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<br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />February 23, 2006 <br /> <br />Supervisors in Attendance: <br /> <br />Mr. R. M. "Dickie" King, Jr., <br />Chairman <br />Mr. Kelly E. Miller <br />Vice Chairman <br />Mr. Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br />Supervisor Absent: <br /> <br />Mr. Edward B. Barber <br />Mrs. Renny Bush Humphrey <br /> <br />Mr. Lane B. Ramsey <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />Legislative Delegation <br />in Attendance: <br /> <br />Staff in Attendance: <br /> <br />Ms. Marilyn Cole, Asst. <br />County Administrator <br />Ms. Mary Ann Curtin, Dir., <br />Intergovtl. Relations <br />Deputy County Admin., <br />Human Services <br />Mr. Bradford S. Hammer, <br />Deputy Co. Admin., <br />Human Services <br />Mr. Steve L. Micas, <br />County Attorney <br />Mr. James J. L. Stegmaier, <br />Deputy Co. Admin., <br />Management Services <br />Mr. M. D. Stith, Jr., <br />Deputy Co. Admin., <br />Community Development <br /> <br />The Honorable Riley E. Ingram <br />The Honorable Henry L. Marsh, III <br />The Honorable Stephen Martin Other: <br />The Honorable Samuel Nixon, Jr. <br />The Honorable R. Lee Ware, Jr. Mr. Charlie Davis, <br />The Honorable John C. Watkins Consultant <br /> <br />Upon convening the dinner meeting, Mr. King welcomed <br />legislators, board members, and staff to the dinner. He <br />thanked legislators for their work on behalf of the county. <br /> <br />Mr. Ramsey also made welcoming <br />legislators for their service. He <br />Curtin provide an update on county <br />the 2006 General Assembly. <br /> <br />remarks and thanked <br />then requested that Ms. <br />legislative requests in <br /> <br />Ms. Curtin shared the status on each of the county's <br />legislative requests: <br /> <br />S.B. 190, the Summary Suspension bill, a request from the <br />group home study of last summer, was passed by both houses. <br /> <br />S. B. 186, clarifying roll-back tax provisions in property <br />split-offs also passed both Houses. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />H.B. 206, transportation service districts, is on final <br />passage. <br /> <br />HJ60,the CSA study, is in Senate Rules and H.B. 577, the <br />licensure and regulatory changes for private youth group <br />homes will be heard in Senate Education and Health next week. <br /> <br />Mr. Miller asked about the status of eminent domain bills in <br />the legislature and general discussion followed about the <br />bills and in general on the issue of property rights. <br /> <br />Mr. Warren asked about impact fee legislation and the <br />legislators shared what had been introduced in both houses. <br /> <br />05-123 <br /> <br />02/24/06 <br />