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<br />vm.GL,I,~: .i~t a Gpecial neeting of the BOard of <br />Supervisors of Chesterfield County, <br />held 3epteuber 12,1938, at Chester- <br />field Courthouse, Virginia, hnd ili the <br />163rd yeur of the COI'llilonwealth. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />Present: Gaius.;. Diggs, <br />Hilary L. l"ergusson, <br />Harold '1'. Goyne, <br />Horace ./1.. Holt, <br />John B. ,iatkins, <br /> <br />..,bsent': Horace L. ChHlidey <br /> <br />On motion, of Ii. .il.. holt, John B. ,:etl:ins,Jr., \'/aS elected to serve as <br />pro teLlpore in the absence b t this aeeting of Horace L. Clw lkley. <br />\" <br /> <br />',Iherefw, n certe in offer for the irmrovemen t of Cm i.p Bnl:er is be inc' :Me de <br />through this BOArd to the Countv fraIl Lrs. Th~nf:s J....Jeffress Imcl her son, Robert ;:. <br />Jeffress in ner,ory of i'hOr1n8 J!'." Jeffress, Esquire, n forner !'lember of this board, <br />through the medhm of n letter dated the eivhth instnnt, niUied hy IIr. Hobert I:. <br />Jel'frer3s Hnd Httnched hereto as f1 plJrt of these resolutions Hnll rellClinc es follOl.'s: <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />"I:y nothf"r, Lrs. Thomas ]e. Jeffress, ciJ1cl I ue~3ire as u nenoriEl <br />to ny futher, rrhorwfl P. Jeffress, 1:8([., to nc:ke 3 contribution to the <br />{"eneral welfhre of the citizens of Chesterfielci County, (m~ l~l1Cr.lillL' the <br />{;reet interest he hrll1 in the \lorl~ of Clnp Balcer, nake the f011m:1ng offer <br />throuch you to tho County in the hope thrct you \Ii 11 accept ShI:1e (1W.l thut <br />it vlill ',fork continually increnGine stlrvice to thE' }J8op1e of Ghester- <br />fielci County. <br /> <br />I unclerstrmd. that soveral yeurs ueo ;\'our Do[,rd tool:: over tho oper- <br />ation 01' this Canl) elm. \':ithin the lUflt fm! 'leeks h(,s (lctually take~ title <br />to the ll:n(,. end iIlprOVel'lonts am. nSBlllaecl responsibility of its o\'mership <br />hnd opel'ations so that \:hile it if; our purpose to wil~e the cii't boloH set <br />out to the locul Covernrwnt of Chesterfielu Co\'nty, \10 wish to have its <br />bonori ts lini ted to the hef'lth end '.:ell-beinr; OJ.' the need;\' people, in <br />the ','fort of the caIlp. <br /> <br />I have vi,Ji ted tho CUIlp CllCl hI d the \:0l'ldni:8 expl,.ineu to no by <br />l:is8 Lilla "';pivey, County IJurDc, (:nQ huve hm the pln[isuru of tulkinc \:ith <br />1:e8sr8. l:r:rcus n. CoCbill, Cor:.liom:ea1th ..ttorno;\" hnd Gnius ',I. Dices, of <br />your Bosru, anu ubtained the bone1'i t of their jUUP:1ellt liS to the nOEt <br />effective \my in '.rhich He ",:ant to liO cnn be applied. <br /> <br />l?rorl th!,,,e conferenceB it UjJpOf:TS tho. t '.:i th the coopurution 0:1' the <br />".1'.;.., [,nei your sponsorship in tlw anount of ,';5,8t3B.33 the CUll}:' CUi <br />obtain the benAi'i t 01' the folloninC inprovenents (iHd v.ccessol'ies: <br /> <br />Estimated cost. <br /> <br />1. Concrete block clinic buildinc <br />incllltlinl' heut <br />~. ,;ater SUI-;])l~! frOl.l tIlt; Courthouse <br />by 2" pipe line,4,'753 feet, <br />:5. Concrete block Caretakers house <br />4. Addition to the present dornitories_ <br />inc ludinr, basins, toilets, noce ssnr:,' <br />line s, [,nd new sortic tank <br />5. Equipment for c+inic <br />6. P1nyeround. equipmont <br />'7. ;,tove <br /> <br />"m ,000.00 <br /> <br />;~, :~t)o. 00 <br />~~ , 000.00 <br /> <br />pipe <br />1,400.00 <br />1,083.50 <br />498.18 <br />'715.00 <br /> <br />Total <br /> <br />~? 16,946.68 <br /> <br />l:y Lother und I on the f'ollO\iinl' conclitions offer tu you .,,;5,888.33, Lnd <br />\;ill pcy ~?J ,ooe.oo u]'lon YOUI' f'ornul acceptance 01' the above pro[ru:.:. t.tl1(l the <br />l'enainin[~ ,~2,888.33 ufter such f'orlwl ccceptance uriC bet\!een DecCI'lber 15th, <br />1938 unu J[lllU&ry 15th, 1939. <br /> <br />In line '.Iith ny talk '.!ith tlw t\;O above {'ontlenen it is our JJUl'pOf3e <br />to concli tion this Lift uIJon tho Count:,' nccolJtine tho rosponsibili ty for <br />ct:rryinc out the r:bove procrmi \lith the ciefini te un(lorstrmuinc there \lill <br />be no further call or oblirution on us even thouch the (,ctual cost ney <br />e::ceed the present estiHCltes, unci we unc.orstuneJ. you \:ill, fur your in- <br />terest, reouire definite ',;.1'...(.. uIJl)rOvcl before you rlve us i'ornel accep- <br />tance. I rOt:lize thut there nay be variations in tho (;I10unt:3 spent, but <br />',Ie do Hunt D fornal acceptence fro!:). you thD,t the procrm:l can, [,net Hill be <br />SUbstantially carried out by the County. <br /> <br />Your fon~lUl ecceptnnce of this procrc.n '.lill be unuerstooci to neun <br />that nn adequate water SUPIJ1:,T \lill hLve been provided nt the Court lIouse <br />sufficient ufter rc"quirerlents there to talce cltre of the needs of' Canp <br />Betel'. Fror: a pl'f.:ctica1 standpoint this is n necessity and a conui tion <br />to your rormul liccpethnce. <br /> <br />Yours very truly, <br /> <br />(Sicnec1) Hobert I:. Jeffress." <br /> <br />'.'herens, to qualify (,ne. [;ccept said offer '.lOull. (;dd so creatly to tho services <br />of Cr.:.r:p Bd::er to this County f,8 to complete the CrulP' s ef'uipnent to the IJoint of <br />nnl:inc it prncticully u nO(lel such institutionj <br />