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<br />VIRGltITA: At an adjourned meeting of th, <br />Board of Supervisors of Chestfr- <br />field County, held July 19th, I <br />1938,'at Chesterfield Court- I <br />house, in the 163rd year of t~e <br />Commonweal th. . <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Horace L. Chalkley, <br />Gaius ii. Ddiggs, <br />Harold T. Goyne, <br />Horaoe A. Holt, <br />Hilary F. Fergusson, <br />John B.Watkins,Jr. <br /> <br />It is ordered that the following claim be allowed and paid out of the Virginia <br />Public Assistance ]und: <br /> <br />-( <br /> <br />Virginia B. Morris, for services and mileage, July 1st-July 16th,1938 in- <br />clusive $101.30 <br /> <br />This day, Senator Hunsdon Cary, addressed this Board and the County School Board <br />of Chesterfield County, concerning Vocational Training in Chesterrield County <br />SChools; and came also E.S.H. Greene, Superintendent of Schools, who recommended <br />to the Board a $225,000.00 building program vnth Federal assistanoe to enlarge the <br />high sohools of the County for vocational training, and suggested starting with two <br />white and one colored school. Upon consideration, it appearing to the Board the <br />salue being primarily a problem 01' the School Board, on motion, it is resolved that <br />the School Board be requested to take under consideration the appointment of a <br />Committee to investigate the possibilities of installing vocational training in the <br />High Schools of the County. <br /> <br />On motion, there was a vote of thanks accorded Senator Hunsdon Cary for his <br />talk before the Board. <br /> <br />This day, E.L-Bemiss,Jr., Chairman of the Public Welfare Board, submitted to i <br />the BOard a proposal for a 'dorks Progress Administration project with which to con- i <br />tinue work in the sewing roon by women on relief. On Dlotion, the Chairman of this ! <br />Board is directed to sign a Works Progress Administration proposal on behalf of thi~ <br />Board as sponsor for sewing room project. .~d be it further resolved, that the sum! <br />of ~15?2.00 out of the l~blic ;~sistance Fund be, and the same hereby is, appro- : <br />pria ted. i <br />I <br /> <br />This day, B.L. Bemiss,Jr., Chairman of the Public ./elfare Board, reported that! <br />the Department of Public ~leHare had: <br /> <br />On Dlotion, the Treasurer is directed to transfer the sum of ~860.46 from the <br />General County ~'und to the Virginia Public Assistance Fund. <br /> <br />123 active cases on relief <br />280 uninvestigated applications for relief I <br />294 \lorks Progress ..i..dflinistration certificapons. <br />I <br />I' 0.1: TR~.'. <br />i <br /> <br />On motion, it is ordered that a warrant in the favor of the Town of Colonial <br />Heights, in the sum of ~251.17, as the town's proportionate share of the 1937 Dog <br />Tax ~und, be dra\,n and charged to the Dog ~ax ~und. <br /> <br />This day, bids were received for the construction of an addition to the office! <br />of the Superintendent of SChOOls, were opened and read. Bids were submitted by: I <br />C.H.Besecker, J.W.Cunningham, and O.H.Mann. On motion, after opening the three bid~ <br />for the addition to the said school building, the contract was awarded O.H.Mann, he! <br />being the low bidder, at a price of $1154.00, and that a construction bond of : <br />~lOOO.OO, the County to pay the premium of same, be reqUired, and that the time of I <br />cor.lpletion be not later than August 20, 1938. And be it further resolved, that \i. I <br />S. Coburn, Executive Secretary, be authorized and empowered to sign the contract ! <br />on behalf of the Board of SuperVisors, and thut he be desiā‚¬~ated to act in a super-! <br />visory capacity for this Board. i <br />i <br /> <br />! <br />i <br /> <br />This day there wus <br />Progress Administration <br />July 16th, 1938, due to <br /> <br />Foreman, <br />pl'osonted to the Board the resignation of Horks <br />Project at Bellmeade, effective at the close of the day, <br />his having accepted another position. <br /> <br />On motion, the of this Board and the Executive Secretary author- <br />ized and directed to sign a proposal for a ~!orks Progress Administration blanket <br />project; for the improvement of the fOllowing roads: Ellon School Road; stockton <br />and 45th 0treets; .~bbott noad; and Camp Baker :Ho'ad. .lid:it is further resolved, <br />that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is, designated to act as sponsor <br />agent for the Board. <br />i <br />On motion, the ~xecutive Jacretary is authorized and directed to sign all dUlyil <br />authorized warrants of this Board in accordance with law in such cases made and <br />provided, and it is further resolved, that the Treasurer be and hereby is, directedl <br />to honor such warrants. .illd the ~xecutive 3ecretary shall certify copies of this . <br />resolution and Dluil the'sarne to each of the County depositories. <br /> <br />'l'he Buildings awl Ground Comfai ttee, having been instructed at a previous meet- <br />ing to make a itudy of the space situation of 'various o~fices at the Courthouse, <br /> <br />recommended to the Board the construction of a partition in the Depi:irtment of 1/el- <br />fare's Of1'ice. On motion, H.S. Coburn, Executive Secretary is authorized to have <br />constructed such pi:irtition, as in his judgment the condition requires. <br /> <br />___....L. <br /> <br />~-.-,,"'--, -.................... .........-- ......-...............~--,"'~t....'_~:t.' '.... ..........".""""..~".;,._~............'... ""-' <br /> <br />........_t...____.,;..... _..;;......,';,.,.;".><,.~,~"'''''''':,........-~~ . ,'..... ,".i~.",~..__ ,,-'d;,~",,<~- t'........ ~"- 1.1IIi,; 1 i::! liW:;. <br />