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<br />he C &. P Tel. Co. <br /> <br />City of Petersbure Jail <br />State Forester of Ve. <br />R.B. Augustine Ins.J~gency <br /> <br />R.D. ~,~oore <br />E.T. Ritchie,J.P. <br />Dr. C.Vi. Lynn <br />Dr. T.B. Pope <br />Ml's. Helen M. Romaine <br />Henrico County <br />Dr. P.L. Hill <br />[). il'. Ellison <br />The ilXn01d Co. <br />Travis & Brother <br /> <br />Davenport Insurance Corp. <br /> <br />Dr. E.L. ~helton,Jr. <br />Truby Uotor Corupany <br /> <br />Dr. L.C. Lush <br /> Helen 1:. Romaine <br /> <br />Virginia Elec. & Po;,.;er Co. <br />R.B. Augustine Ins.~gency <br />Proffitt Cleaners <br />Dr. L.H. Apperson <br />Dr. J.G. Loving <br /> <br />Local ~nd long distance service-Jan.l <br />thru Jan. 31, 1947 <br />22 prlsoner'days for December, 1846 <br />Forest Firecontrol service 11/3 to 12/28/46 <br />Bond of J. Wm. Dance,Treas. on $35,000.00 <br />(the above represents 2/3 of the premium) <br />Coal for Courthouse <br />Comndssion of lunacy-Tony Hammock <br />Lunacy commission-" " <br />" " " " <br /> <br />1illals served prisoners in Chesterfield lock-up <br />rr.cals served prlsoners h. Henrico Jail <br />Coroner services-Infant Thomas <br />Ice for ~onth of December,1946 <br />Maintene.Ilce Police Radio for Dccember,1946 <br />Fuel oi 1 for Camp 1/.'71.20 <br />" "Conservation Officer 62.57 <br />Ins. permium for three yrs. cn office bldg. <br />at Courthouse <br />Coroner services-Pauline Kathleen Carneal <br />Gas and oil-County car $21.99 <br />" It "-Chester Fire Truck 19.56 <br />" " "-Count.y Truck 39.08 <br />Luuacy commission-Annie May Jessup <br />Meals served priconers in Chesterfield lock-up <br />(Part month) <br />Street lighting for Jonuary,1947 <br />Bond of Raymond C. Phillips,Police Officer <br />Laundry for jail <br />Lunacy commission-Joseph H. Bennett <br />" " 11 It 11 <br /> <br />"Claims Authorizec. b r the Exec. Sec' . from the G0neral Count Fund: 11 <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Pete. Office Equip.Co. <br />Burroughs AdQing l~ch.Co. <br />Buildings Equip. & Sup.Co. <br />Southern Paper & Sup.Co. <br />Patton & Company <br />Chester Supply Co. <br />T.S. Bec~vith & Co. <br /> <br />Office Supplies <br />One 16" Line-A-Time <br />Three adding machine ribtons <br />Drinking cups, electric bu1QS <br />5,OOO!sheets'mlmeograph paper <br />5-gallon No-rub wax <br />One hanuner and one bulb <br />Tuee Binders, one rubber stamp for Comm. of <br />Rev. 's office <br />N.E. Goodv~n & Sons Janitor Supplies <br />Spencer Printing Co. 2,000 #10 envelopes <br />Everett I/aqdey Co. 24 books Cl~S Forms lf4 (ClcrM office) <br />Southern Stamp & StationeryCo. 1 dater ('l'reaslOffiee) <br />C & P Tel. Co. Local service Fire Dept. f.2 <br />ViI'ginia Elee. & Pov1er Co. Current used Trevillian ":"ve.-Bon Air <br /> <br />Current used Centrelia Gardens & Bellewood V~nor <br />Current used Chester V!ater Pump <br />2" water hose coupled one end <br />Apportionment of salary of Juuge of Circuit Court <br />Collection of delinouent taxes <br />Gas and oil for truek used by ~~. Robins-water d. <br />Copper Tubing, adapters, threadope, bolts and <br />caulking lead <br />Curti s ]~arine Co. Inc. To reCharging 15 Ibs C02 <br />Treas. A.C.L. RR Co. For lease of depot space Centralia Va. for 1/4U <br />Carwile's Sunoeo Service Gas, oil a~d ~ashing car (County Car) <br />Emrick Chevrolet SalesCorp.