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:'Rout_iDe Otandara Clair~ PAid from the .C. eneral Co. ~und by the ~xec. Sec'v." <br /> Dr. RamCO{ D. GaZ. cin " Lunacy commlssion-Alberta"Vaughan ...... ~5.0C <br />Tress.~.C.L.RR.Co. For lease cf depot space Centralia,Va. <br /> for October, 1946 5.0C <br />Dr. Jas. B. Darden Lunacy com~ission-Jame~ H. Johnston 5.0¢~ <br /> Dr. F.L. Brown " " - " " " 5.0(~ <br />Dr. G.R.~loney " " -Katherine V.~Crani~han 5.0(~- <br />Dr.T.B. Pope Coroner ' s service s-Roy Allison James 5.0( <br />City of Petersburg Jail Four prisoner days for Sept. ~ 45cts. 1.8( <br />Dr.J.B.~isher Lunacy coz~tmission-Sara Frances Harris 5.0( <br />Dr.H.M. Richard son " ,, ,, , - <br /> 5.0( <br />R.B.Augustine Ins.Agency,Inc. Premium on bonds of Police Officers 40.0('~ <br />Henrico County Board of prisoners confined in Henrico Co. <br /> Jail for Sept. 1946 120.0( <br />The C&p Tel. Company Local service Oct. 1 thru 0ct.~1,1946 506.5~ <br />Dr. Kenneth Cherry Coroner's services-Josephine C. Dance 5.0¢~ <br />S.~.Elllson Ice for ~ept. 1946 12.6~ <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. Street lighting for Sept. 1946 590.8~ <br />I'L Markowitz, Coroner For viewing body of ~s. ~,~m. Moody Hancock 5.0¢ <br />Virginia Electric & Pov~er Co. Current used Bellewood N~anor water pump ll.l~ <br />Virginia Electric & P&wer Co. Current used C.H., Welfare Dept., and <br /> Cle~k' s Office 52.5~ <br />Dr. A. C. Ray Luna cy comni s sion-Hsmi 1 ton Po rc h 5.0( <br />kh's. Helen M. Romaine Meal~ served prisoners in Chesterfield <br /> lock-up 0ct.20-0ct.29-31 meals~ 50ets. 15.5( <br />Mrs. Theo T. Cogbill, P.M. One coil 3 ct. stamps (Office of Exec,Sec'y) 15.0: <br />The C&p Tel. Company Local cervice Oct. 1-0ct.31 (Chester Fire <br /> Oept.) <br />Truby ~tor 0ompany Oa~, o,i, 1 a,n,d repairs -Co. 0ar-34.28 <br /> "Trash truck -86.38 <br /> <br />"Claims ~Uthorizea b;y the i~ec. Sec'y, ~om the General County. Fund:" <br /> <br />Southern 5tamp & Stationery Co. <br />Division of Purchase & Printing <br /> <br />Remington kand, Inc. <br />~oore's Service Station <br /> <br />Plu~ner Printing Co. <br />Goodrich Silvertown ~tores <br /> <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Remington Rand, Inc. <br />~outhern Stamp & Stationery Co. <br /> <br />Rubber ~tamps for County <br />Copies of ~cts of ~ssembly,1944- <br /> 1945 and 1946 <br />12 doz. typewriter ribbon coupons <br />Labor and materials used in work on <br /> E~ec. Sec'y. car <br />100 Tax Notice Cards (Treas.0ffice) <br />2-700x20 tires for trash truck and <br /> tube s <br />~nve lope s <br />200 sheets-black carbon paper l?x24" <br />Legal forms, 2 bl~ck typewriter ribbons, <br />one Esterbrook pen holder and points <br /> <br /> 4.0( <br /> 120.6(,~1571.5 <br /> <br />$7.55 ~ <br /> <br /> 8.50 <br />72.48 <br /> <br />17.60' <br />11,50~ <br /> <br />83.34~ <br />84.25 <br />35.90, <br /> <br /> 6.67,, <br /> <br />Redmont Lumber Co. <br />Chewning and %,ilmer, inc. <br />S.B.~dkins & Company <br />R.D.~ore <br />~rs. Nancy H. Fallen <br />John H. Frischkorn, Jr. Inc. <br />The C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />Reuben Burton, Inc. <br /> <br />Mitchell's Well & Pump CO. <br />2;ltchell's ,.ell & Pump Co. <br />~. D. Frith <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Brown-Mooney Supply Co. <br />A.D.Frith <br />S.B.~dkins & Co. <br />Robt. N. hinfree, Jr. <br /> <br />H.B.Gilliam, ~tty. <br />L.~. ~¢alker, Jz', Com. <br /> <br />I~s. Nancy H.Fallen <br />~cme White Lesd ~ Color <br />Treas. of Virginia <br /> <br />'~ .h. Caldv.e 11 <br /> <br />Chesterfield County Bank <br /> <br />To 127 water bills collected ~ 5cts. <br /> (Cheste r) 6. ~5 ¢ <br />To expenses incurred on trip to Phila. <br />Pa. in connection with County Business 27.60~'~ <br />Tc travel outside of Ccunty-4H club trip 10.00/ <br />Materials for painting Chester truck 4~.16~ <br />~dditional anoun~ due by County-Increase <br />~in Judge's salary 145.66 , <br />Collection of delinquent taxes 166.85~ <br />6,000 CC serum, 3C0 CC virus (Co.~gri. <br /> ~gent ) 60.7~ ~ <br />Drilling 8" well at Chester 1943.00J <br />Hauling and installing pump at Bonair 198.?0~ <br />~,ork on Fair Ground Buildings 28.00~ <br />4~,300 tax tickets 685.00~ <br />4 bags cement (Courthouse) 3.20~ <br />-ork on Fair Ground Buildings 88.00~ <br />B~nding One Land Book for Tz. eas. 4.50~ <br />6 acres of land at intersection of Rt. <br />649, purchase for trash dump 1000.0C <br />One 14 g8l. galv. weatherproof box, <br />with double hinged doors, and hasps, <br />including angles and partitions 39.30 <br />One tarpaulin for forest fire truck 8.80 <br />10 $30 fu.s. es, 10#40, 10#60 fuses 4.40 <br />Binding two Property books 8.00 <br />To ~$to~s stoker con. l, <br />0ffi'ce supplies, leacer training supplies28~'~( <br />50 lengths 2" galv. pipe, 2S5.6& <br /> Local service-Manchester Fire Dept. 8.45 <br /> <br />"ML~cellaneous Claims Pa%d bM the Exec. Sec'y. from the General County Fund:" <br />Phillips & Bird, Inc. "" I Ctn' Pe~chlorcn-Fo~ BelleWoO~ '~anor <br /> water system 18.00 <br /> <br /> <br />