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<br /> <br />N. H. Terrell, <br />Tmver-Binford Electric l:fe.Co. <br /> <br />Telephone bill, <br />Light bulbs, <br /> <br />Oct. <br />" <br /> <br />3.00 <br />48.00 / <br /> <br />"I!iscellaneous ClaiI;1s allmJad by Board anc.\. Chargeable to the General County Fund" <br /> <br />Royal Type\vri tel' Company, One Royal Type\/l'i ter <br />H. H. Theal. Repairinc pipe covering in boiler room <br />Cruie and Perdue, Plans for GaJ'lp Baker Project, <br />Frenklin Ribbon and. t:urbon Co., Supplies for office <br />\;. G. Becker & Conpany, \lood for L ttricl:: ~)e\Jing Hoon <br />Buildings Equipment &. ouppl~r Co., Supplies for janitor <br />R. D. 1:00re, Coal for Courthouse <br />Penitentiary Im..ustrial Dept., Supplies for County prisoners <br />l)hilip V. COf-bill, Recordation cost of G.eeds, <br />l<'idelity c~ Deposit Co.of IIaryland,Bonds(Pucl::ett,Bo\111Hll and Ers.Dagby) <br />s. B. i..dkins &. Co., Binding boo};:s ,Connissioner of Hevenue <br />H. '.1. Goolsby Harduare Co., \lindoVl liGhts, <br />7ines-~ispatch Publishing Co., Advertising <br />Chester Supply Co., Supplies for Courthouse <br />J. A. DeVol, Sub sti tute as C lerl: (:3 days) <br />iIr,lerican Type \'.T i tel' J.:;xchau[e, l:ir:leorrq)!l ink and feed }lud <br />J. :c. Horvell, Insurance on Courthouso Bldg. <br />Southside llews, Inc., .Advertising <br />Pro[';ress-Inuex, " <br />TiIlOS-Dispc.tch })uhlishing Co., " <br />Petersburr; ll.uto Purts Co., Repairing tire on truck <br />Dolge Conpany, '.lax and erplicator <br />'l'ruby Hotor Company, GaG and oil for trucl:: <br />Virginia Electric & Pm'Ter Co., Current ,CroJ.P Bnker &. Street lighting <br />.,:0.. S. Coburn It'reight <br />Virginia Printinr; Co., Supplies for offices <br />Gilliland Laboratories, Inc., Diphtheria toxoid <br />Virginia Stationery Conpany, ~upplies <br />Dr. L. C. Lush, Antitoxin <br />Dr. Thos. \Iheeldon, Expenses of Clinic <br />Van Pelt and Bro\'ffi, Inc., One dozen alkolave <br />Physician's Service Laboratories, Vaccine for ~.' .F.Poole <br />Dr. F. L. IIill, Conrnissions held <br />Virginia Ice and Conl Co., Ice for Canp Balcer <br />1.1cCue and j,lsop, Insurance on County truck <br />H. B. Goodwyn, Supplies <br />J. Bagby '.lonble, Defending Robt. Goode <br />E. .". Ratcliffe, !:. D., Lunncy COI:luission <br />... II. Currier, Jr., 1/" <br />Dr. H. L. l:'er[';uson, "" <br />O. B. Gates, l;otii'ying Jucges, etc. <br />R. E. l:anes, Salary and. expenses of office <br />Broaddus &. Lucus, Inc., Hepnirs to rolice Cars <br />Philip V. Cogbill, Salary 3 Ilonths as Clerk <br />Southern Dry Goods &. IJotion Co., Supplies for JP;.. smfing room. <br />Convalescent HOrJ.e HOGpital, Hospitalization <br />lSro-i..nerican OlLl lo'oll~s Hor1e, II two patients <br />Ci ty HOlle, 1/ four 1/ <br />Nichtinr;ale Lursing Eone, II one patient <br />l:edical Coller:e of Virginia, " and X-ray <br />John ii. Elsen, Rent, two nonths <br />J. B. \:onble, Trial Justice two days , Lunacjr Carma. <br />I. E. Bowuan, Telephone bill <br />O. B. Gates, Board & conr;1ittal fees for prisoners <br />in jail <br />Chesnpeake and Potonac Telephone Local and out-of-to\'m service <br />Co. <br /> <br />Envelopes for Treasurer's Office <br />Lunacy COIlmission <br />Material E; labor for tank at Canp Baker <br />Insurance on Courthouse <br />Estimate for GmJer systen at Bell111eade <br />Lunacy COIlnission end Mileage <br />Supplies for elecotal Board <br />Splpry ('lid nuint.pJl(..nce of office <br />Supplies for Crolp Bake: <br />....sso. Dona tion to defray cost of prenitws <br />h.ddi tion &. Improvemen ts-Crolp Bal::er <br />Supplies for jail <br />2 coupon bool;:s for ice <br />Telephone service <br />11 n <br /> <br />Broo.clW(~y })ress, <br />Dr. L. C. Lush, <br />C. Ii. Besecker, <br />R. B. Augustille,Insurunce Agency, <br />Slaughter, Saville & Blackhurn, <br />Dr. T.G. lretlOil, <br />Virginia Frinting Co., <br />J. ',in. Dance, <br />FO\lers and iJlt..ersoh. Inc., <br />Chesterfield County Col.Fair <br />J. H. Duane, <br />I:. lie Co[';[;111, <br />Virginia Ice and Coal Co., <br />Geo. I.:. Johnson, <br />:l!'. U. Grunt, <br />O. B. Gates, <br />I;. H. Cogbill, <br />Bertie hill, Clifton J.Ilill, <br />Gillie Hill, l.:illnance 11111, l:ujor <br />Hill , <br />Chesterfield County }'air ,j~sso. Payment of preniwls ut <br /> <br />~pecinl neeting of Board <br />Hent of office building <br />}'or using old r;ravol pitta uunp trash <br /> <br />Coun ty l"air <br /> <br />$84.56 <br />16.00 <br />100.00 <br />123.00 <br />2.50 <br />8.50 <br />261.28 <br />24.00 <br />lJ.75 <br />30. 00 - <br />4'7.50 <br />:2.14 <br />11. 02 <br /> <br />3.20 <br /> <br />24.00 <br />5.60 <br />120.00 <br />6.00 <br />g.OC! <br />'7.20 <br />.75' <br />27.44 <br />48.00 <br />478.00 <br />.50 <br />lG.25 <br />18.00 <br />163.75 <br />14.55 <br />51.50 <br />2.95 <br />2.00 <br />10.00 J <br />4.2'7 <br />84.95 <br />2.18 <br />25.00 <br />5.00 <br />2.00 <br />5.00 <br />5'7.75 <br />397.55 <br />19.'75 -/ <br />250.00 <br />105.58 <br />30.00 <br />40.00 <br />164.00 <br />15.00 <br />61.00 <br />10.00 <br />:~6 . 50 <br />3.00 <br /> <br />35.'75 <br />213.67 <br /> <br />15.00 <br />5.CO <br />2.GO <br />eo.oo <br />375.00 <br />20.50 <br />68.'75 <br />550.46 <br />20 . 39 <br />160.00- <br />60. (,0 <br />5.65 <br />40.00 <br />5.44 <br /> <br />3.25 <br /> <br />2.'75 <br />15.00 <br /> <br />25.00 <br />600.00. ~6087 .19 <br />