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<br />Be it therefore resolved, onrllotion of G.\J.Diggs, that: <br />This Board immediately make application to the \lorks Progress .wiministration <br />for those items referred to in 1~. Jeffress' letter that are eligible under <br />the I~rks Progress A~inistration rules; <br /> <br />And be it further resolved, that this Board shall immediately, upon approval <br />by the Works Progress Administration of the applications referred to in the above, <br />take such steps as are necessary to comply \uth the requirements of L~. Jeffress' <br />letter as to the water supply on the grounds of this Court House; I <br />I <br /> <br />And be it further resolved, that it is ~nderstood by this Board that this voluntary I <br />offer from Mrs. Jeffress and her son is conditioned, among other things, on approval I <br />by Works Progress Administration of lteLls 1,2,3 and 4 in IJr. Jeffress' letter and . <br />that failure by this Board to obtain such approval releases lirs. Jeffress and her sOf <br />from their offer and that in any event, due to the voluntary nature of their offer <br />that the $5888.33 already agreed upon by 1~s. Jeffress and her son, shall constitutel <br />the sole contribution on their part for these purposes and that no further financialj <br />ai~ shall be asked of them in connection with this matter; ! <br /> <br />And be it further resolved, that certified copy of these resolutione be promptly I <br />furnished I~. Jeffress as evidence of Chesterfield County's gratefulness to l&rs. I <br />Jeffress and himself in making it possible to bring into realltrthe ambitions of th~ <br />County in connection with Camp Baker; 1 <br /> <br />And be it further resolved, that as soon as this Board, acting for the County shall I <br />have finally qualified under the of 1&r. Jeffress' letter, proper resolutions <br />shall be passed by this Board and certified copies thereof furnished 1~. Jeffress asl <br />evidence of such qualification. i <br />i <br />On motion of G.~I.l.Jiggs, the Executive Secretary is directed to promptly r' <br />prepare the necessary application or applications to the IIorks Progress Administrati n <br />for projects for a concrete block clinic building including heat, concrete block I <br />caretaker's house, a two inch water pipe line froo the Courthouse to Carlp Baker and <br />such additions to the buildings, basins, toilets, necessary pipe lines and new septif <br />tank for the dormitories, all for Camp Baker as before here tentatively discussed I <br />and that the Chairman of this Board and the Treasurer of the County be, and they , <br />hereby are directed to sign application or applications as promptly as conpleted,wit <br />the approval of the Builtiings and Grounds Committee; <br />And be it further resolved, that lUss Lilla Spivey, County Nurse, be and <br />she hereby is, made a member of the Buildings and Grounds Cormnittee until further <br />action of the Board. <br /> <br />On notion, of G.\i.Diggs, the Executive Secretary is directed to immediatelf <br />secure bids of contractors for the drilling of a new well on the public grounds at <br />the Courthouse and present said bids at the next meeting of this Board. I <br /> <br />It appearing to this Board that the County Police should have telephones <br />on lines not to exceed four pa~ties, it was notioned by H.A.Holt, that Chas.W.Smith, <br />Chief of Police, be authorized to have the telephone of Geo.M.Johnson, connected <br />with a four-party telephone line, <br />And be it further resolved, that matters of this nature in the future be <br />referred to the Executive Secretary for handling. <br /> <br />It appearing to this Board that additional funds are necessary to the <br />operation of the operation of the Bellmeade Sanitary District pending the sale of <br />bonds for said District; Be it hereby resolved. on motion by C.W. Diggs, that the <br />County Treasurer be and he hereby is, authorized and directed to transfer the sum of <br />Eleven Hundred ($1100.00) Dollars from the County Fund to the Bellmeade Sanitary <br />District Fund, and, <br />Be it further resolved, that said sum of Eleven Hundred ($llOO.OO)Dollars <br />be returned to the Oounty Fund from the Bellmeade Sanitary District Fund when the <br />bonds of said Bellmeade Sanitary District are sold. <br /> <br />\ c:;.opy; Tre5. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />It having been reported to this Board by the Executive Secretary that the 'I <br />regulations of the I/orks Progress Administration require that the proposed work in <br />the Bellmeade Sanitary District be broken into two projects, and the Executive . <br />Secretary having been presented to this Board the apPlications.. to the \lorks progressl <br />Administration for it's participation in said proposed work, the sponsor's contri- <br />bution contained in said applications aggregating the sun of ~2976.00. I <br />It is hereby resolved, on motion of G.I/.Diggs, that the Chairman of this <br />Board and County Treasurer, be and they hereby are, directed to sign the application <br />to the iiorks Progress Aarlinistration for it's participation in the proposed work in <br />the Bellmeade Sanitary ~istrict. <br /> <br />It having been stuted to this Board by D.H.lluddle, Resident Engineer for ' :)' <br />the Virginia Department of Highways in Chesterfield County that the request of this :2. cot'~ell ~l.\.PPli <br />Board by a resolution at a previous meeting of said Board to rent certain eouipment ' . <br />of the said Department of Highways to improve Lynwood Avenue in Chesterfield Gardensl' <br />would have to be declined unless said Lynwood Avenue is made a Gounty road, and it <br />appearing to this Board that the aforesaid Lynwood Avenue is of a less width than <br />required of County roads; be it therefore resolved, on motion of G.\i.Diggs, the l <br />Board doth hereby decline to make Lynwood Avenue in Chesterfield Gardens a County rOrd. <br /> <br />On motion, of G.;.i.Di€~gs, that Auline Darrett, County Stenographer, is herf <br />by granted two-weeks vacation and be it furthercresolved, that the Executive Secret ry <br />is authorized to employ such additional office help as is necessary during the <br />absence of the County Stenographer. <br /> <br />On motion of G.~i.Diggs, the Executive Secretary is authorized and directe <br />to have two signs uade and placed for the public park in \/estover Hills, the cost <br />of having said signs made not to exceed $24.00. <br />