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VIRGINIA: mt a meeting of the Board of <br /> Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse <br /> on August 15, 19A~ at ?:00 <br /> o'clock p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H.L. 0halkley, Chairman <br />J.G.Heni~g <br />h.T.Goy~e <br />T. D.~atkins <br />W.a.Horner <br /> <br />Absent: P.W.Covington <br /> <br />This day Louise Robinson who had previously applied for a permit to enlarge a <br />store in an Agricultural area near Salem Church, again appeared before the Board <br />and stated it was not to erect a new building but enlarge the one that was already <br />there and being used ami that she would not apply for an ABC license or have <br />any objectionable activities at this place. Upon consideration whereof, and on <br />motion of J.G.Hening, it is resolved that a permit be granted for the enlargement <br />of a local store by Louise Robinson, near Salem Church. <br /> <br />This day Mrs. C.T.Chappelle again appeared before the Board concerningapplication <br />for an enlargement of her chicken business on ButteRoad in a Residential area <br />which had already been made to the Board of Supervisors on August 13, 1946, statin~ <br />that this was their means of livelihood and that they endeavored to keep the place <br />Just as clean as a chicken farm could be kept and that they had purchased an <br />additional lot for the purpose of expanding the chicken business and protecting <br />the other property near there. Mrs. Chappelle also stated that the enlargement <br />they had planned would not bring the activity any nearer the residence of others <br />than it had been because the building would be built within the area now surrounded <br />by houses. <br /> <br />~,hereupon the Chairman requested any persons present who objected to the granting <br />of the permit to Yrs. Chappelle to state their reasons. Mr.J.A.DeVol, Atty.. <br />stated he represented Miss A.T.Smith who owned considerable pro~rty in th neighbor <br />stating that this property had been developed strictly as a residential area and th <br />any enlargement of the chicken business or the continuance of the same would be a <br />detriment to all the property__in that neighborhood. Therefore, he objected to <br />th granting of the permit toMrs. Chappelle for his client Miss A.T.Smith and <br />personally for himself as he owned property not far from it, he also o$~ected beca~ <br />he belived it would be detrimental to the County to permit the enlargement of <br />this business. <br /> <br />Mr. John Goddin, attorney, stated he represented several property owners of the <br />area and that all of them objected seriously to the granting of the application <br />for a permit to enlarge this chicken business. Whereupon he called on Mr. <br />Garrett who owns a lot adjacent to the property of Mrs. Chappelle, who stated <br />that he had purchased for the purpose of building a substantial home as soon <br />as materials were available, but that if this chicken business was enlarged he <br />would be compelled to dispose of this property and seek a location elsewhere for <br />his home. <br /> <br />Mr. Goddtncalled upon Mr. Barnett who stated he had purchased a lot adjacent to <br />the chicken establishment and had been informed that no enlargement would be made <br />in the chicken business at the time he purchased his lot, otherwiwe he would not <br />have purchased it and stated that he was certain the enlargement of this chicken <br />business would be a detriment to all property in that neighborhood. <br /> <br />Mr. Goddin called on Mr. Cromer who stated that before purchasing a lot adjacent <br />to that property owned by Mrs. Chappelle he had consulted the authorities on the <br />Zoning Ordinance and had been informed that temporar~ chicken houses or range <br />houses now placed on a lot purchased by Mrs. Chappelle were non-conforming and <br />in violation of the zoning ordinance and t~at steps would be taken to have them <br />moved. That he had no doubt that the chicken houses were kept as clean as possibl <br />but under any conditions they drew fXies and were objectionable in a residential <br />area, and stated that it would be impossible for him to contimxe to build in this <br />area if this chicken business was~enlarged. <br /> <br />Mr. Goddin then called on Mr. Ned Bates, who stated he had purchased a part of a <br />5-acre tract adjacent to the property owned by Mr. Ohappetle and ha had known the <br />chicken business was there when he purchased the lot but had been informed that <br />since the Zoning Ordinance had been passed in Chesterfield County it would not be <br />possible for Mrs. Chappelle to enlarge this business ~ud he k~ew that any enlarge- <br />ment would be a detriment to his property. <br /> <br />Mr. Curry stated that he had purchased the other part of the 5-acre tract <br />adjacent to the Chappelle property and concurred in the statements made by Mr. <br />Bates. <br /> <br />Mr. Jack Bates stated he was a real estate agent and had sold a number of lots in <br />this area and he had thcugh~ that it would be impossible for this business to <br />be enlarged and had so told the people to whom he had sold the lots, stating that <br />many of the lots had been offered at a cheaper price because of the chicken <br />business and that the enlargement of same would be detrimental to all the property <br />in this area. <br /> <br />lOOd, <br />at <br /> <br />se <br /> <br /> <br />