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<br />VIRGINIA: At a meeting of the Board of SUper <br />visors of Chesterfield County,held <br />at the Courthouse, on October 6th, <br />1938, and in the 163rd year of the <br />COLJIlon}veal tho <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />Horace L. Chalkley, I <br />Gaius W. Diggs, <br />Hilary L. Fergusson, i <br />Harold T. Goyne, I <br />John B. Watkins,Jr., I <br />Horace A. Holt, ~ <br /> <br />It having been explained to this Board that Horace L. Chalkley being ill would <br />hIWe to leave the meeting early, it was rn.otioned by G. Vi. Diggs, the t John B. Via tkin , <br />Jr., be and he hereby is elected <br /> <br />The minutes of the last regular meeting and of the special meeting having been I <br />read,. the same were approved. <br />I <br /> <br />The following fixed salaries have been paid by warrant of the Executive secreta1y' <br />as authorized by resolution heretofore passed by this Board: <br /> <br />General Fund: <br /> <br />Marcus A.Cogbill, salary as Commonwealth's Attorney, September $ 208.34 <br />vm.S. Coburn, "" Executive Secretary, " 200.00 <br />Miss Auline Barrett, U" County Stenographer, " 100.00 <br />O.B.Gates, f1 tl Sheriff, It 125.00 "--. <br />Miss Margaret Rawlinson, It "Home DeLlonstration Agent, II 57.60 <br />P. Rixey Jones, It" Farm .Agent, It 125.00 <br />R. If. Jones, <<"., tI (Colored) .. 40.00 <br />John G. Graham, If tt Director of Sanitation," 220.00 <br />Miss Lilla Spivey, tI tt County Nurse, .. 225.00 <br />John W. Snead, "tt Trial Justice, tI 300.00f <br />Robert A. Ivey, "" Clerk of Trial Justice Ct. " 200.00 <br />Samuel Hirshberg, tt" Night switchboard operator · 70.00 <br />Craig Romaine, U" Switchboard operator & Police Clerk, 86.00 <br />Ira S. Hepburn, .." Night watchman at C.H." 62.00 <br />Irving T. Wills, "" County truck driver, tt 80.00 <br />Matt Redd. " "Assistant to truck driver, " .40.00 <br />B. J. Banks, "" Janitor, tI 75.00 <br />E.S'.H. Greene, "It Supt. of Schools, tl 86.25 <br />Chas. w. Smith, tt tt Chief of Police, .. 218.22 <br />I. E. BovlIIlan, u" And mileage as Policeman," 205.00 <br />H. H. Flynn, " ~ mileage as Policeman, tl 77.08--- <br />Frederick B. Grant, It tI .. tt tt tt 190.00 <br />George M. Johnson, II II n .. It It 190.00 <br />Raymond W. Koch, """ tl" .. 190.00 ___ <br />U. Bryan Puckett, "It" tI U .. 65.00 <br />Henry N. Terrell, """ tl ff " 190.00 <br />Ual te r Dane e Yarborough, II II .. If tI It 190.00 <br />Edgar P. Gill, tt as switchboard operator, fl 70.00 <br />F. F. Vincent, "II fI tt 7 days II 16.3 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Ettrick Sanitary District #1: <br /> <br />Miss Grace Pond, <br /> <br />Collection of water rents, <br /> <br />September <br /> <br />$ 35.00--- <br /> <br />Dog Tax Fund: <br />J. K. Halder, <br /> <br />Salary, <br /> <br />II <br /> <br />30.001......- <br /> <br />On notion, the following claims are allovred and to be paid out of the County <br />Fund: <br /> <br />Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co., <br />Broaddus & Lucas, <br />H. H. Theal, <br /> <br />Richmond Sign Conpany, <br />R.E. Eanes. <br />Buildings' Equipment & Supp~y. <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co., <br />S.B. Adkins & Co., <br />National Laboratories, <br />Lindon Robertson, <br />Fidelity & Deposit Co.,of I,1aryland, <br />Drs.Clarkson & Barker, <br />Aubrey H. Straus, <br />Thomas Wheeldon,M.D. <br />Catawba Sanatorium. <br /> <br />\'In. s. Coburn, <br /> <br />Service I. E. Bov4Uan, <br />Repairs Police cars. <br />Repairing closet tank Clerk's <br />office <br />Signs for \fustover Hills Park, <br />2/3 salary & office expenses, <br />Supplies for D.H.-Janitor's use, <br />Ribbons, <br />Binding books, <br />Disinfectants, <br />Relief Janitor (1/2 month) <br />Bond-Edgar Gill <br />X-rays, <br />Vaccine for Mrs. Sanuels, <br />Crippled Children's Clinic, <br />Board,Rev.Deibert.June 2 to June <br />29th-June 30th to July 27 <br />Paper from Va.Stationery Co. <br /> <br />$ 3.25'--' <br />45. 66'--~ <br />3.35 <br /> <br /> <br />56 .. 00 ...,., <br />.56- <br /> <br />--",,- .._.........~...' <br /> <br />i.._~-' tiR"'~ .... <br />