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,Rob.tine Standard Claims pai. d B~ the .Executive secretary f.r_om, th~ General Co~nty~Fun~ <br /> <br />State Forester~of, ~irginia <br />The Arnold Company <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />Dr. J.G. Loving <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />IVlrginia Electric A Power Co. <br />IVirginia Electric & Power Co' <br />tState Forester of Virginia <br />R.B.Au~ustine Ins. Agency,Inc. <br />Dr. H.4. Snead <br />Freas. A.C.L.RR Company <br /> <br />~oL.Lindsey, J.P. <br /> <br />Fidelity & Deposi$ Co. of Md. <br />Town of Oolonial~eights ~ <br /> <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />Truby Motor Company <br />The C&P Tel. Company Chester Vol. Fire. Dept.-June 1 thru June 30,1946 <br />Richmond Offie,e::Supply Co.,Inc. lO0 Franklin Fed. Forms <br />S. I. Ellison Ice for C.H. for May, 1946 <br />Truby Motor ~ompaay Gas'and o~1 also partsand labor-Cc~ truck <br />Truby Motor ~o~pmay Gas and oAX-Fire Warden's truck~. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Henrtco County <br /> <br /> Forest Fire Control Service--Feb.26-June 11 <br /> Maintenance Police Radio-June, 1946 <br /> Local service June 1, thru June ~0, 1946,- Tolls azd telegrams~ <br /> Lunacycommission-Mrs.~Maria A. Flippen, <br />Current used Gre~ry's Water System <br /> Current.used CSH.,Welfare:~Dept.,Health Dept., <br /> and Conservation Office <br /> Current used in Woodstock water system 10. <br /> Current used Bellewood Manor'water system 15. <br /> Forest fire control, March 13,May 1~, 1946 ~9. <br /> Insurance premium on Chevrolet truck(Trash truek~ <br /> To coroner's services-W.D. Kitchen <br /> For lease of depot space at Contrails,Va. <br /> for June, 1~45 <br /> To services as acting coroner-Loin Hatchell~Hood <br /> " ' " " " -Cora Nuchols 6. <br /> Premium onbond of W.ti.Flynn, C~. Police Officer <br /> Fire protection Oct.,Nov., and Dec. 1~45 $1~0.00 <br /> " " Jan., Feb. and Mob. 194~ 150.00 ~: <br /> 114 prisoner days~ for May, 1946 ~45cts. <br /> Oas and oil for Oouty ear 1~ <br /> 15. <br /> 10. <br /> <br /> Current used Chester Vol. Fire Dept ~1 1. <br /> Prisoners confined in Henrico Jail for M~, 1946 <br /> <br />"Claims Paid by the Executive SecretarF fro~ ~h~ General Count~ F,und:" <br /> <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. Refers to machine and ribbon $~.~ <br />Southern Stamp, & Station~ry Co. Two daters, rubber stamps-Treas. Office 4.~6 <br />W.F. Hobart, Ino.' ~ prints-m~ps of Chesterfield County 1.44 <br />N.B. Goodwyn &Sons 1 axe, brush blades, one file 4.95 <br />Moore's Service Station 5 qts oil, 1 set dist. points and labor, <br /> repairing wiring (Exec. Sec'y.~ car) <br />Snyder Printing Co. ~500 Government post cards (Treas. Office) ?.25 <br />~icba~ud Office Supply Co.~Inc. 50 sales index sheets -Clerk's Office <br />Rtchmo~ Office ~upPty.Co',Ia¢.. ~ Cy1-~904 Binders (Treas. Office) 19.99 <br />· Verett Waddey Co.,Inc. 1~ chair rollers 1.~0 <br />~iehmond Office Supply Co' Inc. 1 doz. erasers, 1 gross spencerian F1 points ~..._._~_~ <br /> <br />'~laims.Mi~cel!aneous-Paid by the ExecutSve Sec,rotary ,,from ~he G~,,n~ra! ~ounty Fun~:" <br /> <br />~oncrete Pipe & Products Co. <br />~rs. Theo T.'Cogbill,P.M. <br />)Id ~ominion Iron ~ Steel Corp. <br /> <br />~gt. City of Richmond <br /> <br />~gt. City of Petersburg <br /> <br />~gt. City of Richmond <br /> <br />~heriff, Henrico Co. <br /> <br />~gt. Oity of hichmond <br /> <br />Sgt. City of Roanoke <br />~gt. City of Richmond <br />~heriff of. Hottoway <br />~.B. Gillies, Atty. <br />R.M.Beazley, Registrar <br /> <br />~rs. Carrie C. "ilson <br />Richmond Rubber Co. <br /> <br />~. E. Gill, Sr. <br /> <br />~.L. Jones <br />O. K. Marquis <br />F.L. Cook <br /> <br />~aJoca Corp <br />~. E. Myers <br /> <br />6" and 8" concrete sewer pipe ~2 $15.?? <br />One coil 500 ct. stamps (Treas. Office) 15.03 <br />She ODIS Unit-?£" x 2~$" (~or water system <br /> Stop 17) 488.00 <br />Comm. cf Va. and County of Chesterfield Vs. <br /> G.T. Moody, et als 1.50 <br />Co~ of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield Vs. <br /> Wm. Archer's Heirs, et .als 1.50 <br />Oo~. of Va. ~d Os. of Chesterfield Vs. <br /> Wm. Archer's Heirs, et als 2.00 <br />Co~. of Va. ~d Co. of Chesterfield Vs. <br /> Heirs of S,P.B.Steward and J.H.Blac~ell E.25 <br />Co~. of Va. and Co. ~ Chesterfield Vs. <br /> Heirs of S.P.B. Steward a~ J.H.Blaokwell ~.50 <br /> ' of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield Vm. <br /> Heirs of J.H. Blac~ll 2.00 <br />Co~. of Va. and Co. of Ches~erfXeld Vs. Heirs <br /> of Tho~s Totty 1.50 <br />~rvice of snmmonses <br /> CO. Of Chesterfield Va. Heirs of Thcs. Tottyl. O0 <br />O~. of Va. a~d Co. of Chesterfield Vs ~irs <br /> of ~s Totty E. ~5 <br />To ~ol~ot~m ,in s~t against Is~m Olar~'s <br />Heirs 19. <br />For registrations of sixty persons from Nov.?, <br />1945 ~o ~y 21, 1546 ~ lOcts, 6.00 <br />Work on ~ps for County <br />2 15" C/D fog exti~ishers complete {Manchester <br /> Fire Truck) <br /> <br /> Registration and, transfers of v~ters and <br /> copying books in Ettrick Precinct <br /> Work on Woodstoc~ and Gregory's ~ater system <br /> Nater system 'according to deed and agreement <br /> Materials for Broad Roe,~ - galv. pipe, tees, <br /> bushings <br /> 100 pcs. 3/4' galv. steel pipe <br />Work at Woodstock, Broad Rock, McGuire Park, <br /> and hauling freight <br /> <br /> 50.00 <br /> 30.57 <br />9500.00 <br /> <br />199.39 <br />20.00 <br /> <br />99.54 <br /> <br />~946 $6 <br /> $1,565 <br /> <br />$60.46 <br /> <br /> <br />