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<br />--- --- _.'._-. ,.^..._~-- -.,.----~--------_._'_._--_._---- --- <br /> <br />Pr.L.C.Lush,Protessional services to Dora Sturdavant, <br />Jessie L.Taylor,bauling 10 loads of gravel to Camp Baker <br />Miss 1411dred Perdue,services rendered Camp Baker in capacity ot Camp <br />Counse1lor(6 weeks) <br />Dr. Thomas \Vheeldon,Crippled children's Clinic tor June, <br />Van Pelt and Brown, Inc. medicine for Crippled Children's 'Clinic, <br />Annie Johnson, laundry 6 weeks for C~p Baker children, <br />ltrs. lIildred Perdue. services rendered Camp Baker in capacity of Camp <br />Matron (6 weeks) <br />Powers-Taylor Drug Co. 1 M Thyroid 1/2 gr. <br />Dr. R.C.Hooker,Commisslon of lunaoy,Delia Coleman $5.00; <br />n .... ,Pattie L.Oollier $5.00; <br />Dr.W.Lawrenoe Weaver,sltting in on lunacy commission over Lewis C.Du.nlop, <br />Dr.J~s A.Shield.Commission of lunacy over Mrs.Charlotte D.?Andre, <br />Horace Carter,opening ditch - Chester dump. <br />Southside Hardware Co., 5 gallons oreasote, <br />City of RiChmond,attending fire in County.Broad Rocm Roa~House 14313. <br />Virginia Ice and Coal Co., Coupon book tor ice, <br />C.W.Smith, postage, <br />wm.S.Coburn,4 duplioate <br /> <br />keys for W41fare Dept.$l.OO; 1 set rubber twirlers <br />j5,50~ <br />Treasurer ot Virginia,2 books T.J. -7, $2.00; 2 pads T.J. -6,$2.00, <br />parcel post charge l6~ <br />General Electrio Supply Corp.. Two electrio fans for Weltare and Soil <br />Conservation Depts. <br />R.W.Goolsby Hardware 00.,5 gallons roof patching; 10 Watt lens, <br />q.H.Yann.contract on remodeling office of Supt.of Schools (First payment), <br />S.B.Adkins & Co., 4 receipt books Trial Justice Court. <br />American Typewriter Exohange,adjusting L.C.Sm1th typewriter No.18-l04434l <br />Harry.L.Snead,l/lO of l~ commission for assessment of tangible personal <br />property for fiduoiaries living in County <br />Broaddus & Lucas.Inc.. repairs to car #74,, <br />L.N.Cooke ~ Lock Company.l typewriter desk $20.00; 1 flat top desk $17.00; <br />1 swivel chair $7.00, <br />A.T.Ourt!s & Son,Inc.. material for sanitation work at Camp Baker, <br />Chester Supply Co., lIdse.boUght for Camp Baker, <br />Gilliland Laboratories,Ino., 4 pkgs.typhoid Para Vac.20oo vials, <br />Bichmond Offioe Supply Co., offioe supplies, <br />Charles W. MOrrissette, 64 doz.eggs purchased for Camp Baker. <br />Virginia Stationary Co. offioe supplies, <br />Dr.4.S.Hurt,Jr. Comm1ss10n of lunaoy, Llrs.Charlotte Dennis Andre, <br />Chester Pharmacy, <br />T. Wilson Seay,Sheriff Henrico County, <br />Jno.G. Graham, Expenses advanced tor attending Water viorks Convention in <br />Lexington, 8/24/'38 to 8/27/38 <br /> <br /> <br />15.00 <br />44.00 , <br />9.87 <br />15.00 """ <br /> <br />",.' <br />50.00 . <br />2. 22 ' <br /> <br />10.00/ <br />5.00 <br />5.00 .- <br />5.00 . <br />2.00 ' <br />225.00 , <br />20.00 '" <br />1.00 <br /> <br /> <br />....: <br /> <br />35.47 <br />8.00 <br />500.00 <br />10.75 /.. <br />2.00 f' <br /> <br />"'" <br />;I <br /> <br />.... <br />1 <br />I . .~. <br />:.. <br /> <br />35 00 <br />'7.675.93 <br /> <br />It is ordered that the following claims be allowed and paid out of the fund to the <br />credit of Ettrick Sanitary District No.l,to-wit: <br /> <br />Virginia Eleotrio & Power Company,current at Town Hall, Ettrick <br />Petersburg Furniture Co., 24Tontine shades. <br />R.H.Dance,reading meters $10.35; making 8 water taps $5.00; inspection fee <br />$1.25 <br /> <br />East Gate Garage, 1 fuel pump, <br />Ci ty Water viorks, water supply, <br />Miss Grace Pond, Collecting water bills, <br /> <br />It is ordered that the following olaims be allowed and paid out of the <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br />,~~ <br /> <br />1158.83 <br />I <br /> <br />lIrs. Ashton Winfree, <br />Alfred Lundie, <br />Ella Tyler, <br />T.H.Whi tlock. <br />J.K.Ha1der, <br /> <br />10 ohiokens killed by dog, <br />4 pigs kllledby dog, <br />9 chidkens k!l1ed by dog, <br />lO chickena ldlled by dog, <br />salary, J'\11y, <br /> <br />Dog Tax Fund: <br /> <br />.1.87/ <br />12.00/ <br />a.oo; <br />2.50/, <br />30.00 <br /> <br />]. <br /> <br />52.37 <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />It is ordered that the tollowing claims be allowed and paid out ot the fund to the <br />oredit of Bellemeade Sanitary District No.1. to-wit: <br /> <br />J <br /> <br />Ro~ert ~ierce.~lans and speoifioations for office and shop,Bellemeade Sanitary <br />. Dist. $l5.0 <br />H.Ji.Lewis,water oonnections to residenoes of H.N.Lewis,and Mrs.Franols ,/ <br />Duffy 13.80 / <br />200.00"""" <br />50.00 - <br /> <br />GaJ'land S.Sydnor,water supply for Bellemeade San. District, <br />I.A.Guza, salary and rent for garage, <br /> <br />-~- 111_ 'II1'J 11.:.:'f.:i>lI'tIo~"""""-""";""'-''''''''~''~'~-''-'~' .........M~.......__'-'.",.,._____ <br /> <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />-~.....'._,.. .'......._~"'t-......-i>. "..,.......,,~._"'" . <br />