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<br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid From the General Fund by the Executive Secretary:" <br /> <br />#2 Fuel oil-800 gals.- Health Dept. <br />Lunacy ooJlll1li ssion-Franlv R. Shermer <br />of Md. Premium on bond of Wm. E. Martin-Police <br />Co. Street lighting in County for April 1947 <br />Coroner's servioes-Linwood A. Marsh <br />Commission 01' lunaoy-Frank Courtney Tinsely <br />Lunacy commission-Edward C. Harris <br />2200 lbs. ice for C.H.-12 tons stoker coal <br />Coroner's services-Doris Cook, Odell Cook, <br />Baby Roy Cook 30.00 <br />Jury Commissioner 5.00", <br />" " 5.00 <br />& Power Co. Current used Chester Water System 42.08 <br />Jury Commissioner 5.00 <br />72 meals served prisoners in Chesterfield Lock-up 36.00 <br />To servioes rendered-Ida D. Scott, Osborne Ridley- <br />.Cliftord Sturtevant, Wm. H. Coy, Mrs. BenJ. Bass~~' <br />Coroner's servioes-Ward A. Snow, Mrs. Minnie H. <br />Moring, Levi Crawley and Razel Crawley and Perry <br />Joe L. Crawford <br />Current used Centralia Gardens and Bellewood <br />Manor water pumps .. <br />Current used Camp Baker, Courthouse and \velfare <br />De~. ~ <br />Commi ssion 01' lunaoy-Richard vi. Booker, ~zel <br />C. Goyne <br />Dorton's Market Gas and oil-Water Dept.'s Truck <br />State Forester 01' Virginia Forest fire control services <br />Feb. 2 - Maroh 26, 1947 <br />4 qts. Solarene, 1 Hudson continuous spraver <br />20 prisoner days tor March ~ 45 cts. <br />Gas and oil-Forest Fire Warden's truck <br />1 box fuses, 1 pkg. steel wool-Utilities Dept. <br />1 pick handle. 1 shovel <br />Commission of lunacy-Lil1ia Mae Farmer <br />Gas and oil County car . <br />" " " County Truck <br />" ~ ~ Chester Fire Truck <br />Adjustment.ot 1946 charges tor keeping Chester- <br />tield prisoners in Henrioo jail as provIded by <br />contract of Dec. 12, 1944 <br />237 Chesterfield County State Prisoner days far <br />Maroh 1947 <br />Premiums on trucks <br />42 meals served prisoners in Chesterfield lock- <br />up. <br />For lease 01' depot space at Centra1ia,Va. for <br />Feb. 1947 <br /> <br />Travis & Brot18 r <br />L.H. Apperson. M.D. <br />Fidelity & Deposit Co. <br />Virginia Elec. & Power <br />T.B. Pope, M.D. <br />L.R. Apperson. M.D. <br />C.W. Lynn, M.D. <br />S. W. Elllsoll <br />M. Martowi tz, M.D. <br /> <br />i 76.00 <br />5.70 <br />Officer 5.00 <br />390.84 <br />10.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />135.921" <br /> <br />F.W. Bruoe <br />J.S. Ritchie <br />Virginia Electrio <br />W.A. Horner <br />Mrs. He le n M. Romaine <br />Medical College 01' Va. <br /> <br />Kenneth J. Cherry.M.D. <br /> <br />Virginia ~lec. & Power Co. <br />Virginia E1ec. & Power Co. <br /> <br />J.G. LOVing, M.D. <br /> <br />T.W. Wood and Sons <br />City 01' Petersburg Jail <br />Tomahawk FillIng Station <br />A.L. L~n~ser, <br /> <br />L~D~ Lush; M~D. <br />Truby Motor Company <br /> <br />Renrico County <br /> <br />Henrico County <br /> <br />L.W.T. Bulifant <br />~s. Helen M. Romaine <br /> <br />J.A. Spiers. Agt. <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized by Exeoutive Secretary from the General Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />Richmond Offlce SUpply Co. 1 Release book - 1 Ittl1 book cover $ <br />Richmond Office SUpply Co. 1 Chancery Order Cook - 4 #78 Casco Punches <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. 1 Dead Book cover and Canvas shield <br />Richmond Structural Seeel Co :30 angles (Office Building) <br />Everett Waddey Co. 4 ~ads Ford 64 Petition of Qualified Voters <br />Powell-Cole Statiollery Co. 1 '421-26 sheet holder <br />G.H. Cogbill 1 box fuses (Clerk's Rffioe) <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. 1 Stratowriter pen (Clerk's Office) <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. 50 forms 109R Mem. 01' facts-50 forms 169R <br />List of heirs. <br />~rs. Theo. T. Cogbill, P.M. One coil 3 cta stamps-Utilities Dept. <br />H.F. Hobart Tracings-Seotion ot Tax Map <br />Spencer Printing Co. 500 Police Call Sheets-5000 4x6" oards <br />C.H. Dorset Hdwe. Corp. One Steel tape-Utilities Dept. <br />Southern Stamp & Stationery Co. Filing Cabi net (Mips) <br />Chandler Shade Co. 13 Venetian blinds installed (Convervation Of.) <br />Treasurer 01' Virginia Tax due based on total amount ot payrolls of <br />County <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. 1.000 Forms T-18i x 14, 1,000 1'roms T-3-l4 <br />Chester Supply Co. 2 hoe forks, 1 pitchfork <br /> <br />"Claims Paid from the General County Fund by the Exeoutive Seoretary:" <br /> <br />Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Thr~e 60 gallon stone crocks (Water systems) <br />Appomattox Iron Works 4x2;" black flush bushing-4x2" ga1v bushing <br />The Ha10id Company One Rectigraph Duplex Machine and supplies <br />(Clerk's Otfioe) . <br />6i Cu. Yds. Conorete (Courthouse; <br />Furnishing crystal and ohanging over State <br />Police Reoeiver at Police Dept. to the new <br />State frequency <br />1947 Ford V-8. 158" chassis and cab <br />Gas and oil <br /> <br />Company 2 cu. yds. concrete <br /> <br />Friend & Company <br />The Arnold Company <br /> <br />Petersburg Motor Co. <br />~Anderson & Woodfin <br />Southern Materials <br />Virginia <br /> <br /> <br />5.00 <br /> <br />-+.,f, ,84~ <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />60.00 <br />157.41 <br />40.00 <br />42.0t) <br />4.17 <br />1.9t)" <br />.30 <br />l5.00v <br /> <br /> <br />5.18 <br />15.03 <br />4.16 <br />54.00 <br />2.75 <br />67.50 <br />157.8t) <br /> <br />$738.51 <br /> <br />$112.50 <br />3.l5 <br /> <br /> <br />3,811.48 <br />74.75 <br /> <br />10.00 <br />l,452.38 <br />13.26 <br />20.60 <br />