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<br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid from the General County Fund by the Exec. Sect'y:" <br /> <br />P.L. Hill, M.D. <br />Old Dominion Lunch <br />Kenneth J. Cherry, M.D. <br />Mrs. Helen M. Romaine <br />City Collector, Rlchmond <br />S. Vi. Ellison <br />Kenneth J. Cherry, M. D. <br />C &. P Tel. Co. <br />C &. P Tel. Co. <br />State Forester of Virginia <br />The Arnold Company <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />R.C. Hooker, ~.D. <br /> <br />M. Markowitz, M.D. <br />Truby MOtor Company <br /> <br />General Oil Company <br />County of Henrieo <br />~s. helen M. Ron:aine <br />The C &. P Tel. Co. <br />Virginia Elee &. Power Co. <br /> <br />Coroner services-Mbl1ie E. Jones <br />12 meals for prisoners <br />Coroner services-Leonari S. Hogwood <br />54 meals served prisoners in Chesterfield lock-up <br />Cost of responding to fire call on dredge <br />Ice for Courthouse - 5 tons coal <br />Coroner's services-Edward N. Jefferson <br />Local services-Chester Fire Dept. <br />Tel. service-May 1 thru l~y 31.1947 <br />Forest fire control servi ces <br />Radio maintenance-April, 1947 <br />15 prisoner days for April. 1947 <br />Lunacy commission-Annie M. Jessup <br />Hazel E. Coyne <br />Coroner's services-H~nry Louis Schutte <br />Gas and oil-County Truck <br />" " It -County car <br />" " It -Utilities Dept. <br />100 gallons-~l Euel oil-Chesterfield Fire Dept.U2 <br />Prisoners confined in Henrico County Jail <br />32 meals served prisone iI in Che sterfield lock-up <br />Tel. service-April thrq.i'!April 30,1947 <br />Street lighting in County for May. 1947 <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized by the Executive Secretcr~ from tm General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Remington Rand, Inc. <br />C.B. Dolge Company <br /> <br />Carwile's Sunoco Service <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. <br />C.H. Dorset Hd~e Corp. <br />looore's Service Station <br />J.P. Bell Company <br /> <br />Assorted Typewriter ribbons <br />Three-5 gallon Dolco Numastio and one gallon <br />Solvent and thinner <br />Gas. tire. repairing and washing-Co.oar <br />Gem clilJs. staples. erase rs, and 3x5" files <br />1 box oarbon llx17" - 2 mad. leather tab indexes <br />Galv. ,'nip~1:es:-anfi~rtees-Ut1l1 ties Dept. <br />Tire Repair- County oar <br />2 index blnders <br /> <br />"Claims authorized by the Executi ve Secretary from the General County Fund: It <br /> <br />I~s. Theo. T. Cogbill.P.M. <br />J.T. Willard, Sgt. <br /> <br />James P. Robinson <br />J . T. ~J illard, Sgt. <br /> <br />H.B. Gilliam, Atty. <br /> <br />H.B. Gilliams. Atty. <br /> <br />Mrs. Theo T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />Medical College of Va. <br />Msdical College of Va. <br />hichmond l~wspapers, Inc. <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br />Mitchell's Well &. Pump Co. <br /> <br />Old Dominion Iron &. Steel <br />Friend &. Company <br />Va. l~chinery &. Well Co. <br />Richmond Rubber Co. <br />Hajoca Corp. <br />N.B. Goodwyn &. Sons <br />W.W. LaPrade &. Bros. <br /> <br />H.B. Gilliam, Atty. <br /> <br />Anderson &. Woodfin <br />AndersoJL&. i100dfin <br /> <br />E.C. Pastorfie1d <br /> <br />t~s. Theo T. Cogbill,P.U. <br />JOM L. Anthony <br /> <br />Tomlinson Co. Ino. <br />John H. Frischkorn. Jr. <br />J.~'. Jefferies <br />Old Dominion Iron &. Steel <br />Corp. <br />Va. Electric &. Power Co. <br /> <br />-~""~ ... <br /> <br />'jillage <br />1535.20 <br />567.27 <br />74.75 <br />19.99 <br />17.35 <br />13.78 <br />32.37 <br /> <br />Envelopes (Treasurer) <br />Services in suit of Corom. of Va. and Co. of <br />Chesterfield vs Heirs of Geo. W. Garnett & <br />vi.M. Parrish <br />For right-of-way-Rt. 686 <br />Servioe of Commissionerts Notioes in suit of <br />Carom. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield vs Receiver <br />of Tax Title Co. of Richmond <br />To commissions and preliminary title <br />acres-Clover Hill Dist.-Oornelius o. <br />Comm. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield <br />B. Jones, et als <br />Stamps-Utilities Dept. <br />Servioes rendered-Claude Bock <br />Servioe s rendered-Samuel Wilson <br />Advertising on rezoning <br />Invoice forms, and Form 115 <br />Peerless water lubioated turbine pump for <br />of Bon Air <br />Corp. One pressure tank-Sherbourne heights <br />6t ou. yds concrete-Offioe bldg. <br />Gate valves, nipples. etlls, bushing-Utilities De. <br />2 700:x20" recaps-Uti1it ies Dept. <br />3/4" cap to IPM adafters-CP1gS. and solder <br />1x2-l2 and 2:x4-12" Administration Bldg.) <br />Maklng surveys to determine width of roadway in <br />Village of Midlothian. in order that Postoffice <br />may be served with a 50 foot roadway <br />Comma of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield Vs. W.V. <br />Bussey-~eirs of "Joe Allen and Heirs of Laniel <br />Gas. oil and repairs-Fire v/arden's Truck <br />Gas, oil and repairs-Nanohester Fire Dept. <br />n n " " -Uti1itles Dept. <br />2 coats paint pump house C.H. - 3 ooats paint on <br />new work of Recreational Bldg.-Camp Baker <br />2500 postal cards <br />Digging foundation and pouring footing for two <br />wings to administration Bldg. <br />~upplies - Utilities Dept. <br />69 ooils copper tubing-Utilities Dept. <br />Road right-of-way-Mldlothian Post Office <br /> <br />flee on 10 <br />Mile s <br />vs. Laura <br /> <br />$ 10.0 -" <br />7.2 .-- <br />10.0 <br />27.0 <br />675.0 y- <br />66.6 0/ <br />10.0 <br />4.7 v <br />353.3 ... <br />270.3 <br />100.0 <br />6 . 7 V'. <br /> <br /> <br />.......... <br />v. <br /> <br /> <br />.....- <br /> <br />i/ <br />0/ <br />...... <br />0/ <br />,r <br /> <br />$12.81 <br /> <br /> <br />79.78 <br />11.17 <br />34.05 <br />16.36 <br />1.78 <br />. 75 ~. <br />76.30 . '2.1~'OC <br /> <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />65.],2 <br /> <br />3.25 <br />100.00 <br /> <br />2.25 <br /> <br />14.91 <br /> <br />19.49 ~ <br />35.Q9 <br />97.57 <br />42.77 <br />9.30 <br />227.35 <br /> <br />One ODIS Unit 72":x:288-Bon Air E73.00 ,./ <br />Current used Centralia Gardens, Sherbourne Hgts. <br />Bellewood Manor, and Bon Air iJater Systems 50.08 y <br />