\.ork on Elkhardt Fire Dept. 's TrUCk <br />Emporia Frick Corp. Drayage on 5,000 briCks <br />Schrum Auto Service iiork on Count" trash truck <br />Richmond Newspap~rs Inc. Legal notice on rezoning <br />League of Virginia Counties Dues for cembership in League of Va. Counties <br />J.T. ~illard,Sgt. Co. of Chesterfield Va Burt C. Boger, et als <br />A.~". Toler & Co. imdit of records of Chesterfield County for <br />year ended June 30,1946 <br />fo office and leader trainin~ supplies <br />10,000 lbs. gravel-(Sherbollrne Heightc) <br />1. 5 tons gravel <br />Tc 143 water bills collected ~ 5cts. <br />Replacing door spring on fire warden's truck <br />1379 miles ~, 5 cts <br />Tax Forms ovelprinted <br />Carom. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield VUe <br />heirs of Joel Cashion, deceased <br />Comm. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield Va <br />Heirs of Joel Cashion, deceased <br />Comm. of Va. and Col of Chesterfield vs <br />Heirs of Joel Cashion, deceased <br />Petersburg Notice of Co~~ssioner's hearing <br />Cugbill,P.M. Tvo coils 3ct. stamps (Treas Office <br /> <br />Labor water systems <br />tI tI " <br />" tI <br /> <br />Virginia E1ec & Power Co. <br />Virginia E~ec & Power Co. <br />Richmond Rubber Co. <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br />H.B. Gilliam,Atty. <br />Tom,ahawk Filling Station <br />Hajoca Corp. <br /> <br />Nancy H. Fallen <br />Southern Materials Co.Inc. <br />Southern lIlaterials Co. Inc. <br />Chesterfield Co. Bank <br />Heaths Garage <br />Brandon Steed <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br />Sgt. Hampton, Virginia <br /> <br />eheriff, Princes ann Co. <br /> <br />J.T. Willard, Sgt. <br /> <br />Sgt. City of <br />Hrs. Theo T. <br />W.L.Jones <br />Robert Bo:ll~) <br />Moses Pergerson <br />The C&P Tel. Co. <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br /> <br />89.25 <br />368.58 <br />2.00v <br />5.30' <br />5.301(' <br />19.50 <br />119.50 <br />10.00 <br />8.88 <br />100.00 <br /> <br />26.00 <br />390. B4 <br />5.00 <br />19.99 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br /> <br />$ 4.60 <br />25.92 <br />2.70 <br />3t.30 <br />15.7.3 <br />12.50 <br />1.20 <br /> <br />5.87 <br />34.73 <br />18.50 <br />58.11 <br />6.12 <br />8.45 <br />1. 40$231 <br /> <br />~).Q.1 ~20 <br />3.25 <br />5.00 <br />7.45 <br />12.48 <br />40.00 <br />7.00 <br />19.80 <br />300.00 <br />2.25 <br /> <br />fiscal <br />850.00 <br />7100 <br />10.34 <br />2.14 <br />7.15 <br />2.CO <br />70.45 <br />45.50 <br /> <br />20.25 <br />4. 25 v <br />and ~ec. Sec'yZO.06 <br /> <br />· 7..00 <br /> <br />, '7'.'7j <br />9.4.5 ' <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />-......_~--~----..........- _._--- --. --- <br /> <br />tI <br /> <br />Se~vice-Manchest€r Fire Dept. <br />