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<br />"Rcutine Standard Claims Pe:id b the Executive Secretar from the General ]'und:" <br /> <br />J. Russell Parkerj~.D. <br /> <br />Coroner'a Services &. mileage-Henry <br />Percival Fowler <br />Laundry for jail for 4 'months <br />30 meal served prisoners ~ 50cts. ea. <br />Local service-Eanchester Fire Dept. <br />Commissions of lunacy-Frank R. Sterner, <br />Lillie Mae Farmer) Edward Clyde Harris) <br />Frank C. Tinsely) Edward Mitchell, Ruffin <br />and Luther 'dright Matthews <br />State Forester of Virginia Farest fire control service-April 16-May 28,'4~ <br />Truby Motor Company Gas end oil County Car- $16.71 <br />" It It Trash Truck 65.68 <br />" It It Forest Fire Truck 4Z.00 <br />392 Chesterfield Co. State prisoner days for <br />1:ay) 1947 <br />Virginia Elec. &. Po\,er Co. Street lighting in County for June, 1947 <br />Virginia Elec. & "O\ier Co. Electric current-water pUMp-Sherbourne Heights <br />R.E. Augustine Ins. Agency Ins. on preMium on 1947 Stuaebaker Cccnpion Sedan <br />E.L. Shelton M.D. Coroner's Services-henry Mlison Glover <br />E. Harkowitz:1,:.D. Coroner';3 services-James Edison Boyd <br />G.R. Mahoney) r.:.D. Lunacy cOl1.lIC.ission-Lillie 1:ae :Farmer <br />~cnneth J. Cherry)Jr.,K.D Coroner's services-Edward Lee Haskins <br />D..... Hawkins Lunacy comroissioCl-Richard C. .~llen <br />P.L. Hillj M.D. " " "" It <br />C. "I'. Lynn, :!\~. D. " " If"" <br />J.B. Fisher) Il.D. " "-Harriett Draper <br />...P.l:o:,'rissettjM.D. " It " " <br />City of J:'etersburg Jail 26 prisoner daj's for 1:ay)1947 <br />T. B. Pope, 1\~.D. Coroner's services-Jas 1.:. Pride <br />" "-James T. Gittm8n <br />" "-Infant Schrieber <br /> <br />Proffitts Cleaners <br />~rs. Helen M. Romaine <br />The C & P Tel. Co. <br />R. Bryant <br /> <br />!J.enrico County <br /> <br />Fiedlity & Deposit Co. <br />Of Md. ~'remiun: on hor.d of.i.ll. li'lynn) Police Officer <br />J .rl.. Th1lvsatt)l:'.D.: Lunacy conlrlis sian-Clara Corene Patsel <br />J. Bolling Jones )1,:. D. " " " " " <br />NathanB. 'Iihite)J.P. " " " " " <br />Ers. Thea. T. Cogbill) P1'; Two coils 3ct. stamps-One coil let. stamps <br />Richmond Office Supply Co .lmvelope) le~al cap paper) type cleaner <br /> <br />"ClairnE' ,mthorized by the Lxecuti VB Secretary from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Royal Typewriter Co. Inc. '1\0 !loyal typewriters <br />Snyder Printing Co. Taxp'-1Y8rs' nottiles) rost cards) and <br />envelopes (Tross. Office) <br />~ichmond Office Supply Co. Two 300 p~ge books) Bon psper) elestic bands <br />(Trial Justice) <br />_verett ..b.dCi8y COIllpan~T 36 books Ci,S Forms (Clerk's Office I <br />Burrougt's ..dding 1.~nchine Co. ni'bbons <br />G3r\.;ile's Sl'noco Service Gas, oil, tire repair) spark plugs-Co. C:ir. <br />Spencer Printing Ce. ..ppraisal sheets-Clerk's Office <br /> <br />"r:iscellaneous Claims Paid from the G,_;nerEl1 Gounty Fund by the .LAec. Sect'S':" <br /> <br />Brandon Steed <br />Virginia Llec. & Power Co. <br /> <br />}':ileage for June,1917- 17::35 I:i.