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<br /> <br />his day the Executive Secretary brought to the Board's attention the fact that ur. <br />.A. Hawkins has been serving as sewer inspeotor for Ettrick for several years and <br />as.anxious to be relieved of the job. Upon oonsideration whereof, and on motion <br />f J.G. Hening, it is resolved toot this matter be deferred until the next meeting <br />f the Board on April 8, 1947. ' <br /> <br />his day the Executive Secretary read an application from Mr. William H. Jerome. for <br />tb9 rezoning of an area along the HO'pewelL Rt. 10, beginning at the intersection ot <br />t. 696 and thenorth side of Route #10, a distance of approximately 450 teet, to a <br />epth of approximately 500 feet to Route 618. Upon consideration whereot, and on <br />otion of H.T. Goyne, it is resolveu that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby <br />is instructed to advertise same for fUrther hearing. <br /> <br />his day the Executive Secretary read a letter trom Lindsey and Sheppard, Inc.. re- <br />uesting that there be taken into the Secondary Road System of Chesterfield County <br />certain roads in "Sherbroune Heights" known as Rothmore Road, Brentwood Circle, <br />trathmore Road, and Mill Road. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion ot <br />.G. Hening, it is resolved tha t this matter be referred to the Road Committee. <br /> <br />'" <br /> <br /> <br />I'his day the matter of the improvement of a private road known as the Flynn Road was <br />rought to the attention ot the Board by Mr. Vi.A. Horner. Upon consideration wher - <br />of, and on motion of W.A. Horner, the Executive Seoretary be and he hereby is in- <br />struoted to attempt to secure sufticient right-of-way for this road to be taken into <br />the Highway System and for that right-ot-way he should not pay more than $500.00 per <br />ere. <br /> <br />his day the Executive Secretary brought to the Board's attention several requests <br />for extensions of lines ot the Chester Water System. Upon consideration whereof, <br />nd on motion ot H.T. Goyne, it is resolved that under the present financial con- <br />dition of the water systems ih Chsstertield County outside of operating sanitary <br />istricts, that where extensions to the lines were requested the applicant would be <br />required to pay the cost ot suoh extension which would be returned to him under the <br />olicy of the Board for a l~% return at the time of the sale of the proposed revenue <br />onds in Chesterfield County, on in the event that the authority to sell revenue <br />onds be denied to the Board of Supervisors by an election, the cost of the line pai <br />y this applica~t shall be returned to him by credit of his monthly water bill and/o <br />such other bills as shall be paid. by other persons connecting to this extension. <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />This day ~. T.D. Y;atkins called the Board's attention to a resolution passed by the <br />Board of Supervisors on February 11, H~4l, requesting the State Department of High- <br />ways to make a survey of a road in Mldlothian District and later requested the High- <br />way Department to discontinue the survey. and it now appeared that such a survey <br />ould be desirable. It is resolved on motion of T.D. watkins, that the Virginia <br />Department of Highways be and is hereby requested to make a survey in accordance <br />with the former resolution of this Board as follows: <br /> <br />"This day came Mr. John Guy and others being property owners in Chesterfield <br />County, along the Jamss River, between the Westham Bridge and Rt. 44, where same <br />enters Powhatan County and petitioned this Board to establish a new county road <br />by extending the Cherokee Road until the same intersected Rt. 44, near the Pow- <br />hatan County Line, and oftered to turnish the right-ot-wayfor the said proposed <br />roadway. <br />Upon oonsideration whereof, and on motion of T.D. Watkins, it is resolved <br />tha t the Virginia Department of Highways be and it hereby is requested to make <br />a survey ot the proposed road, ~ithout cost to the County, looking to the esta- <br />blishment of a road as a permanent location of Rt. 44." <br /> <br />\ <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary reported to the Board that he had purchased from the <br />War bSsets Administration, two NaVY crash trucks to be converted into fire trucks fo <br />Chesterfield County for the sum ot $1084.0G. Upon consideration whereof, and on <br />otion ot H.T. Goyne. it is resolved that the Board ot Supervisors approve this <br />purchase. <br /> <br />This day Mr. T.D. Watkins stated that he felt a Planning Commission for Chesterfield <br />County would be a very desirable asset and would relieve the Board of Super.lsors of <br />much ot the details of Zoning. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of T~D. <br />Watkins. it is resolved that the Board of SUpervisors take steps to have appointed <br />a Planning Commission for Chestertield County, which motion died for the want of a <br />seoond. <br /> <br />This day Mr. H.T. Goyne reported to the Board that Mr. J.G. Morris had contacted him <br />wishing tllwsell a water system in the Subdivision of "l4ayt'air" near Hopewell. Upon <br />consideration whereof, and on motion of RtT. Goyne. it is resolved that the matter <br />be referred to a Committee to conter ~uth Nr. MOrris and report back to this Board <br />at the next meeting of the Board. Whereupon the Chairman appointed Mr. H.T. <br />Goyne and the Executive Secretary as this Committee. <br />