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<br /> <br />.it. Hawkins, J.P. <br />.T. Willard, Sgt. <br /> <br />.B. Gilliam, Atty. <br />ruby Motor Company <br /> <br />r. P.L. Hill <br />.H. Apperson, M.D. <br />athan B. White, J.P. <br />C.&P Tel. Company <br />state Forester of Va. <br />. Bryant <br />enrico County <br /> <br />Dr. C.W. Lynn <br />Dr. J.G. Loving <br />P.L. Hill, M.D. <br />s. Helen M. Romaine <br />L.C. Lush, M.d. <br />City of Petersb~rg Jail <br />State Dept. of nealth <br />T.B. Pope, M.D. <br />S.W. Ellison <br />Tomahawk Filling Station <br />Burroughs Adding Mach.Co. <br /> <br />To~hawk Filling Station <br />Wm. H. Branch &. Co. <br />Chestertield Co. Bank <br />Virginia Elec. &. Power Co. <br />Virginia Elec. &. Power Co. <br />Virginia Elec. &. Power Co. <br /> <br />Virginia ~lec. & Power Co. <br />Nathan B. White,J.P. <br />Dr. F.J. iiright,Jt. <br />Dr. James A. Thweatt <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized b <br /> <br />lExeou t i v <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />Issuing warrant...Nancy C. La:wrenoe 3.00....' <br />SerT_ of Commissioner's notices in suits <br />brought by the Com. otiVa. and Co. of Chester. 6.75 <br />Co. of Chesterfield vs. Mid..City Farms 52.24 <br />Gas and 011 County car $ 18.34 <br />" " '''l'''~rash Truck 100.72 119.06 <br />Lunaoy commissions and call to William.sburg, Va. 5.85...... <br />Lunacy oommission-Riohard W. Booker 5.00 <br />" "-Minnie A. Jones 3.00....' <br />Local servioe Feb.l thru Feb.28,1947 328.48 <br />Forest fire control-Deo.l, t46-Jan.ll, '47 197.56....- <br />Lunacy oolllmi ssi ons.. ( 3 ) -Act ing co rone r (:3) l6.00.r' <br />272 Chesterfield County State Prisoner days <br />for January, 1947 81.60...... <br />Lu~oy commission-Mrs.. w'a1a A. JOU8 5.00"" <br />tuXUlOY: eo-.iSlJioai!'~au.lcHLL ISte;vher ana. mileage . r5.86 <br />Coroner's ser~loe8",Mr. Pampl1n,Mr. N.L. Vaughan 20.00 <br />82 meals served prisoners in Chesterfield 10ck-up4l. 90 v" <br />Lunaoy commission-Baraara S. Shooam1th 5.00,. <br />36 prisoner days for. Janua~y 1947 l6.20v <br />payment dur three months endns Mar.13,1947 l8'15~OO <br />Coroner servlc8s-.Chas.R.Jonss &: T.L. Euband 20.00 <br />Ice for January for Courthouse 12.63 <br />Gas and oil tor Utilities Dept. Truck 10~5t <br />Mechanioal service as per agreement 2-11-47 <br />to 6-11-47 17~62.... <br />Gas and oil used .l!'orest Fire Wardens truok 19.80 <br />Premium on Chesterfield Vol. Fire Dept.i2 36.8$ <br />To 143 water billa for Chester collected C 5ats. 7;15 <br />Street Lighting for Feb. 1947 390.&4 <br />Current,used Bell.wood llanor water pump 12~9~ "" <br />Current used C.H., Camp Banker, 5lefare Dept. <br />and Clerk's Ot't'i~e 113.60 <br />Current use4..Chesterllater 30.44 <br />Lunacy commisslon..Lloyd M. .gee 3.00-' <br />" """" 5.00...... <br />". II It. '! " 5 0 v' 60z 856 ( <br />- ~~ - - ""', . <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />H.C. Floyd,Jr. <br />Southern Stamp &. Stationery <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Carwile's Sunoco Servioe <br />MOore's Service Station <br />Petersburg Office Equip.Co. <br />O.B. Dolge 00. <br />J.I. Holoomb r~g. Co.t <br /> <br />the Executive SeoretsrT fr~ the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Welding chair legs for otrice obair-Trees.Of. <br />Cyclo daterI stamp. an.. 4 pad oleaner <br />2,000 '1 00 1 envelopes <br />Zerex andwashingoo~ty o~r <br />Lubri08 ting County TruQk <br />Ink pad and one bottle. ink <br />6 boxes Deodoroma refills <br />One cartoon Window oleaner <br /> <br />3.00 <br />1.g6"'" <br />4.10 <br />3.1Q v <br />1;00 <br />.75 <br />10.83 <br />11 80 .36.59 <br /> <br /> <br />"Misoellaneous Claims Paid b the Exeoutive Secretar from the Genera <br /> <br />Premium on Chevrolet truok(Chester Fire Dept) t 72.00 <br />Couplings, galv. pipe 128.6& <br />Repairing left door look, cbeoking transmission, <br />and differential-repairing rear view mirror, <br />installing battery-Trash Truok <br />Sand and gravel (Buildings and Grounds) <br />Co. 25 6" plUgs (Utilities Dept.) <br />Notices-Rezoning <br />Gas SRd oil for truck for Utilities Dept. <br />& One U 552 Diaphram for 3" C.M.C. pump <br />!elephone for Chester Fire.Pept. <br />Jlanchestert'ire Dept. 1f2 <br />One mobile radio set complete and installed <br />Co. Current used water system-Trevillian Avenue <br />To ditching water trenohes-Sherbourne Heights <br />Co. of Chestertleld Va James Heirs <br />Co. of Chesterfie4t Vx Laura B. Jones, et sls <br />Co. of Chesterfield .Va Heirs of Nanoy Neal <br />Dismantling, . cleaning and oilind Underwood type. <br />To servioing ana. reoharging 10 soda acid type <br />tire extinguishers-To.turnishing and installing <br />4 head gaskets <br />NolaDd Company Glsv. pipe, tees, bushing, (Utilities Dept.) <br />C.H. Dorsett Hdwe Corp. 0 e shovel, one saw drill, padlock, rues, etc. <br />R.D. Moore Sioker coal-18 tons <br />Everett Waddey Company 50 farms-Petitions of ~ualified Voters <br />Brown-Mooney Supply Co.t 5 bags cement <br />Concrete Pipe & Products Co. 25 6" concrete sewer pipe #2 <br />John H. Frischkorn,Jr. Gal. pipe, bushing, tees, unions, gate valves <br />Curtis Marine Co. ,Inc. To reCharging two 15-CB C02; one horn for 15 <br />lb. C02; one fire ax <br />J.T. Willard, Sgt. Co. ot Chestertield Vs. W.V. Bussey, et sls 1.50 <br />Southern Stamp &. Stationey Co. 'l'wo chrome plated~ badges, one chrome oap badge . <br />(POlice offioer) i2.05 <br />One 700-20 10 ply reoap (Utilities Dept.) 9.44 <br /> <br />R.B. Augustine Ins. Agency <br />John H.Frischkorn,Jr. <br />Chester MOtor Co. <br /> <br />Friend & Company <br />Concrete Pipe &. Products <br />Richmond Newspape~s,Ino. <br />Dorton's Mar ke t <br />Richmond Machinery <br />C & P Tel. Co. <br />C & P Te 1. Co. <br />The Arnold Co. <br />Virginia ~lec. and Power <br />Aleander & Marrin <br />Sgt. Newport News. <br />Sgt. City of Richmond <br />H.B. Gilliam, Atty <br />Petersburg Oftioe _quip.Co. <br />Fire Protection Equip. Co. <br /> <br />Riohmond Rubber Co. <br /> <br />9.51 <br />106.34.... <br />3.15.... <br />16.50 <br />31.44 <br />3.85 <br />4.75 J,. <br />10.901-' <br />475.00 <br />1. 20 v <br />1453.56 <br />1.50 <br />~ :'.96 <br />H.9S <br />13.75 v' <br /> <br />11.00 ...... <br />4lil8.23 <br />10.55 <br />lQ9.50 <br />2.66 <br />3.92" <br />13.95 ..- <br />9.64 <br />