~ 5ets. <br />Current Be llev!ood 1r.anor &ne. Sherbourne <br />HJights ';;ater Jysterus <br />Current DuPuy EObJ Subdlv. <br />Local service-Chester ~ol. Fire Dept. <br />l~nch8ster Vol. lire Lept. <br />Local ~nd 10np distance service <br />In~Lrance on Utilities truck <br />" " Trash Truck <br />PUYI:y;nt uue JUI:e 30) 1947 <br />!~H.;'(''")rilJtior:. to 'illite Dental Clinic 162.55 <br />" "Colored" It <br />One ('oil 3ct. stemps-J:.;xec. Sec 'yo <br />i'-ark on ",dninstration Buil,:ing <br />Refund on dcnOGit for tte instullation of <br />\"2.ter Gystenl in She:-bourne Heights <br />l~ 2" Firure 100 Erass eate valve <br />12 2" gclv. nip'")les (Utilities Dapt.) <br />One In H. P. pump and ~ ::str llation of sarle at <br />Stop 20-Sl1erboul':::.e Heights <br />Repeirs to pur:p rr,otor-Centralia Gardens <br />Installin~ rl1M~ and motor 2nd hooking up to <br />oaiI.. line (Ch;sterl <br />Eaterials for Choster water ,,"stem <br />25 2" ('::llv. ccuplings) 25 2" <br />e7:tra le.L.~tl.. <br />Flugs, A.dapter~;) g'31v. pipe <br />,\ol'k c.;. addition to J'dministration Buildiq; <br />Cor..!. of 'Ie.. end Co. 01' CLusterf'ield ':s. <br />1'1'"n1-', upt;!;, r, el" als and , ~:ewle t: <br /> <br />Virginia Llec. &; !'owe...' Co. <br />e & P Telephone Co. <br />e &. P Telephone Co. <br />e & P Tb1ephone Co. <br />H.E. AUfustLae Ins. ."cer,c:' <br /> <br />C.h. <br />60.44 <br />50.44 <br /> <br />(' <br /> <br />:':te.t2 Dcn3rtr.,cnt of Leult~ <br />3tate DepBrt~leLt of he: ~:L th <br /> <br />78~7e <br /> <br />:r:rs. "'11",0 'T.'. Cogbill) P.T'. <br />E.C. P~storfi61d <br />J.E. Lindsey <br /> <br />John H. FrischkornjJr. <br /> <br />) <br /> <br />1'i tch311' s ..E] 1 & '-'UlliP Cu. <br />l:'i tcholl' fl ,;e11 "^ t'urr.p Co. <br />-" <br />Vitchell's 1.311 & Pump Go. <br />J:i tchell ' ~ ':.1311 &; i'uop Co. <br />'" <br />bE. j 03ti CC1"'p. <br /> <br />John H. Frischkorn)!l. <br />E.C. Pastorfield <br />li.E. Gillip,rr:,.,tty. <br /> <br />Ettrtck Sanitary Dist. <br /> <br />Contribution from General Fund <br /> <br />$ 11. 40 <br />48.62 r <br />15.00 <br />10.95 ,/' <br /> <br />18.00 <br />84. 84 v <br /> <br /> <br />125.29 <br /> <br />117.60 v' <br />390.84 <br />3.88 <br />126.20 <br />10.00 v' <br />10.00 <br />5.00 .- <br />10.00 ...- <br />3.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />ll. 70 <br /> <br />ZO.OO <br /> <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5~00 <br />3.00 <br />35.09 <br />11.25 <br /> <br /> <br />263. 50 <br /> <br /> <br />$480 <br /> <br />ZO.05 <br /> <br />2b.38 <br />87.59 <br />~.75 <br />15.15 <br />55.00 <br /> <br />86.75 ..... <br />24.76 <br />1.28 <br />4.75 <br />13.39 ",.. <br />342.94 <br />120.88 <br />1875.00 <br />241.44 <br />10.03 <br />48.00 <br />6000.00 <br />102.19 <br /> <br />393.00 <br />53.50 <br /> <br /> <br />52.1'.0 <br /> <br />13.3~ <br /> <br />8,1.53 - <br />402.37 <br />72.CO <br /> <br />40.63 <br /> <br />200.00 <br />