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<br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid by the Exec. See'''. from t~ General Countv i'und. can't." <br /> <br />t~ore's Service Station <br />R.B. Augustine Ins. Agency Inc. <br />\~m. H. Branch &; Co. <br /> <br />Gas, oil and labor-Co. truck <br />Bond of Craig S. Ro~aine-Police Officer <br />Insurance premium of policies of Chester <br />Vol. Firemen <br />One flasher siren <br />Subscription Jan.l,1947 to Jan.l,1948 <br />Advertising delinquent list <br />Advertising-rezoning-L.E. ~alton Co~ <br />Two 750x20 - 8 ply tires for trash truck <br />Battery-Fire Warden's Truck <br />To repairing leaks in Juuges office &; jail <br />5,000 bricks-Courthouse <br />To 135 water bills collected ~ 5 cts. <br /> <br />$ 21.93 V <br />5.00 <br /> <br />91. 25 . <br />'20.38" < <br />125.00" ... <br />164.00' <br />9.00" <br />67.18" <br />10.95w <br />10.10. <br />120.00'- <br />. 6.75 .- <br /> <br />w.s. Darley & Company <br />Virginia State Chamber of Com. <br />The Progress-Index <br />Richmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />Goodrich Silvertown, Inc. <br />Sears, Roebuck &; Co. <br />H.A. Hawkins &; Co. <br />Emporia Brick Corp. <br />Chesterfield County Bank <br />S.P. Spain, Treas. <br />Farmers' Mutual Beuefit assoc. Premium on policy for bldgs. on Fair Grounds <br />Concrete Pipe &; Products Co. Inc 25 6" plugs-Utilities Dept. <br />John H. Frischkorn,Jr. 2 valva keys~ corp. cocks - Utilities Dept. <br />Concrete Pipe & Products Co.lnc.1500 Masonry units <br />Mechanics &; Merchants Bank Withholding tax from salaries of Co. employ. <br />The C & P Tel. Co. Local service-E1khardt Fire Dept. <br />Clyde L. Bowman Installing pole and wiring for service and <br />pump motor-Bon Air water pump <br /> <br />"Claims Paid from the Do~ Tax Fund by the Executive Secretary:" <br /> <br />E.J. Gorman <br />A.J. Horner <br /> <br />Game viarden <br />Deputy Game Warden <br /> <br />37.20 ...- <br />2.70'- <br />196.75" <br />152.88" ....- <br />199-. 20 <br />9.45 <br /> <br />l50.M &2..86.,.2 <br /> <br />100.00 <br />50.00 $150.00 <br /> <br />"Ettrick San. Dist. Operating l!'und Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary:" <br /> <br />Miss Grace B. Pond <br />B. i.. Walton <br />The C &; P. Tel. Co. <br />H.A. Hawkins & Co. <br /> <br />H.A. Hawkins &. Co. <br /> <br />H.A. Hawkins &; Co. <br /> <br />Petersburg ~uto Parts <br />'/{m. H. Branoh & Co. <br /> <br />R.A. Hawkins <br />City Water "orks <br />Gerald L. Pond <br />Virginia Elee. & Power Co. <br /> <br />District Clerk <br />Janitor MUnioipal Bldg. <br />Local service~Ettriok Fire Dept. <br />To making water and sewer connections <br />on Seoond Ave. <br />To servicing oil burner and repairing <br />closet tank at MUnicipal Bldg. <br />'ro making water and sewer connections on <br />Tot.ty st. <br />Gasoline for Ettrick Fire Truck <br />Premium on Ins. pOlicies for Ettriok <br />Volunteer. Firemen <br />vieter and sewer connect ions on at. <br />Water used during Nov. 1946 <br />Reading Water~ters <br />Current used Ettrick lleter pump <br />" " Municipal Bldg. <br /> <br />$~1.2a <br />1.32 <br /> <br />Virginia Elec. &; Pover Co. <br /> <br />~Claims Paid from the Manchester San. Dist.Operatlnp: Fund:" <br /> <br />Current used <br />" It <br />n " <br />n ~ <br /> <br />vioodstoc k Water System <br />Dupont Square <br />Sunset Ave., Bo~ Air <br />Gregory's <br /> <br />W.L. Jones <br /> <br />"Claims Paid from the .Manchester San. Dist. Construction Fund: t, <br /> <br />Robt. Be 11 <br /> <br />Moses-Pergusson <br /> <br />Alexander & l.[arrin <br /> <br />Concrete Pipe &. Product Co. <br />Goyne Cement Block Co. <br />R.C. Berry , <br />A. Robins <br />John H. Frischkorn,Jr. <br />Virginia Machinery &iie 11 <br />John H. Frisohkorn,Jr. <br />Dorton's Market <br /> <br />Clyde L. Bowman <br /> <br />E.C. Pastorfield <br />TO,lIlahawk l!111ing <br />Hajoca Corp. <br />Hajoca Corp. <br /> <br />Stat ion <br /> <br />$225.00 <br />30.0.0 <br />111.40 <br />8.60. <br /> <br />'Iork on water systems <br />"ithholding Tax <br />Work on water systems <br />Withholding Tax <br />vlork on water systems <br />30 hrs. ~ 65 ets. <br />Digging trenches for water iines <br />Stop 17, Broad Rock Rd., Hopkins Rd., <br />Belt Blvd. and Jahnke Road. <br />25 6" plugs <br />775 cement blocks at Stop 17 <br />Laying cement blocks at Stop 17 <br />Labor on water systems for Nov.l~46 <br />8 4" hub and gate valves <br />Co.lnc one galv cross <br />50 3/4" black plugs, 20 1/2" plugs <br />Gas and oil for Water Dept..s truck for <br />Oct. and Nov. <br />Installing pole and wiring for service and <br />pump motor at Stop 17 <br />Comp+etion of pump house at Stop 17 <br />Gas arid oil used in Water Dept's truck <br />Unions, tees, and steel pipe <br />100 3/4" curb cocks for copper pipe <br /> <br />$ 40.00 <br /> 7.50 <br /> 6.25 <br /> 57.70 <br /> 8.50. <br /> 76.40 <br /> 2.40 <br /> 91.25 <br /> 67.25 <br /> 212.05 <br /> 14.90 <br /> 32.52 $616.72 <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />8.92 <br />2.04 <br />.84 <br />13.00 <br /> <br />$24.80 <br /> <br />1:56.00 <br />92.90 <br /> <br />17 .80 <br />1;574.10" <br /> <br />2.70" <br />Z39.~-/ <br />205.0.01-' <br />190.00~ <br />193.65k <br />2.00' <br />1.86 <br /> <br />~5.74 <br /> <br />87.931' <br />96 .0 aJ. <br />12.37" <br />118.40 <br />269.50.'" <br />