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<br />VIRGINIA: At a meeting of the Board of Super- <br />visors of Chesterfield County,held at <br />the Court House on September 7th,1938 <br />and in the l63rd year of the Common- <br />wealth. ; <br /> <br />Absent: Horace L. Chalkley <br /> <br />tI:( <br />Horace L. Chalkley, Chairman, being absent, the Executive Secretary asked for <br />ndlinations for election of a temporary chairman, on motion, John B. \iatkins,Jr., <br />was duly elected Temporary Chairman. <br /> <br />The minutes of the last regular meeting and of the special meeting having been <br />read, the same were approved. <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />$29.28! <br />29.58 <br />29.58 <br />28.38 <br />30.481" <br />31. 38f <br />200.00 <br />100.00 <br />208.34 <br />125.00 J:- <br />210.18 J- <br />205.00 .' <br />189.20 <br />190.00 <br />190.00 <br />190.00 <br />65.00 <br />190.00 <br />190.00..r <br />67.50..r <br />125.00 <br />40.00 <br />220.00 <br />225.00 <br />300.00 <br />200.00 <br />70.00 <br />70.00 <br />85.00 <br />62.00 <br />80.00 <br />40.00 <br />75.00 <br />200.00 <br />5.90 <br />138.29 <br />10.00 <br />18.76 <br />17.64 <br />239.35 <br />20.00 <br />1.80 <br />1.00 <br />3.00 <br />8.50 <br />17.50 <br />7.94 <br />25.50 <br />497.78 <br />24.41 <br />10.00 <br /> <br />On motion, the following olaims are allowed and to be paid out of the County <br />Fund, to-wit: <br /> <br />Horace L. Chalkley, salary and mileage as Supervisor, August <br />. Gaius Vi. Diggs, "It It It It It <br />Hilary L. Fergusson, " " It It It .. <br />Harold T. Goyne, "" If It.. It <br />Horace A. Holt, It tt It "tt tt <br />John B. \/atkins ,Jr. tt " .. It It It <br />Wm. S. Coburn, salary as Executive Secretary " <br />Auline Barrett, "It County Stenographer It <br />Marcus A. Cogbill, tt tt Commonwealth's Attorney tf <br />O. B. Gates, "" Sheriff tt <br />Chas. W. Smith, " and mileage as Chief of Police It <br />I. E. Bowman, "tt tt as Policeman It <br />Vi .H. Flynn, "tt""" " <br />Frederick, B. Grant, tt " It "It It <br />George M. Johnson, "" It It tt tt <br />Raymond VI. Koch, tt" It It" tI <br />U, Bryan Puckett, "tt It It tt " <br />Henry N. Terrell, "It tt.." " <br />W~l ter Dance Yarborough, tt .. " "tt .. <br />Miss Margaret Rawlinson, If as Home Demonstration Agent tt <br />P. Rixey Jones, Jt" Farm Demonstration Agent It <br />R. F. Jones, "" Farm Agent (Colored) " <br />John G. Graham, It" Direotor of San,i tation It <br />Miss Lilla Spivey, t1" County Nurse If <br />John VI. Snead, tl" Trial Justice .. <br />Robert A. lvey, It" Clerk of Trial Justice Court " <br />Edgar P. Gill, Jt Jt Sw1 tohboard operator .. <br />Samuel Hirshberg, It.. Night switchboard operator .. <br />Craig Romaine, It.. Switchboard operator & police olerk <br />Ira S. Hepburn, It It Night watchman at Courthouse .. <br />Irving T. viills, "" Truck driver It <br />Matt Redd, " .. Assistanoe twck driver .. <br />B. J. Banks, "" Janitor It <br />Elizabeth Vi. Bagby, "" Supt. of Public Welfare .. <br />Mll'ler and Rhoads, Two awnings for Welfare & .Agri.Cons. Offices <br />Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corp Tires for sanitation truck <br />S. B. Adkins & Co. Binding Land Books,Com.of Revenue <br />Virginia Paper Company, Supplies for Health Dept. <br />Virginia-Carolina Laundry Supply Corp. Case H.T.H.bleach for Health Dept. <br />Virginia Printing Co. Office Supplies <br />V~rginia Ioe & Coal Co. Coupon book for ice <br />A.T.Curtis & Sons,Inc. Lumber <br />VIm.. S. Coburn, Western-Union - Keys <br />M. 'H. Long, Installing buzzer system <br />American Typewriter Exchange, Roller on mimeograph <br />J.G.Phaup, Document File-Office of Executive Secretary <br />Powers and Anderson,Inc. Supplies for County Nurse <br />Spenoer Printing Co., Supplies-Health Dept. <br />R.}I;.Eanes, Salary and offioe expense-Com. of Revenue <br />Broadus & Lucas,Inc. Repairs to Police cars, <br />Truby :Motor Company, Installing wiring and pump at Camp, Baker <br />State Commission on Conservation, and <br />Development-Virginia Forest Service; Forest fire control <br />Chesterfield County Bank, Check books, <br />Burroughs Adding Me.ohine Co. Repairs and supplies <br />Penitentiary Industrial Dept. Clothing for County prisoners <br />Sydnor Pump and Well Co. Ino. Supplie s <br />Tower-Binford Elec.& Ufg.Co. Supplies for Bake~ <br />State Health Department, Dental Clinic <br />O.B. Gates, Board and Committal fees for prisoners <br />Chester Supply Co., Merobandise <br />Virginia S*ationery Co., Supplies for County offices <br />Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co., 'Phones - Chas. W.amith $4.S5i R.W.Koch <br />W.H.Flynn $3.00; J.G.Graham ,3.30; <br />H.N.Terrell $3.00 <br />Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co., 'Phones-l.E.Bowman $3.00; <br />, Geo.M. Johnson $2.00 <br />Chesapeake & Potomao Telephone Co., Phone - F.B.Grant <br />Virginia Electr,ic & Power Company Current Courthouse <br />Miss Marjorie Knight, SalarY', -C,lerk WelfarBDept~ <br />Miss Margaret VJhitesel Case Wo;rker-Y1eJ.:rare Dept, <br /> <br />t.. ',.. ,,' <br />.."i;;:;..;"",~;.-'.~,,,,~'''''''- <br /> <br />" .;~' <br /> <br />;:r~:,. -........:.. '>~""" ~I <br /> <br /> <br />5.80 <br />4.50 <br />16.00 <br />24.35 <br />62.50 <br />20.02 <br />500.00 <br />59.26 <br />4.79 <br />710.73 <br />$4.76 <br /> <br />i \b <br /> <br />"\~:f ~J ~:,:,~"'.. .. <br />