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This day the Zxecutive Secretary read a letter from ~ir.Chas. C. Nunnally requesting <br />permission to enlarge his store at 4600 Hull St. Road, which store being in a <br />residential area and non-conforming use. ~fter a reasonable discussion from <br />citizens of the ar~a, and on motion of ,~. ~.Horner, it is resolved that Mr. <br />Nunnally be granted permission to extend and enlarge the non-conforming use in the <br />residential area at 4800 Hull St. Road. <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary this Gay read a request from Curtis T. Johnson for permissi~ <br />to establish s tavern in the Subdivision "Pinehurst" on the ~tdlothian Pike, west <br />the ~,arwick Eoad. ~fter consider~ble questioning of the applicant, and on motion <br />of W.A.~iorner, it is resolved that this matter ~e continued until June ll, <br />for further investigation. <br /> <br />Thi~ day the ~xecutive ~ecretary presented to the Board a request from Mrs. Bessie <br />Whitmore for permission to erect a chicken house on her lot at 38 Totty Street in <br />the Village of Ettrick, and stated that he and the Supervisor, Mr. P.W.Covington, <br />had investigated this situation and found that the chicken house had already been <br />built before the application for a zoning permit had been requested,and that it had <br />been built on that portion of the lot on which the erection of out-buildings is <br />prohibited in residential areas. Upon consideration whereof, end on motion <br />of P.,~.Covington, it is resolved that Mrs. ~hitmore be instructed that it will be <br />necessary to remove this structure within 60 days from the date of notice, and that <br />she desires to place it elsewhere on the lot that a zoning permit be obtained <br />before the erection thereon. <br />This day the Executive Oecretary read a letter from Mr. Leo ~yers, President of the <br />Bellwood Citizens ~eague stating that the Lea~ue had purchased proper~y across <br />the ,illts Road from ~ellwood Nanor and were ~eveloptng "Bellwood Heights" and <br />requested that a water llne be extended from the Bellwood Manor water system along <br />Quinnford Boulevard to ~hesterfteld Street in "Bellwood Heights". Upon <br />consideration Whereof, and on motion of W. ~. Itorner, it is resolved that this mat~ <br />be held over until the meeting on June ll for further information concerning the <br />cost and the possible revenue from the same. <br />This day the matte~?of sale of bonds for ~anchester Oanitary District was conside~e~ <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on mo, tion of ,~.~_.Hor. ne.r, i.t i~s~ resolv~dedtw~ttht~e <br />Executive Oecretar¥ and Commonwealth s Attorney ~e 1ns~rucmea ~o proc <br />sale of $100,000.00 worth of bonds for the ~anchester Sanitary District for a ten- <br />year term in denominations for payments to be ~orked out by the Oommlttee and <br />endeavor to complete the sale before July l, 1946. <br />This day the Executive Secretary stated that in the development of the water systeE <br />in Manchester Sanitary District it was necessary to purchase a 100,000-gallon tank <br />and stated he had asked for bids on the same, and that bids were as follows: <br /> Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Philadelphia, Pa. $14,000.00 <br /> Lancaster Iron Works Lancaster, Pa. 13,325.00 <br /> ¥~. E. Caldwell Co. Louisville, Ky. 15,460.00 <br /> <br /> and stated that all of these bids were for tanks delivermd and erected on founda- <br /> tions prepared from specifications given by the manufacturer. <br /> Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of T. D.~atkins, it is resolved that the <br /> Executive Secretary be authorized to purchase from the Lancaster Iron <br /> Lancaster, Pa. a 100,000 gallon tank according to their proposal on May 10, 1946, <br /> for $13,325.00 delivered and erected. <br /> ~nd be it further resolved that the sum of $15,~00.00 be and it hereby is appropris <br /> from the unappropriated surplus of the General ~und to the Broad Rock Water System <br /> for the purchase of this tank. <br /> <br />Ordered that the meeting be now adjourned until 10:00 a.m. June ll, 1946, <br /> <br />Copy: Teste- <br /> <br />'Executive secretary <br /> <br />if <br /> <br />~er <br /> <br />~ed <br /> <br /> <br />