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<br /> <br />J!'idelity (~ Deposit Co.of' l.:d.. <br /> <br />Dr. Aubrey C. Belcher, <br />Dr. Richerd. J... Bowen, <br /> <br />I)remiun on BO!lds ,Getes & <br />Vincent <br />Lunacy Cor.ll.tission, <br />tI " <br /> <br />~o .00 .- <br />5.00/ <br />5.00 ~,529.45 <br /> <br />"Clnirns Paid by Executive Secretary on Items ..\uthoriz.ed b~" J:xecutive secretery": <br /> <br />Burroughs Adding llechi!le Co. <br />J.R.Todd, <br />I.Irs. Theo. T. Cogbill, <br />Douglas L!cLaughlin, <br /> <br />Hniluay Express .iCency, <br />(J.E .Harm, <br />L.ll.Cooke Sa1'e &:.Locl: Co. <br />Expert Letter \"Jri ting Gorp. <br />n .L.l.laIlIl, <br />1nd ust1'ial Lahoratories, <br />?enitentiary Ir:.dustrioll. Dept. <br />Henington-Rand, Inc. <br />NollCnd Company, <br />R.D.lIoore, <br />Van '\:ormer, <br /> <br /> <br />Philip V. Cogbill, <br /> <br />Jolm G. Gn;)', <br />l'ercJ' T. Curtis, <br />Clarence R. \food, <br />R.B.Collyers, <br />1..S.Grunt, <br />C.D.Gruves, <br /> <br />Typei.'!riter ribbons, ~.\3.15 / <br />Labor 20.20' <br />Postq;e, 20.00/ <br />l"irinr, stove-l:ttricl: [,ening <br />Hoof! 10.00/ <br />Express charges, .52' <br />Hepair \'Jor}:, 90.89 <br />, 13.00 " <br />letters for ~.relfUI'e Dept. 2.20 <br />Grounding conduit-Treas .Bldg .35.00 <br />1 gallon Crimo 5.00' <br />})olice Unif'orI.l Cap 3.00 <br />Servic es, 2.00 <br />Grate, 1.10 <br />Coal, 17.50/, <br />ri'ree Contract, 170.00/~ 393.56 <br /> <br />Secretor' fiecretar r as Directed 13' Hesolution of <br /> <br />Certifying eJection returns <br />and lists <br />Judce-I:lection <br />" and returninc ballots, <br />" <br /> <br />85.00 ,; <br />3.00 <br />6.50 <br />3.00 <br />3.UO <br />~) .00 <br />2.50 $106.00 <br /> <br />Clerk }~lection <br />" " <br /> <br />HentLl blde. for election, <br /> <br />I1rs. E.\':.Bagby, <br /> <br />"Claims Pl;lid b~,r Executive Secretary on Order of Board": <br /> <br />.Donation-indiGent pernons-Xnas <br /> <br />~ ;" <br />...1100.00 <br /> <br />"Hiscellnneous Alla-vled by DoeI'd mtd Chargeable to tLe Genernl County Fund": <br /> <br />\iIl.S .Coburn, <br />Virginia state ClwIllber 01' COLlIlerce <br />league of Vj rginia Counties <br />DI'.P.L.I~ill, <br /> <br />~ec 'y. Dec. ~i200 .00/ <br />125.00 <br />50.00 <br /> <br />finlurv as Executive <br />Ilerab~rship fees <br />1.Ie.Iilhership dues for 1939, <br />3ervices rendered l:rs. Annie <br />Bonles and SOL <br /> <br />-fl. 00/$442 .00 <br /> <br />"C1nlns Ap},roved by Doard N:ainst :::::ttricl: Gani tHr~ District 1:0.1 J!'und": <br /> <br />Delta liiI Coapany, <br />ll.lI .D,:ncf; , <br /> <br />Cit:{ ',:ater 1:orl:n, <br />1:i8 s Grcc e Pond, <br />Va. Blectric [,~ })oner Co. <br />IJeptune Loter COf.l]XlTlY, <br /> <br />~i23 .44 / <br /> <br />l!'uel oil <br />Heading ne tel's, repH~rD.[: <br />leal: tLd collection of \Iater <br />u ill s <br />',';utcr sup;)lies <br />Salury for nontll (;f' Dec. <br />Current for :cttrick TO\lll Hall <br />Eetors and couplings <br /> <br />12.05 <br />02.66 <br />35 .00 <br />1.24 <br />53.55' 207.94 <br /> <br />"Cluir.ili k-'lJrOved. by DoeI'd .1I":[,inst BellrlOude Sanitar:l District 1':0.1 1!'\md": <br /> <br />Hobt. L. l)ond, <br />Clle s tel' ;Juppl;y Co. <br />H.A.Sievers, 1110. <br />\:illiarlS P1UI!l.binc Co. <br />~outhside Briel;: ''.'orks, Inc. <br />"-'mi th-Courtne;r 00. <br />lTolr:nd Conpany, <br />Eastern Duildinc: SU]1ply Co. <br />Ira A. Guza, <br />A.T.Curtis &. Son,Inc. <br />R.\:.Goolsby Edv:e. Co. <br />Garlnnd S. Sydnor, <br />R.Bryunt, <br />l:.B.GoodvJyn &. Son, <br />F. "; .Abbott, <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />HicLmond Sand &. Gravel COl'p. <br />Charles D. IIo\"Jell <br />Leilis L. Hanes, <br /> <br />1laces, <br />lJise. for BelJI1eadc Job <br />Supplie s for YlPA Shop J)roj. <br />SupTllies for Shop Proj. <br />500 bricks, <br />SUJmlies for shop Dnd office <br />nIP couplings, <br />25 copper setters <br />Stor~"e rent for Dec.1938, <br />LInterie1s for l:;PA, Project, <br />n " rt " <br /> <br />024.09 <br />39.84' <br />96.30 <br />16.00 <br />8.00 <br />bl.359 .86 " <br />.96/ <br />99.50 <br />10.00 <br />43 .18 .... <br />8.02 <br />200.00 , <br />10.00/" <br />32.20 <br />38.85/ <br />4.50 <br />5.75 <br />34.80 / <br />41.85 '~l055.78 <br /> <br />.later 8Ul11Jlied Bellneade <br />2 loads c hiders <br />tumber for Y:FAProject, <br />Heading Lleters f'nd collections <br />1 dial do.ter-l rIunlcee pad, <br />Sand <br />1,abor-1931, lirs .C~~5\:per hr. <br />"-143~" "" " <br />