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W. H. Flynn Pollee Officer-Retired 62.50 $ 59.80~ <br /> i~.ithholding Tax 2.70 <br /> <br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary from the General County <br /> ~'Und:" <br /> <br />D. ~. Hawkins, J.P. <br /> <br />John B. Trueheart, J.P. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Dr. C. H. V, illiams <br />T. B. Pope, N.D. <br />C. W. Lynn, M.D. <br />L. C. Lush, ~.D. <br /> <br />mhe ~rnold Company <br />S. W. Ellison <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />A. L. Lindsey, J.P. <br />Carwile's :~unoco Service <br />Truby ~tor Company <br />Truby ~otor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />~s. Helen NacLean Romaine <br /> <br />Tomahawk Filling Station <br />City Collector <br /> <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />Treas. ~.C.L.R.R. Co. <br /> <br />The C & P. Tel. Co. <br /> <br />The ~rnold Company <br />Travis & Brothers <br />The C & P Tel. Co. <br /> <br />Dr. James I. Hammer <br />Dr. H.M. Richardson <br />Dr. J.B. Fisher <br />Virginia Electric & Po~er Co. <br /> <br />The C.B. Dolge Co. <br />Burroughs Adding ~,~chine Co. <br /> <br />Serving warrant and sitting on <br />lunacy commission <br />Acting Coroner - Helcott Camden Peters <br /> Thomas 0. DuVall 6.00 <br />Current used C.H., ~,.Jelfare Dept., Con- <br />servation Office, and Health Dept. A7.80~ <br />Current used Belle~ood N~nor Water pump 10.00 <br />Co~ission of lunacy - Arthur C. Traylor 5.00 <br />Viewing body of ~ilbur Hartman 5.C0 <br />Lunacy commission - Arthur G. Traylor 5.00~ <br />Lunacy commission - R. Pryor <br /> - ~rs. Oeorgia A. Niles 10.00 <br />~intenance-Police Radio-August,1946 100.00 <br />Ice for ~ugust, 1946 11.76 <br />65 prisoner days for August,1946 ~ 45cts. 29.25~ <br />Lunacy commission 3.00~ <br />Gasoline for County Car 5.99 <br />Gas and 0il for County C~r £ 7.96~' <br />Gas, oil and parts' for County truck 6 0.94~ <br />Gas, oil and parts for ,.ater Dept.'s truck 6.77~ <br />Gas, oil for Fire ~Jard~n's truck 12.58~ <br />~als furnished prisoners in Chesterfield <br />lock-up 55 meals ~ [0cts.-Aug.~6 thru Sept. <br />16, 1946 26.50 <br />Cas and oil used Fire Warden's truck 16.40-~ <br />Cost of fire truck responaing to call on <br />Lexington Ave. 75,00 <br />346 Chesterfield Co. state prisoner days <br />~ Chesterfield Co. prisoner days for Aug. <br />1946 130.20 <br />For lease of depot space, Centralia,Va. <br />for Sept.,1946 5.00 <br />Local service and toll service-Sept.1 thru <br />Sept. ~0, 1946 298.90~ <br />~.~intenance-Radio for Police-Sept.1946 100.00~' <br />800 gallons ~2 Yuel oil-Camp Baker 68.80~ <br />Local service Sept. i thru Sept.30,1946 <br />Chester Fire Dept. <br />Lunacy commission-~s. Georgia ~nna ~leo 5.00~ <br /> " -~rs. Nary F. Williams 5.00, <br /> " " -~s. l~ary F. Williams 5.00~ <br />Current used Chester Water pump $14.84 <br /> " " " spring 19.04 <br /> " " " Fire Dept. 1.00 <br />12 boxesDeodroma refills <br />Work on adding machine in Com. of ~ev. Office <br /> <br />~4.88 <br />17.64 <br /> 5.49~ <br /> <br />"Claims ~uthorized for Payment by the Executive Secretary from the Oenerul Count~_ <br /> Fund:'"" <br /> <br />Powell-Cole Stationer Co. <br />C.P. Lipscomb <br />Snyder Printing Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />E.B. Coodwyn & Sons <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br /> <br />kichmond Office Suppl~ Co. Inc <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Inc <br />~s~oy-Wood & ~,est Inc. <br /> <br />Everett Waddey Company <br />Burroughs Acding ~chine Co. <br /> <br />2-10 yard rolls tr~cing vellum $ 4.80~ <br />One radiator brush, two forked dusters Z.45~ <br />5,000 delinquent tax notices-2,0O0 ~over~E~ent <br />env61opes 19.90~~ <br />1O0 S6ctional guides 5.00~ <br />~scelleneous supDlies for work on fair blags.ll.00~ <br />Tax record c~rds, white and buff-Treas.0ffice <br />Report of Claim Forms-Exec. Sec'y. 64.50~ <br />VEP forms, erasers, stamp paG ink(Clerk's Of) 15.85 ~ <br />Eavelopes, mimeograph paper and index guides 42.£8~ <br />Conditioning Iron fireman-cleanin~,~ightening, <br /> oiling, etc. 16.4£ <br />24 books of Deed Receipts ~2(Clerk's Office) 58.34 <br />One Burroughs ~iddon .54 <br /> <br />"~scellaneo~s Claims Paid ~!y the kxecuttve Secretary from the Cener~l Co. Fund." <br /> <br />Br~ndon Steed <br />Brandon Steed <br /> <br />Motor Parts Corp. <br />L.C. Parker <br /> <br />R~chmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />Sgt. City of Petersburg <br /> <br />2gt. City of Richmond <br /> <br />J. T. Willard, Sgt. <br /> <br />Sheriff, Arlington Co. <br /> <br />EaJoca Corp. <br />Virginia Machinery & Wellgo. <br />Sydnor Pum & WellCo. <br />Robert Bel~ <br />Postmaster, Ettrick <br /> <br /> 5~leage 1147 Mi. ~ 5cts.-Sept.(%[ater 0per.) <br /> One pick, one handle, steel wool (Purchased <br /> from A.L. Lindsay) <br /> Paint for Fire Warden's truck <br /> To labor and materials-hooking up motor at <br /> Chester Spring <br /> Leg8l publication-Rezoning <br /> Summonses in suit of Co. of Chesterfield, <br /> Vs Heirs of Joel Cashon <br /> Summonses in suit of Co. of Chesterfield <br /> Vs heirs of Joel Cashon <br /> additional su~monses-Co, of Chesterfield <br /> Vs Heirs of James R. Lynch,deceased <br />Suit of Co. of Chesterfield Vs. Eeirs of Joel <br /> Cashon <br /> Materials for ~ork on Chester water system <br /> Tube cutter,torch, etc. <br /> 2" belt, packings, etc. <br /> Labor <br /> Postage and envelopes <br /> <br />$57.35 <br /> <br /> 2.57 <br /> 6.70 <br /> <br /> ?.00~ <br /> 15.30~1 <br /> <br /> 4.25 <br /> <br /> 8.75~ <br /> 11.75 <br /> <br /> .75~ <br /> <br /> .71 <br /> <br /> 5.12 <br /> <br />'$ 242.0~ <br /> <br /> <br />