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<br />This d Mr. James H.Brockwell stated that he was a member of. the America~ Legion <br />Post o?YEttrick and had requested the Water Committee of Ettr~ck for perm1ssion <br />to use the Town Hall twice a month for their meetings. Whereupon, they had been <br />informed that the sum of $200.00 per year should be charged to them an~ since <br />they were citizens of the Ettrick Sanitary District and had served thelr Country <br />in time of War they felt that for the present it would be toomuch of a hardship <br />to make the payments and requested that the Board of Supervisors make some <br />adjust ment in this matter. <br /> <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of T.D.Watkins, it is resolved that a <br />Committee be appointed to meet with the Water Committee of Ettrick and representa- <br />tives of the Ettrick American Legion Post to endeavor to make some adjustment in <br />this matter. Whereupon, the Chairman appointed - Mr.P.W.Covington and the <br />Executive Secretary as thms Committee. <br /> <br />This day i~. M.L.Dennis of the East Hanover Presbytery, came before the Board <br />requesting some variation in the construction of the Zoning Ordinance to permit <br />a Chapel to be built on Falling Creek Avenue. Upon consideration whereof, <br />and on motion of W.A.Horner, it is resolved that this natter be referred to <br />the Board of Zoning Appeals. <br /> <br />This day ~. C. W. Smith, Chief of Police, appeared before the Board stating that <br />he felt some restrictions should be made in the speed within the Village of <br />Bensley on both sides of the Petersburg Pike. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of W.A.Horner, it is resolved that the <br />Virginia Department of Highways be and it hereby is requested to make a survey <br />pf the traffic through Bensley Village to determine the proper speed limit and <br />have signs erected accordingly. <br /> <br />This day again the matter of the use of a lot by Mrs. C.T.Chappelle on Butte Road <br />contrary to the Zoning Ordinance, was brought before the Board. Upon considerat. n <br />whereof, and on motion of T.D.Watkins, it is resolved that the Common wealt h 's <br />Attorney be and he hereby is requested to take immediate action to have the use <br />of this 10t discontinued. <br /> <br />This day the fOllowing applications for rezoning were submitted by the Executive <br />Secretary: <br /> <br />Mr. Thomas O. Furman. - In Clover Hill District on south side of <br />Rt.360 <br />Mrs. Maude Harris - In Manchester Dist. on Rt.686, Jahnke Rd. <br /> <br />Mr. W.~P. Leonard - In Manchester Dist. on Rt.686, Jahnke Rd. <br /> <br />Mr. N. W. Royall <br />~. Paul G. Smith <br /> <br />- In Manchester Dist. on south side of Rt.60 <br /> <br />Mr. Wm. E. Mitchell <br /> <br />- In Matoaca Dist. in the subdivision of <br />nprospect Heightsft, Lots 6, 7, 8 and 9 <br /> <br />- In l~toaca Dist. on DuPuy Road <br /> <br />Mr. Dennie P. Brooks - In Midlothian Dist.-on Rt. 60 <br /> <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of W.A.Horner, it is resoNed that the <br />Executive Secretary be and he hjreby is authorizem to have the above applications <br />advertised for public hearing on September 9, 1947. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary reported to the Board that sometime ago in <br />conjunction with the improvement on Rt.6ll, at the Atlantic Coast Line crossing he <br />had discussed with Mr. Johns the damage to hi~ property by this improvement <br />and Mr. Johns informed himthat after the road was built we would endeavor to <br />make some adjustment; hpwever, Mr. Johns had passed away before the improvement <br />and Miss Caroline Johns had requested the Board of Supervisors to pay the sum <br />of $75.00 for damages to their property, including the amount of property taken <br />which was approximately one-quarter of an acre. Upon consideration whereof, <br />and on motion of W. A. Horner, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be <br />and he hereby is instructed to pay to Miss Caroline Johns the sum of $75.00 for <br />this right-of-way. <br />