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VIRGINIa: At a meeting of the Board of Superviso: <br /> of Chesterfield County held at the <br /> Courthouse on June 28, 1946, at 8:00 <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H.L.C~alkley, Ohs irman <br />J · G.Hening <br />H. T. Go yne <br />W. A. Horner <br />P .W.Covington <br /> <br />~bsent: T. D. ',,'atkins <br /> <br /> bHEREAS, this Board has heretofore ordered the issuance, sade and execution <br />of bonds for Manchester Magisterial Sanitary District in the amount of ~100,000,an~ <br /> <br /> W~[EREAS, at such sale this day held, the firm of Ocott, Horner and Mason, <br />Inc. were the successful bidders and desired delivery of said bonds as <br />practical, the bid being as follows: <br /> <br /> "~e wish to submit our bid for $100,000 Chesterfield County, Virginia, <br />Manchester Magisterial ~enitar~, District bonds advertised for sale in <br />the official advertisement in Ihe Daily Bond Buyer of June 19, 1946, <br />all conditions~, of which are hereby made a part of this bid. We will <br />pay ~100,031.11 for the $100,000 par value, due $5,000. each July l, <br />1948, to 1949, inclusive; $10,000 each year July i 1950 to 1952; <br />inclusive; ~15,000 each year July l, 1953 to 1956, inclusive, at the <br />specified coupon rate of 1%. <br /> <br />,~e enclose certified check for 72,000.00, as required." <br /> <br /> NOW, T~RE~ORE, on motion of ~. ~. Rorner, it is resolved Shat the sale <br />of $100,000 of Manchester Magisterial Sanitary District be and the same is hereby <br />made to Scott, tiorner and Mason, Inc., in acc~dance with their bid, <br /> <br /> ~nd be it further resolved that the said executed bonds be delivered <br />by ;;.H.Caldwell, Clerk, of this Board to J.~,m.~ance, Treasurer of Chesterfield <br />County, Virginia, and that he the said J.-m.~ance Treasurer of the aforesaid be, <br />and he hereby is directed to make delivery of sal~ bonds to ~he purchaser or its <br />agent upon the payment of the purchase price to J.-m. Dance, Treasurer, of <br />Chesterfield County, Virginia. <br /> <br /> ~nd be it further resolved th~ J.,~.Dance, Treaaurer of Chesterfield <br />County, Virginia, be, and he hereby is directed upon receipt of purchase price of <br />said bonds to deposit same to the cre6it of the Manchester Magisterial Sanitary <br />District. <br /> <br /> This day the Executive oecretary st~te~ to the Board that there was a <br />bill of ~158.57 for the cost of the brunswick stew at the Park dedication which <br />is to be borne largely by the Conservation Comm~sslon but which was guaranteed <br />by the Board of Supervisors. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of <br />¥~.%.horner, it is resolved that the Executive ~ecretary be and he hereby is <br />authorized to pay this bill. <br /> <br /> This day the ~.xecutive Oecretary presented to the Board a letter <br />from ~'he arlington Daily l~ews requesting theft Chesterfield County advertise in <br />that paper for the 100th ~nniversary Issue of ~rlington County, which letter is <br />received and filed. <br /> <br /> This day the Executive Oecretary read to the Hoard a ~port of <br />viewers appointed et a previous meeting to view a proposed relocation of Et. 663 <br />at its intersection with Rt. 360, along the property owned by the Chesterfield <br />School ~oarc, as follows: <br /> <br /> "Pursuant to notice of the Board of Supervisors, we the viewers so appointed: <br /> H. L. Clayton, J.C.McKesson, Floyd ~nderson, R. N. ,~ihfree and A.J.Itorner, <br /> met at the Manchester high School, Manchester District, Ohesterfield County, <br /> at 10:0C ~.M. Tuesday, June 18, 1946, and after viewing the proposed relocatio~ <br /> of State Route ~66~ in Manchestor District in this County along the property <br /> owne~ by the School Board of Chesterfield County as Manchester High ochool, <br /> at the intersection of the said road with theState Highway Route ~360 <br /> according to a plat submitted by the ~chool Board, we find that it would not <br /> inconvenience any of the property owner~ in the vicinity of said road,on the <br /> other hand would be of great convenience to the traveling public." <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ~.G.Hening, it is resolved that <br />this report be received and action be taken at e meeting of the Board on July 9, <br />1946, <br />This day the Executive Secretary stated to the Boara that there were several <br />receiving sets formerly used by the Police Department m'hich ~ere not serviceable <br />with the frequency modulated system now being used and stated he had an offer of <br />~lO0.00 for the lot. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of H.T.Goyne, <br />it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be instructed to secure a better <br />price if possible, and is authorized to dispose of these radio sets at the best <br />possible price. <br /> <br />S <br /> <br />.m. <br /> <br /> <br />