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<br />Dr. 1!. ~~rkowitz <br /> Thoe. T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />The C & P Tel. Co. <br />Travis &. Prather <br />Dr. T.B. Pope <br />Virginia Elec. &. POTIer Co. <br />City Collector <br /> <br />Dr. H.~. Richardson <br />Dr. C. i;. Lynn <br />Dr. P.t. Hill <br /> <br />Nathan B. \/hite,J.P. <br />R.D. Moore <br />Hrs. He len M. Romaine <br /> <br />Dr. T.B. Pope <br /> <br />City Collector <br /> <br />City of Petg. Jail <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />S. Vi. Ellison <br />Treas. A.C.L.RR. Co. <br />Dr. T.E. Pope <br />R..lJ. Moore <br />Brandon Steed <br />Fl9..elity & Deposit Co. of Md. <br />City Collector <br /> <br />Virginia Elec. &. Power Co. <br />Virginia Elec. & Power Co. <br />Virginia Eloc. &. Power Co. <br />Vir ginia Elec. &. Power Co. <br />Virginia Elee. & J20wer Co. <br />Dr.. P.L. Hill <br /> <br />Mrs.. Helen M. Romaine <br /> <br />Truby Hotor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />IL'rub~' }.[otor Company <br />Mrs. Thee. T. Cogbill,P.M. <br />The C &. P Tel. Co. <br /> <br />The C & P Tel. Ce. <br /> <br />Coroner's servioes-Oce11a Cooley <br />One coil 3 cts. stamps <br />Local service Dec. 1 thru Dec. 31,'46 <br />800 gals. #2 Fuel Baker <br />Coroner'~ services-Frank Fuller <br />Street lighting for Nov.,lQ46 <br />Cost of fire Dept. answering alarm of fire <br />on Broad hock Road-automobile on fire owned <br />by :Martin V. Griffith <br />Commission of lunacy-DorOthy Foster <br />Connissioll of lunacy-Gco. ii. Pride:eon <br />Commission of lunacy-Ceo. vi. Pridgeon and <br />call to Williamsburg, Va. <br />CO.rrJ:lission of lur"e_c~'-Geo. W. Pridgeon <br />6 tOllS Olga stoker coal <br />46 meals ~ 50cts.-prisonere in Chesterfield <br />lockup <br />Coroner services-Frank Fuller (additional <br />amDunt due to change in law effective Oct. <br />1, 1946) <br />Cost of Fire Dept. answering alarm of fire <br />at 5500 Forest Hill Ave. <br />Prisoner days for Nov. 1946 ~ 45cts. <br />Board of prisoners confinec in jail for <br />Nov., 1946 <br />Ice for Nov. 1946 <br />]!'or lease of deoot soace for Dec.1946 <br />Coroner'.$ services....I:D. Vaughan <br />6 tons Olga stoke coal <br />1245~ f'cts.-Utilities Dept. <br />Bond of Police Officer-W.B. Gill <br />Cost of Fire Dept. answering alarm of fire <br />opposite south end of Ne,w Kent Road <br />Current used White Fair ~52.12 <br />Current used Colored Fair 37.48 <br />Current used v~ter pump-Centralia Gardens <br />Current used Bellewood Manor water pump <br />Current used C.H.,eamp Baker, ~ielfare Dept. <br />and Conservation Office: <br />Current used for street lighting for Dec.'46 <br />For servioes as coroner-l~. Alt.Porter child, <br />Maude vJalker and vim. Edward Gibbs <br />37 meals served prisoners at Chesterfield <br />lockup <br />Gas, oil end repairs - Co. truck <br />Ga~, oil - County car <br />Gas, oil for Chester Fire Truck <br />Stamps-Utilities Dept. <br />Local services-Dec.. 1 thru Dec. 31, t 46-Chester <br />Fire Department <br />Local service-Elkhardt Fire Dept. <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized by the Exec. Sec'y. from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Snyder Printing Co. 2,000 envelopes (imprinted) <br />Central Printing Co. Forms for Police Dept. <br />S.B. Adkins & Co. Binding one flroperty Book for Treasurer <br />Chester Supply Co. One shovel <br />Richmond Offioe Supply Co.Iue.50 Firat Mortgage C.I. Forms <br />Carwile's Sunoco Service Gas for County car <br />Department of Highways Two doz. maps of county <br />Jas. McGraw, Inc. 1 Highway toroh <br />Moore's Service Station 1 horn button-trash truck <br />Division of Purchase & Print- 3 books Forms T-J-7(Tria1 Justice Office} <br />ing . <br />The C.B. Dolge Co. Dolco Handeez, Briteway cleaner <br />Richmond Office Supply Co.Inc 200 #2691 l~nuscript covers <br />Southern Stamp & Stationary iliRepairing 1 Bates numbering machine <br />Ace. Fastener Corp. One Ace fastener repaired <br />T.S. Beckwith & Co. One rubber stamp <br />Di~ie Supply Co. Roofing-Bon ~ir Water System <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />75.00 v <br />5.00 ......- <br />5.00.""" <br /> <br />5.65 ....-- <br />3.00,,/' <br />64.08 . <br /> <br /> <br />225.00 .".,.-. <br />3.15 v' <br /> <br /> <br />$ 6.00 <br />8.50 <br />4.50 <br />1.85 <br />40.25 <br />4.79 <br />2.40 <br />1.10 <br />.75 <br />3.00 <br /> <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid by the Exec. Sec'y. from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />St~te Forester of Virginia <br />Emporia Brick Corp. <br />Cot-ten Sales <br />N.B. Goodwyn & Sons <br />Chas. C. Russell <br />R.R. Jones,Co.Agt. (Col.) <br />The Arnold Company <br />Welfare Department <br />Clyde 1. BO'A'Dlan <br /> <br />Mrs. Theo. T. Cogbill,P.M. <br />R.O. Pastorfield <br />!~s. C.R. Bishop <br />Tomahwak Filling Station <br />Moses Pergerson <br />John H. Frischkorn, Jr. <br />Dorton's Marke~ <br />Richmond Uffioe Supply <br /> <br />Forest fire oontrol service <br />10,000 brick and drayage <br />5 qts. oil-County car <br />Janitor~s supplies <br />Attending electoral board meeting during 1946 <br />Contribution to Colored County F&ir <br />V~intenance-police radio-Nov. 1946 <br />Donation for Christmas baskets <br />Installing 25 ft. pole and wiring for service <br />and 5 HP .m.otor at Centralia Gardens <br />Postcards (Treas. Office) <br />Completion of pump houses at Chesterfield C.H. <br />To collection of water bills-Bellewood !~nor <br />Gas ani oil used by Forest Fire Warden <br />Work on water systems <br />Pipe plugs <br />Gas and oil <br />Deed Sheets and Gen.Mortgages <br /> <br />..-,;";:!;. <br />