary presented to the Bogrd a request frg.m, <br />Police Officer of the County, asking that he be permitted to occupy the smal£ mouse <br />at Camp Baker temporarily until he ~culd obtain living ~uarters. Upon <br />consideration whereof and on motion of H.T.Goyne, it is resolved that Mr. Terrell <br />be permitted to use the house at Camp Baker for the rent of $~5.00 per month. <br /> <br />This day Mr.H.~.Goyne, ~pervisor of Bermuda District, reported to the Board that <br />he had been requested to investigate the possibility of the County taking into <br />the County ~Road System a road near Stoo ~. between the Thurston property and the <br />$hoosmith Nursery property. UpOn c6r. sideration ~:hereof, and on motion of <br />H.T.GoYne, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is authoriz <br />to investigate to see if sufficient right of way could be obtained for the establis <br />.~en~ of this road, ~nd r~port to the Board at a later meeting. <br /> <br />This dam i~r.H.T.Goyn¢, Supervisoref Bermuda District stated that he h~d bee~ <br />requested to _x~eI~d Rt. 691 Upon ccm~ideration uhereof and on motion of H. <br />Coyne, it is resolved that the State Depa,%ment of Hi~hways be and It hereby is <br />requestea to i~uprove the extension of Rt. 691 for ~ distance of one-tenth of s <br />mile, expe~ding not more than ~150.09, ch,'~rgi~c ~me to the 5ct. road lev y. <br /> <br />This day }~r.R.T.Goyne, stated he hsd be~n ~e, uest~d to ha~'e Gill ~treet,in <br />Chester, Rt. 1528, extended. Upon consideration wher~of, and on motion of H.T. <br />Goyne, it is rosolved that the Virginia Department of Highways be and it hereby is <br />requested to improve the extensioz~ of Gill Street for a distance of one-tenth <br />of a mile, expending a sum ~ot to exceed ~150.00, and cha, rging s~me to the Zct. <br />road levy. <br /> <br />This day Mr.H.T.GcYne called th~ Poard's attention to the fact +'~'~ the Vir~finia <br />~eo~rtment of Hig'h~ays had been previously requested to ~mke :~o~,e improvement <br />ia the ditches slof~ ~t- 719, and Shat a:.~ ~e~ ~c .... ~ .... h~a teen taken. <br />Upon consideration u'he~'eof, and o~, motion of H.T.Goyne, [t is ~esolved that the <br />Virginia D¢partment of tii~,hways be and it hereby is again requested to improve <br />these ditches. <br /> <br />This day M~'.T.~.~,~atkin:; stated he ,had been requested to improw-~ the e~teiL~'ion of <br />Rt. 704, toward the E!lett ~roperty. Upon con~,iderattc~ *~a <br />motion of T.D. ,,athins, it is resolved that the Executive oecre~..~y be and he <br />hereby is instructed to investigate this rood, and r~port at a later meeting <br />cf the Board. <br /> <br />Thi.~ day the Ex~cu~ ,~ 5~c~"etaz'y reportea to t?% Board that 'the filtr~L~tion pl~n~ <br />of the water ~ystem in Bellewood Manor hsd been complete~i and ~h~t the quality <br />cf the water in the Bellewood D~nor weter sy:~tem hs~ been ~.reatly improved. <br />}lo also stated t,L::~t the~.e was a couside:'.~blc 8mount cf delinquent water bills <br />~hich should be disposed of in some manner' and requested instructions from the <br />Board of Supervi~-;ors as to what disposition, to make of these~bills.. Upon <br />ccnstder~:tton v:hereof, and on motion of T.~.-atkins, it is r~,olved that the <br />Executive ~ecretary be and be hereby is instructed to proceed with the collection <br />of all delinquent bills in Bellwood l~nor and ~ny of those who do not ~ke <br />satisfactory a~ar~ ement~ for back bills, the water will be cut off. <br /> <br />Ordere~ that the meeting be now adjourned until 10:O0 a.m.~Pril~, 1946. <br /> <br />E~ecutive S.,cretary <br /> <br />'Chairman ~ <br /> <br />ed <br />h- <br /> <br /> <br />